Stained Wood Floor

Wood can be used for both commercial and residential floors. Wood floor refers to a non-industrial finished floor composed of wood as the finishing surface. All wood floors are constructed of strips of hardwood or softwood joined edge to edge by gluing with a piece of lumber called plywood. The wood strips are laid on the sub floor and glued at right angles across the joist work (flooring).

Staining a wood floor is a multi-step process that involves the use of wood stains and sealers to create a unique, finished surface. By using multiple steps of different coatings over a base coat, you can build up unique layers of colour and grain that would be impossible to achieve with just one coat of stain.

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Stain provides a unique look in flooring, one that you won’t find in other floors. From deep, dark colours to light tones with lots of character, the process allows for nearly any style of wood floor.

Stained wood floors are most sought after by homeowners because of their beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance. A stained floor adds elegance to any room or home and is one of the best options for those who have allergies to dust or pet dander. This wood flooring lasts longer than plain hardwood floors, making it great for high-traffic areas.

The Most Common Colours For Staining Wood Floors


The colour grey has many associations and can be considered complex, but overall it is serious, stable, tranquil and balanced. If you are going to spend the money to have the wood floor installed in your home, doing so with grey stain can actually add value to your property.

Compared to natural wood, the floor of your home stained in grey is easier to clean and it’s also wear-resistant.


White is the colour of cleanliness and purity. It evokes confidence and simplicity. It is also known as an ultimate expression of purity and innocence.

White stain gives homeowners the most flexibility with their wood floors. White can be glazed and layered just like any other colour. White works perfectly for rooms with large windows, because it doesn’t reflect heat or sun into the room. White is also easy on the eyes and will brighten any room in the home.


Red is a colour that evokes instant reactions and emotions. It can help to instil warmth and energy into your home.

Wood stained with red can make your room lively and put you in the right mood for anything you want to do. It is best utilised in the kitchen, where it compliments an array of decorating styles. It can also be used to add a rich look to dining areas or living rooms.


Cream is a rich and creamy colour found among pale shades of yellow that can vary from off-white to almost yellow.

Cream is the correct and classic choice for staining a wood floor because it creates a softer look. The natural wood grains will absorb the cream colour and give the floor a great look with a pleasant finish.


Yellow is luminous, bright and cheerful. It radiates warmth and is a colour of hope. It is also often associated with joy, happiness and optimism.A floor that is stained yellow looks so cheerful that you will want to spend more time at home.

A wood floor stained bright yellow colour reflects that the floor has been perfectly finished. These floors can look very appealing to the home owners and attractive to potential buyers.

Features and Benefits of a Stained Wood Floor


Stained Wood Floor provides the warmth of real wood in any room or area. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor places, like kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, patios, bedrooms and so on.

Stained wood floors can improve the aesthetics of your house. Infact, most people choose solid wood flooring for its aesthetic value.


Stained wood floors are a visually stunning addition to any home, they’re also a durable asset. Most people expect a wood flooring option will wear off quickly and not last, but a well-made stained wood floor can last for years and years to come.

Stained wood flooring lasts longer than unfinished pine and hardwood floors because the varnish or sealer coating protects it from ware and wear in high traffic areas.

Prevention from Rot

In the past, stains were applied to wood floors to hide the wood grain, and prevent them from staining. Stain was not used to prevent rot. However, with the use of modern polyurethane to stain a wood floor, you can be rest assured your wood will be protected from rot.

When a wood is stained, it will seal the wood and prevent water from seeping into it thereby making it rot. Anytime wood does not have stains applied on it, water can easily get into it and cause rot. This is especially true if the wood is near a water source like near a window or sink. Bad stains don’t protect against rot either so make sure you get a good stain or varnish for your floors.

Protection from dust and scratch

Over the years, wood floors can start to look dirty, dull and worn. This is because furniture and other items in your home which have pressed against your floor as well as foot traffic causes abrasions to the wood floor. These abrasions can cause the wood to begin to scratch or become damaged over a period of time.Staining your wood floor can help protect your wood floors from scratches and dust.

Saves you From Frequent Maintenance

The most common reason why people have to “touch-up” or redecorate their wood floors is due to surface scratches and dents. These are caused by everyday living: moving furniture, vacuuming with the beater bar turned on, using improper cleaning methods when spills occur, improper installation of rugs and mats–the list goes on.

Staining your wood floor will actually help prevent frequent maintenance. Applying a fresh stain will protect domestic woods from surface wear, scratches and dents.

Woods That Can Be Stained Easily

Not all wood floors can be stained. The finish on some floors, particularly raw wood floors, is not porous enough to accept the stain. Whether or not a stain will adhere to a floor is also dependent on whether or not the floor has been coated with sealer.

If you have hardwoods like oak, hickory, acacia, maple, etc. in your home now- then yes they can be stained.

Oak Wood

Oak Wood is one of the hardwoods that is very strong and has low density. It has been known for its high level of strength and stability, which makes it an excellent building material.The soft, warm look of oak grain makes it the best choice for wood flooring.

Oak Wood floors can be used in residential environments for looks and value. The hardness of oak makes it ideal for areas that are human-traffic intensive, or exposed to high amounts of moisture. Oak is a great wood to stain since it takes the colour well and can be stained to match almost any interior design concept.

Hickory Wood

Hickory wood is a very hard wood and has one tight grain. Its bark is reddish brown and its heartwood is very dark brown to black. Hickory has a naturally straight grain that adds stability to the floor; it also has three times the lifespan of oak. It’s a strong wood that can stand up to high traffic.

Hickory wood flooring can be constructed using the finest solid hickory, which gives the floor a beautiful, rugged, and natural look. Staining hickory wood can be a satisfying project. It’s an open-grain wood, all you have to do is pick the right type of stain in order to get the best results.

Acacia Wood

Acacia wood is a demanding species that delivers exceptional beauty and strength. Acacia is naturally resistant to water, mildew, vapor, dents, scratches, staining, and boasts a high moisture resistance, which makes it ideal for high-moisture rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. It’s also easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about spills.

An acacia wood floor is a luxurious option for any environment, and offers the style of a hardwood floor with durability. Furthermore, acacia wood can be stained and finished. Although it has a pale to medium colour (depending on variety) similar to maple, acacia has no grain pattern and takes stains and colour well.

Ash wood

Ash trees are common hardwoods that share many characteristics with other deciduous trees and possess some special qualities. Ash wood is a vital component of a strong wooden bat, and is used in numerous products, including furniture, baseball bats, tool handles and flooring.

Ash is used for the most beautiful floors that can be buffed, polished and sanded to look better over time. Ash has a fine texture with tight knots, strong growth rings, and can achieve an exceptionally smooth finish. Stronger than oak, it does not twist during glueing. These combined features make ash ideal for flooring.

Ash wood makes a great selection for floorings. It is a durable and cost effective material that has become increasingly popular with style conscious consumers. With very little change in tone, ash tends to age gracefully and old fashioned floors can be easily restored by using an appropriate stain.

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What is the quality of your wood?

We guarantee to supply 100% solid wood products. With our 10+ years of experience in timber procurement , we ensure all our solid wood products are from the best log quality and have the best surface quality available.

We deliver quality lumber that has been tested and is sold only after passing our strict quality standards. We also inspect every truckload before it is delivered to your job site.

What types of wood are available?

It’s very important to us that every single customer gets exactly what they want. Our capabilities allow us to work with a variety of different woods and types of orders, so any wood requirements can be met.

We supply a large range of different species of wood which include maple, ash, alder, oak, acacia, hickory, etc.

Do you have a return policy?

We stand behind our products and will give you money back if:

  • The wood has not been milled correctly in dimensions that are needed.
  • If the wood is obviously wrong; like a piece of oak instead of ash.
  • If shrinkage is greater than 3%.
  • If there are visual defects with the look or colour of the wood.
  • If we have shipped you the wrong item.

Can you provide professional advice?

We focus on helping people select the right wood for their needs, which is why we need to know the type of project, or any other special requirements you might have. As a result, we like to have a one-on-one conversation with you before you make a purchase.

How will I know if my order has been shipped?

We will send you tracking information which will contain a tracking number via email upon shipment. Once your order has been shipped, you can expect to receive it within 5-7 business days. If it is taking longer than the stated time, we will definitely be in touch. You can also email us.