Wood Flooring Underlays

Underlays are used to improve the performance of all types of flooring, including wood, laminate, vinyl and carpet. They provide a layer between your flooring and subfloor and help to protect your flooring by absorbing any movement or impact.

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It is important to choose the right underlay for your wooden floor. The right flooring underlay will act as a buffer between concrete or wooden subfloors. It can also provide extra comfort, while insulated underlay can even be used to reduce noise and make your home warmer.

The type of underlay you will need will depend on what type of flooring you are laying. We have an extensive range of products for wood and laminate floors, as well as luxury vinyl tiles and carpets.

A Variety of Rolls, Sizes, Densities and Features

Our wood flooring underlays come in a variety of rolls and pack sizes, with different thicknesses, densities and features. The product options include Gold Acoustic, Silver Plus, Barrier Plus, QuickTherm, Basic and Vapour Tape.

Underlay Accessories

U4010 GOLD ACOUSTIC | 5mm rubber with gold moisture barrier 8m2 £5.95
U4002 SILVER PLUS | 3mm rubber with silver foil moisture barrier 10m2 £2.85
U4001 BARRIER PLUS | 3mm foam with polythene moisture barrier 15m2 £1.15
U4008 QUICKTHERM | 1.8mm perforated foam (for use with UFH) 10m2 £3.15
U4007 BASIC | 2mm foam 15m2 £0.70
U4009 VAPOUR TAPE | For use with Gold & Silver underlays 25lm £2.95

Gold Acoustic is our premium underlay for engineered or solid wood floors over chipboard or concrete subfloors. It has excellent acoustic properties, an integral vapour barrier and a high density to assist with moisture control in damp concrete subfloors. It is a 5mm rubber underlay with gold moisture barrier and comes in a pack of 8m2.

Silver Plus is a high quality branded product that is suitable for use with most types of wood flooring over chipboard subfloors. It is 3mm rubber underlay with silver foil moisture barrier and comes in a 10m2 pack size.

Barrier Plus is a high quality branded product that is suitable for use with most types of wood flooring over concrete subfloors. It is a 3mm foam underlay with polythene moisture barrier and delivered in a 15m2 pack size.

QuickTherm is a branded product that can be used as an underfloor heating system with most types of wood flooring over existing floors or subfloors such as concrete, chipboard or plywood. It comes in 2 different types which are QuickTherm Insulated and QuickTherm Thin.

QuickTherm is a 1.8mm perforated foam underlay (for use with UFH) with a pack size of 10m2.

It is best suited for use in new build properties with concrete screed subfloors, where the room height is not critical.

Basic – Our most basic 2mm foam underlay. A good budget option where you are looking for a minimal amount of sound reduction, insulation and height increase.

Vapour Tape– For use with gold and silver underlays. This vapour tape is used to create a vapour barrier around the perimeter of your room, where the underlay meets the walls. This will help to keep moisture from collecting in your subfloor, which can damage your wood flooring over time.

Why Use Wood Flooring Underlays?

There are many reasons to use underlay when laying a new floor:

  • Dampens sound
  • Improves thermal insulation (and can add to energy efficiency).
  • Provides shock absorption.
  • Improves the look of your home
  • Helps protect your floor from damp..
  • Reduce wear and tear on the wooden boards
  • Provides added comfort underfoot