Ash Wood Flooring

Ash flooring is valued for its naturally pale hue, making it a popular choice among luxury homeowners. This hardwood timber has a unique grain pattern and has its own distinctive colour tones, similar in pattern to oak.

The lighter hues of ash can be stained in a variety of hues, and the deep tones are not as dark as mahogany. Ash flooring can be used to cover a large range of spaces. It can be used as a flooring option in a variety of settings, such as the kitchen or dining room.

It is also a popular choice in smaller rooms, such as the living room, or as a flooring option for high traffic spaces such as the garage or family room. The ash timber is often used to cover spaces with low traffic levels, as it is hard enough to withstand footfall and heavy foot traffic, without breaking.

The colour of ash wood ranges from pale grey to golden yellow-brown, often with a hint of red.

Ash floors are also available in a range of colour options, allowing the floor to be stained to achieve a wide range of tones. The wood’s resistance to insect attack, fungi and decay also make it a popular choice for flooring.

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Ash Wood Flooring Species

Ash flooring is available in three species: European, American and Oriental. The ash wood flooring products of European, American and Oriental ash hardwood flooring designs are listed below.

European Ash Wood Flooring

This species of ash flooring is the most popular, and this species comes from the European ash tree. This hardwood timber comes in a natural light tone and in a variety of designs, styles and patterns. It comes in flooring boards, planks, and panels.

American Ash Wood Flooring

This is also known as American or East Asian ash hardwood flooring. The American ash flooring is often a brown tone, and the hues and colour patterns range from light to deep tones, and from blonde to gold to dark brown hues. This species of ash hardwood flooring comes in flooring boards, planks, and panels.

Oriental Ash Wood Flooring

This is also known as Japanese or Oriental ash hardwood flooring. This hardwood timber is light in colour. The colours are dark tones, ranging from dark brown to dark purple and black. These species of ash hardwood flooring come in flooring boards, planks, and panels.

Ash Wood Flooring Designs

There are a variety of ash flooring designs that homeowners can choose from, and their use varies from location to location. Ash hardwood flooring can be found in the following styles:

  • Traditional styles: straight grain, quarter-sawn, and quarter-sawn beaded.
  • Contemporary styles: modern beaded, half beaded, and beaded.
  • Luxury styles: antique beaded, beaded wane, beaded shag, and beaded shag.

Ash Wood Flooring Usage

Ash hardwood flooring can be used in a variety of settings. Ash flooring is perfect for a variety of flooring applications, including: 

Flooring the kitchen or dining room, where heavy foot traffic and frequent movement of furniture are common. Flooring small rooms, such as the living room or family room, and flooring spaces with a low traffic level, such as the basement or garage.  

It can also be used to floor the garage or outdoor areas, as well as flooring areas with low traffic levels, such as the laundry room or office.

Ash flooring can also be used in large spaces, such as the foyer or entryway.

Residential Uses of Ash Wood Flooring

Ash flooring also makes an excellent choice for living spaces that are high-traffic, because the unique, strong, yet flexible nature of ash wood means that floors made from this type of wood do not require frequent reflooring as other types of wood flooring may. 

As a bonus, with the right choice of colour and surface treatment, you can also choose to add an individualised, beautiful touch to any room in the home, making ash wood flooring a perfect choice for a wide variety of home settings. 

Ash Wood Flooring For Sitting Rooms

Ash wood delivers a soft, yet warm tone that can be complemented by natural colours or bright, bold colours for a more inviting atmosphere.

It offers a clean, neutral tone with the depth and character of a fine wood that is warm to the touch. A timeless, classic hue that offers a perfect backdrop for a wide range of colours. A sophisticated tone that creates a mood of elegance and refinement. 

Ash Wood Flooring For Bedrooms

Soft, warm tones can add a soft touch to a room, helping create a calming atmosphere in a bedroom. Ash wood flooring can also add a touch of glamour, helping turn a bedroom into a luxurious retreat.

Bedrooms tend to be the most active spaces in a house. If you want a floor that is going to be strong, resilient and durable, Ash wood is your best choice. Ash floors will stand up to everyday wear and tear and are made from the same materials as traditional hardwood floors. 

This means that they are incredibly long-lasting and stable. It also means that they are easy to install and can be installed quickly. And thanks to their unique character and texture, Ash floors can be transformed easily, so you can make them fit the design of your room. 

Whether your bedroom is elegant and understated or bright and fun, Ash floors can bring it to life. 

Ash Wood Flooring For Bathrooms

Ash wood flooring can also be used in bathrooms to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. As with the rest of the house, the look of the bathroom is easily changed by installing Ash wood flooring. 

The grain is typically darker on the bottom and lighter on the top, so you can choose to have a darker tone in the bottom of the bathroom and a lighter, brighter tone in the top of the bathroom. That means that your bathroom will have a consistent colour pattern, creating a sense of calm and sophistication, which is a great choice for an atmosphere.

Ash wood flooring possesses a warm, soft tone that complements a variety of colours, making it a natural choice in bathrooms. It also has a clean, modern tone that helps to create a sophisticated feel in the bathroom. 

Ash Wood Flooring For Kitchen

Ash wood flooring makes a versatile choice in the kitchen. You can choose to have an Ash wood floor in the kitchen to create a warm, natural feel in your home or to help make the kitchen more lively and bright, depending on your home decor preferences.

Ash Wood Flooring For Dining Room

Ash flooring is an ideal choice for a dining room. The unique grain and colour of the wood provides a beautiful, rustic pattern that creates a stunning design. It provides a clean, neutral tone that is easy to create a calm and sophisticated atmosphere in the dining room.

Ash Wood Flooring For Hallways

Hallways tend to be a popular choice for flooring. It’s easy to sweep or vacuum the hallways, making it a convenient place for all members of the family. 

It’s also a popular choice for kids’ rooms because they are often dark and full of activity. Ash flooring has a warm, welcoming tone that helps to create a calming atmosphere. 

Ash flooring is a popular choice because it provides a strong, stable option that can withstand wear and tear for years to come. It’s also incredibly easy to maintain and clean. As long as it is treated properly, you can keep your Ash flooring looking its best. 

Ash wood flooring is a popular choice for kids’ rooms because it has a unique look and feel that is both welcoming and attractive. Ash flooring can also be cleaned easily with a vacuum cleaner, making it perfect for kids’ rooms.

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Commercial Uses of Ash Wood Flooring

The most important factors to consider when choosing a commercial flooring for your business are durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. A commercial floor made from ash wood can provide you with all of the above and more.

There are a number of different uses for ash wood flooring in commercial settings. These include warehouses, banks, hotels, restaurants and more.

Ash Wood Flooring For Hotels

A hotel is a business that specializes in housing people. So it makes sense that they require a floor that can easily withstand lots of foot traffic. And ash wood is perfect for this type of flooring because it is a durable, long lasting and resilient option.

Ash Wood Flooring For Restaurants

Ash wood flooring is one of the most popular commercial flooring options for restaurants and eateries. The reason is because ash wood is both beautiful and durable.

This kind of wood, unlike some other kinds of wood that come with a glossy finish, has a natural wood look. This means that it won’t attract dirt and grime like other types of wood flooring. As a result, ash wood is a practical and aesthetic solution for a business like a restaurant.

Ash Wood Flooring For Warehouses

The warehouse is one of the most demanding commercial uses of ash wood flooring.

In warehouses, where large stocks are stored, floors are subjected to lots of traffic and heavy duty equipment. That’s why a warehouse floor made from ash wood is perfect. With high strength, long lasting durability and natural resilience, it can keep up with the constant strain without giving up in the slightest.

Ash Wood Flooring For Banks

A bank is a business that deals with large amounts of money. They are generally very secure because of the large amount of cash that they handle, so it makes sense that they are one of the most demanding commercial uses of ash wood flooring.

A well designed and built ash wood floor will be able to withstand even the most demanding customers.

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Ash Wood Flooring Colours

Ash flooring comes in a variety of shades ranging from creamy white to light grey-brown. Some come in light shades, others are deep in tone and others are a medium tone. This makes ash hardwood flooring versatile, and it can be used to cover a variety of spaces.

Ash hardwood flooring has a natural pale hue, making it popular among luxury homeowners, and it can be stained in a variety of hues, to achieve different tones. Ash flooring is hard enough to withstand heavy foot traffic without breaking, and it is easy to maintain and clean. Ash floors have a durable, long-lasting, and unique grain pattern that makes them attractive and versatile.

Ash hardwood flooring is available in the following colours:

  1. Natural light tone: light brown, golden brown
  1. tone: dark brown, dark purple, black, deep brown, burgundy, ebony, and mahogany
  2. Medium tone: light golden brown, light golden yellow
  3. Oriental: dark brown, dark purple, black and purple

Ash Wood Flooring Textures 

The texture of Ash wood flooring is medium-to-coarse, like oak. Generally, the grain looks straight and regular, but occasionally you can find boards with moderately curly or figured grains.

The grain can be straight, wavy, curving, or curly with a variety of grain patterns. In contrast to the straight grain, the wavy or curly grain is often called “swirly” and is particularly noticeable when the grain has been hand scraped to reveal it.

Types of Ash Wood Flooring We Carry

Engineered Ash Wood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring has a smooth and even grain, which can be finished with the same techniques as natural flooring. Engineered wood flooring can be manufactured in the same woods as the natural version. 

Engineered flooring offers the same benefits of natural flooring and is very hard wearing. Engineered floors are available in parquet or tongue-and-groove and have a medium to fine surface texture.

Parquet Ash Wood Flooring

Parquet flooring, also called French parquet, is a popular flooring style with a unique design that consists of a wood veneer on a wooden board. The term French Parquet comes from the original use of the wood veneer in French homes. 

The surface of parquet flooring has an almost even surface and is made of wood veneers or plywood (parquet veneers) and solid wood planks that are glued together. When parquet flooring is finished it is very hard wearing.

Hand Scraped Ash Wood Flooring

Hand scraped floors have a more open, weathered, hand-scraped look. The open grains are generally more curling and are often seen with the wood veneers and planks separated to reveal the grain. 

These floors can be made in a wide variety of woods and finishes. Hand scraped floors are usually made from a wide range of sizes from large planks to smaller planks. Most often planks are cut to length from 6 to 16 inches.

Wire Scraped Ash Wood Flooring

Wire scraped flooring is a more structured and finished version of hand scraped floors. The wire scrapes create a very distinctive pattern on the surface of the floor. 

Wire scraped floors are similar to hand scraped floors, but the boards are usually thinner (1/4″ or less) and have been sanded with wire brushing. These floors are usually made of very thin, but larger wood planks. The thin floorboards are glued together to create a floor that is more prone to warping or sagging.

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Ash Wood Flooring Advantages

Ash hardwood flooring is one of the best hardwood flooring options because it delivers flexibility and versatility, due to its natural qualities. The ash hardwood flooring features the following benefits:

  1. Ash wood flooring is flexible and versatile.
  2. This hardwood timber has a natural light tone, and it is easy to stain in a variety of hues to achieve different tones.
  3. Ash flooring is durable, hard and tough. It is easy to maintain, easy to clean and is a hardwood flooring option that can withstand years of use without any problems.
  4. Ash floors are versatile, hardy and easy to clean and maintain. They can be installed over a variety of subfloors, including concrete, wood, and cork.
  5. Ash hardwood flooring is also unique because it offers a long lifespan, durability and flexibility.
  6. Ash wood flooring is easy to install, and the process takes a shorter time to complete. Ash hardwood flooring can be installed in the same manner as any other hardwood flooring, such as hardwood boards and flooring panels.
  7. Ash hardwood flooring offers a high strength-to-weight ratio, which means it is easy to install.
  8. Ash hardwood flooring has a natural hue, making it popular among luxury homeowners.
  9. Ash hardwood flooring is unique because of its distinct grain patterns and the wide variation in colours.
  10. Ash hardwood flooring is available in a variety of designs, styles and patterns, which helps it to be popular among homeowners.

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What is the difference between Oak, Ash and Mahogany?

Oak and Mahogany are different species of trees, and Oak is different from Ash. Oak is an evergreen tree, with a dark, tight grain and darker colour tone. Mahogany is also a hardwood that grows in tropical climates. It has a distinctive grain pattern, and is prized for its rich reddish tones.

What is Ash Flooring’s main advantage?

Ash flooring has a tight grain pattern and a golden-brown hue, making it a popular choice in luxury homes and commercial spaces. The wood is also resistant to insects and decay.