Walnut Wood Floor

Walnut wood floor is made from the Walnut hardwood that grows throughout the Southern and Midwestern United States. One of the most timeless and prestigious hardwood floor choices available, walnut floors are noted for their beautiful colour and grain patterns. 

Walnut wood is among the most popular types of wood used in floors for homes and businesses. Its distinctive grain patterns make it a favourite for people looking for style and functionality. It’s also very durable, making it a great choice for flooring, fine furniture, and cabinets. Available in both solid and veneer options, it will satisfy any fine piece needs you have.

In addition, this darkly coloured wood is often used for decorative purposes. There are various types of walnut wood, they include:

  • Black walnut
  • Nutmeg walnut
  • European walnut
  • American black walnut

The colour and strength of walnut wood can differ considerably based on the type of wood and the method used to cure it. Walnut wood that has been kiln-dried to expedite the drying process has a flat brown hue. If, on the other hand, walnut wood is air-dried, it develops a dark purple hue that contributes to the overall aesthetic attractiveness.

Nowadays, walnut wood flooring is becoming increasingly popular. The walnut tree is well-known for the quality of its light woods and dark roasts. People love to use walnut wood because of its strong, elegant structure. When you want a stylish, one-of-a-kind floor, walnut wood offers an array of benefits that could turn anyone’s house into a household of choice. 

Simplistic and elegant, walnut wood flooring’s warm, earthy flavour provides a natural look that complements any room in the house. It is also easy to clean, keeping the floor dust and dirt-free, It is durable and long-lasting, and it also smells great. No matter the region where you might be located, the walnut wood floor is a lovely and solid fit on the floor.

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Types of walnut floors

Walnut wood for flooring is an environmentally friendly product with excellent design properties. Having the best walnut wood floors is one thing that every homeowner should desire. 

If you’re thinking of wood flooring for your home, there are lots of things you should consider, such as choosing the right flooring type. They include:

  • Engineered 
  • Parquet
  • Distressed

Engineered walnut floors

A floor is a beautiful thing, which often dictates the tone of a room. With engineered walnut floors from Wood Floors Direct, you can easily create that luxurious look and feel in your home by crafting a floor that perfectly matches your interior design. They ensure a long-lasting quality that can stand up to everything your home encounters. 

Engineered walnut flooring has been around for a long time; it is popular for good reason. This type of flooring is beautiful and full of personality. It is known for durability and is easy to maintain, all the while having a low impact on the environment. 

Engineered walnut floors are suitable for high traffic areas such as busy kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and hallways. They can also be installed in basements or as bathroom floors.

Parquet walnut floors

It is one of the most exquisite materials in the flooring business. Quality parquet flooring can be used anywhere, from the living room to the kitchen, and even bedrooms. This is the most common type of walnut flooring you’ll see across the world. This is a wood floor made from interlocking blocks of walnut wood. 

Parquet flooring is mostly known for its uniform and classic look. People who love natural colours can go for a parquet walnut wooden floor as they are widely available. It provides the perfect blend between luxury and practicality and brings a whole new level of comfort to even the most chaotic of places. 

Parquet walnut floors offer a rich aesthetic that has captured the hearts of people all over the world for centuries. But it is more than that, It is both durable and affordable

Distressed Walnut wood floor

Distressed walnut wood flooring adds attractive texture, body, and warmth to modern interiors. The beautiful wood grain has a hint of greyish-brown that is created through the manufacturing process. 

By mixing the darker tone into both light and dark brown hues, the real natural walnut flavour is enhanced while creating designs that have many uses. Get the distressed wood floor and look for your home with flooring that will last. With its rough hand scraped surface and gentle belt sanding marks, it will definitely provide a unique style to any room in the home. 

Get the distressed walnut wood floor from Wood Floor Direct. The delicate appearance of its finely polished surface will amplify the overall beauty of your home flooring style.

Laminate wood floors

For those who want the elegant walnut wood look coupled with the extra ease of maintenance but without the use of the actual walnut hardwood, the laminate walnut floor is a perfect option. This walnut flooring is meticulously crafted from the natural surface of walnut wood with a light brown colour that’s easy on the eyes. 

The laminate walnut floors are weathered to give the woods a realistic, worn-in appearance. To top it off, the blistered surface creates a rough texture to give walnut its unique look and feel. The natural colour makes people relaxed when they are in your home. Best of all, walnut laminate flooring is easy to maintain with no special requirement for cleaning or polishing. 

Laminate walnut floors don’t have the drawbacks of solid walnut wood floors in that they’re easier to install and less expensive. In addition, they are far more durable than most solid wood floors. Laminate walnut floors are also available at Wood Floors Direct. The laminate walnut floor comes in two styles:


One of the flooring trends that has been setting the home improvement industry on fire is laminate Herringbone wood flooring. Laminate wood herringbone flooring has a really nice, natural-looking grain to it and can be used throughout your home from the kitchen to the hallway to the bedrooms. 

The herringbone walnut floor’s warm natural tones and thin wood strips create a beautiful effect, while the waterproof plywood sub-floor gives you increased durability on an eco-friendly surface.


Laminate plank walnut floors are also a great choice if you love the look and feel of real wood but don’t want to compromise on durability and comfort. Walnut wood floor planks are known for their high durability, bright colours, and capability of saving you a lot of money in maintenance costs. 

Walnut wood floor designs are easy to install and promise a beautiful look to your home interior. These are manufactured from top-quality raw materials and can be found at really affordable prices at Wood Floor Direct.

Areas of Use


Walnut wood floorings are great in residential settings and compliment any home decor. They have a natural rustic look while providing warmth, elegance, and charm to your home – whether you want your floors to complement your entire home or just a few specific rooms. 

Walnut wood flooring is a special floor that is sure to impress everyone who sees it. It has a beautiful wood grain and is perfect for any home, big or small. You can find the right walnut floor for you at Wood Floor Direct. 

Walnut wood floors give a classic appearance and feel in the following residential spaces:

Sitting room

Walnut wood floorings are beautiful and ideal for sitting rooms because they are more decorative in nature. They are also smooth and easier to wash than other types of wood. Soft and soothing on the feet, this wood also creates a warm atmosphere in your home, while adding a touch of elegance and beauty to the sitting room in your home.

Incorporating this wood into your sitting room floors would likely raise the amount of value in your house by a few thousand bucks because of the image and space that it produces in the room. 


Walnut wood is a good choice if you want floors for a bedroom interior. It is becoming one of the most sought after and fashionable types of wood for modern décor, especially for bedrooms. This wood is not slippery but soft to the touch. It also does not have any odours and it is easy to clean and maintain. 

Moreover, walnut wood floors are cheaper than most other types of wood. Its unique colour and grain patterns, as well as its durability, make it a perfect choice to make your bedroom stand out. When you want natural elegance in every room, reach for walnut wood floors from Wood Floors Direct.

Dining room

Walnut wood flooring is one of the usual choices to use in the dining room as the walnut wood is great for beautifying it. This flooring product is thick and offers various textures and shades. Walnut is generally a unique and striking flooring choice, providing colour variation and a curvaceous surface; no doubt, a great option for a room where you want to make a statement.


Walnut wood is a preferred kitchen flooring choice for many modern houses. It is highly resistant to scratches and will fit just about any colour scheme you can think of. 

Whether you’re adding walnut wood flooring to your kitchen for the first time or replacing old parquet flooring, it’s easy to install and upgrade your kitchen to a far more luxurious one. There is no better choice for a flooring material to accentuate a modern kitchen than walnut wood. Give your kitchen a warm and pristine feel with walnut wood. 


The subtle, refined look of a clear-walnut floor is great for your hallway. Walnut wood floors exude luxurious comfort and retro-chic style. With its natural hue, walnut is easy to combine with dark or light colours to fit any décor. Give your hallway a classic feel with walnut wood floors from Wood Floor Direct.


If you are looking to improve your retail property floors, installing walnut wood flooring is one of the most popular ways to do this. It provides a neat, warm, and cosy environment to shoppers or visitors; and it is also popular for its durability and natural beauty. 

Walnut wood flooring has thus become one of the favourite types of flooring material for high-end retail establishments such as vintage clubs, restaurants, and warehouses. It is a great choice for these locations because it’s timeless and lends a beautiful appearance which can greatly add to the appeal of your retail space. 

The exquisite and rich appearance of the unique lines, plank, and roller-laminated edge of walnut wood flooring creates a superior texture and adds beauty to any room that it covers. They are available in a variety of colours, including black, dark brown, light brown, cherry-finished walnut wood flooring.


Having a beautiful and quality floor for your commercial property is a must for any business. Walnut wood is a great choice for commercial property floors because it looks appealing, is durable, and is wear-resistant. 

With its natural beauty, walnut wood flooring is a natural fit for restaurants and high-traffic public places. It provides a lustrous, traditional look to your flooring. It is sturdy and you can expect it to maintain its great looks for years to come. Commercial properties that will benefit from walnut wood floors include:


Walnut wood is used on the floor of many office buildings and has been proven to be the best choice for areas that will receive the most wear and tear. Anyone who visits an office building with walnut wood floors will tell you that they love it. It also makes the space more elegant and stylish to look at. 

Walnut wood flooring is able to provide warmth and appeal to the office. It increases the attractiveness of any office space as it gives it a truly professional look. These and several more are qualities of walnut wood floors that make it the ideal choice for office spaces. 

With walnut wood floors you can be sure maintenance, cleaning, and installation is all taken care of and that your office floor is of utmost safety and quality.


Walnut wood is an excellent option to use on the restaurant floor. People usually like the wonderful look and feel of walnut wood on restaurant floors. They are very popular in restaurant interiors primarily because of their beautiful colour, unique grains, and incredible durability. These floors can also be treated and finished with different layers of polyurethane to create different sheens and textures for a variety of design applications. 

 Walnut wood flooring can also add value to your restaurant’s interior design by giving it an elegant and upscale look. A really amazing thing about this type of flooring is that it gives any room a bit of warmth and even a cosy feeling which is probably why they have become a favourite choice in crafting restaurants’ interiors these days. 

Irrespective of whether your restaurant is modern or classic in style, you’ll find a wonderful walnut look for flooring that will suit your restaurant’s theme and design elements. Talk to your Wood Floors Direct representative today for more information and expert guidance.


A lobby floor is the first thing a visitor sees before coming inside of the building. Not only does a walnut wood flooring add a unique and beautiful look to your lobby, it also makes it warmer and more welcoming. Using walnut wood in your lobby’s hardwood floors can improve the overall aesthetics of your building, as well as its value. 

Also, the floors of building lobbies are places where visitors and employees alike walk to get from one place to another. Let them do this with a great feeling of comfort with the exquisite walnut flooring system. 

And floorings that are in areas that are highly frequented by people need to be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. The best way to achieve this is with the use of quality flooring products such as walnut wood. Contact your Wood Floors Direct representative today to place your order or make further enquiries. 


Installing walnut wood on warehouse floors is a smart strategy. The effect is not only good-looking, but it protects floors from possible damage so that they look great for extended periods of time.  

Many warehouses use walnut wood as a part of their warehouse flooring as they offer great value and durability with a unique look.  Your warehouse will benefit from its characteristic classic and solid look and it will be protected against damage.

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