Polished Finishing

Your floor is the first thing you touch when you walk into your home, and one of the last things you see when you leave. The shine of a clean, well-polished floor instantly provides a feeling of warmth and comfort.

With polished hardwood flooring products, you can create a beautiful floor surface that you are proud of. Polished timber flooring has become increasingly popular in recent years due to the timeless look that only polished timber can deliver. A quality polished wood floor product can last for decades with very little maintenance

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What Are Our Polished Wood Flooring Products?

Polished wood flooring is flooring that goes through a highly refined process to bring out the beautiful grain patterns of the wood. It is popular for its rustic surface appearance, natural warm tone, shine and longevity.

When you think of a timber floor, chances are you imagine the rich warm colour and texture of natural timber that we here at Wood Floors Direct can offer. Our polished floors offer this, but also combine it with the durability and practicality of a polished surface. So whether you want to create added comfort in your home, beautiful character to your living space or the ultimate trend setting focal point for your room, polished timber is a perfect solution.

Businesses are always on the lookout for ways to increase the polished appearance of their flooring, especially in high-traffic areas such as the main lobby or entry of an establishment. Floors are the first thing people see when they enter a business, and a freshly polished floor is a subtle but effective way to make a good impression.

Explore our range of polished hardwood and engineered wood flooring to see solutions that will transform the look and feel of your space.

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Where Can Our Polished Wooden Floors be Used?

Polished floors are known to be easier to clean and maintain than other types of floors, without any treatment or waxes, and they offer customers a beautiful reflective finish that can create a striking appearance.

Polished flooring can be installed in both new build properties and spaces that have existing flooring.

Polished Wood Floors for Retail

We stock many flooring brands that come with a super-slick shine that’s great for high-traffic areas, like shops and shopping centres. A polished finish gives floors a deep luster while still providing scratch resistance and swear protection. This means it’s more resistant to high foot traffic and everyday dirt and grime.

Polished Wood Floors for Residential Homes

At Wood Floors Direct, we stock a wide variety of polished flooring solutions, softwood and hardwood, engineered wood, laminate and LVT, all of which are perfect for use in residential buildings whether high-traffic areas or not.

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Polished Wood Floors for Commercial Spaces

Commercial spaces are known to demand durable flooring since they are mostly high-traffic areas. That doesn’t mean that you should compromise on the polish and shine you need in your commercial space.

Browse our selection of polished wood flooring, all designed to be suitable for commercial applications.

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Why Do People Buy Our Polished Wood Flooring?

A highly reflective floor has numerous benefits. By giving the appearance of a shiny surface, it reflects light, reducing the amount of light that is absorbed by the floor. This is extremely important in warehouses and other large open areas where hard floors are used.

A smooth floor allows you to slip into your shoes without catching and scratching sensitive feet or allow goods to slide across the surface without staying trapped. A floor that is polished can make a domestic environment look fresh, clean and inviting for guests.

The benefits of polished hard floors include;

Ease of maintenance

The natural beauty of polished floors does more than just look good. It is an extremely low-maintenance floor, requiring little more than an occasional sweep to keep it looking clean and polished.

You can also seal the floor to protect against stains and damage from liquids. Polished floors provide ease of maintenance in many environments as well. Get a quote from Wood Floors Direct today!

Cost savings

One of the biggest benefits of polished floors is cost savings. It is one of the least expensive flooring options that you can install. There are many different ways to get a polished floor whether it is installed by professionals or if you do it yourself with DIY flooring kits. Polished floors will not have grout lines which saves a substantial amount of money during installation

High light reflectivity

Polished flooring can help to make your rooms appear brighter, larger, and more spacious. While polished floors may be harder to maintain than low sheen floors, they have a higher light reflectivity than less polished flooring alternatives, helping to make your room look brighter and bigger. Because the polish is spread out over the flooring rather than concentrated in one section of carpet or tile, polished flooring is also less likely to attract dirt and grime.

High durability

Polished flooring is a beautiful floor type that shines brightly for years to come on account of its durability. Polished floors withstand most scratches and wear and tear. It resists dirt, grease, and other elements that cause damage to floors. This makes polished flooring a great choice if you want a floor type that will last for years.

Wide variety of polished floor colours and designs

Polished flooring not only enhances the look of your home but also the value. They are available in a variety of designs, colours and textures. You can find stylish hardwood, softwood, engineered and laminate as well as LVT in traditional and creative geometric patterns. To maintain the shine they need some basic maintenance work including using the right equipment to buff out marks and dirt.

Appearance retention

Polished floors are durable, easy to clean, and available in a range of attractive colours. The benefits of polished floors are many, but the most obvious benefit is their appearance retention. Unlike most other flooring materials that show signs of wear after time, polished wood floors will look as good as new for years

Resistant to moisture transmission issues

Thanks to its sealed edges, air-dried hardwood flooring requires less maintenance than other types of wood flooring. Traditional wood floors can absorb moisture and swell, causing creaking sounds along the seams. Polished flooring is resistant to moisture transmission issues. This makes it a solid choice for humidity-prone areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

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What Are the Design Options in our Polished Flooring Range?

When it comes to floor polishing, there are endless options – so which one is the right choice? First, decide what kind of look you want to achieve for your space. Then think about how you want the floor to function: Is it a high-traffic area that needs a durable and resilient finish?

Do you want something that’s low-maintenance or will handle heavy household traffic? What about resale value? Whether you’re thinking about tile floors, hardwood, or even laminate, your design choices are limited only by your imagination. Below are few design options for you;

Stained polished floors

Stained polish floors are created by applying different types of stains to the floor. The most common types of stain used today are water based penetrating stains and acid stains. Penetrating stains are generally less expensive but must be periodically reapplied to keep the floor looking beautiful. The acid stain, on the other hand, penetrates much deeper into the concrete, creating a more stable finish that doesn’t require as frequent maintenance.

Dyed polished floors

When polished floors have been tinted with colour they’re called dyed polished floors. Colours vary from dark to light, including grey, beige, cream, black, brown and mahogany. They’re easy on the eye and particularly popular in kitchens.

Plain gray polished floors

Plain gray polished floors are made using a powder coating process that deposits a durable finish onto top of the floor. The result is a uniform color and texture — shiny but with an extremely fine grain that can have an antique, brushed, or distressed appearance.

Scored and patterned polished floors

Polished floors are available in scored and patterned finishes. Both finishes mimic the look of natural stone, but offer greater flexibility than other materials. There are many patterns and textures available, starting from geometric designs to flower patterns. From small mosaic tiles up to large format flooring.

Polished floor overlays

Polished floor overlays use the same material as the main flooring, but have a different finish. This allows the main surface to be non-slip while new areas of the floor are polished to a high shine finish. Polished floor overlays can also be used where a small amount of extra space is needed within rooms.

Contractors recommend taking furniture and measurements before your polished mesh bordered porcelain tiles have been installed to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.

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How Does Our Polished Wood Flooring Compare to Our Other Flooring Options?

Polished floors are the most natural looking of all the various flooring options. In addition to their durability and water-resistance, they also come in a variety of different colours and textures to suit almost any décor. Their silky smooth surface is often indistinguishable from a solid wood floor except for a more convenient price point.

Polished flooring is a great alternative to other flooring options, with many advantages over other surfaces. Polishing is easy on the environment , and does not have any of the harsh chemicals that are found in many other types of flooring. Polishing can last just as long, if sometimes longer than many other Flooring options.

Most polished wood floors are actually made up of some real wood mixed in with resins, giving them an even greater range of color and pattern combinations than solid wood, which is sometimes limited by species or source.

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How Do You Maintain Our Polished Flooring?

To enjoy the beautiful flooring for a long time, be sure that you regularly take care of the polished flooring. The most basic maintenance procedure is vacuuming the floor to remove dust. To keep your flooring looking its best, use a household vacuum cleaner equipped with a soft brush.

Below are some other vital steps to keeping your polished floors looking their best.

Fit protective pads to furniture legs to reduce risk of scuffing the floor when moved

When moving furniture on your polished flooring, install felt pads on the bottom of all feet. This will allow you to move the furniture more easily while protecting the surface underneath.

Maintain an ambient temperature to avoid dryness

Polished floors can be damaged by inconsistency and it is important to constantly maintain the cleanliness of your polished floor. Avoid excessive amounts of sunlight as this may lead to dryness in the surface.

Also, make sure that you use polishing cloths with the appropriate level of coarseness in order to avoid scratching the flooring. Be sure to always polish your floors regularly, with the recommended applicator for optimal results and maximum gloss retention.

Wipe up spills and leaks promptly with a dry cloth or dry paper towel

You can maintain a polished floor with a gentle wet-dry vacuum and sponge in the case of minor stains. For heavily soiled areas, use a good-quality commercial floor cleaner or diluted household detergent and a scrubber designed with a soft bristled applicator. Rinse with clear water and dry off completely with towels.

Ready To Install Polished Wood Flooring?

You don’t need to be an expert to create flooring masterpieces. Wood Floors Direct offers a range of easy-to-install, high-quality polished timber floors at affordable prices. Create your own unique style with a wide variety of colours, which allow you to establish your personal look and sense of style while still achieving that ‘wow’ factor.

Choose from hundreds of species and designs that suit your lifestyle while transforming your space into something spectacular − for an incredible price! We work directly with the finest manufacturers to offer you thousands of distinct patterns in solid and engineered wood tiles. Point, click, and install!

Get a free delivery quote for your new polished timber flooring from Wood Floors Direct today. With many years of experience and 5 – 10 years warranty on all polished timber flooring, our floor specialist will guide you through the entire process. You can also call us on 01273 257 187 or complete our online contact form today.


How do you refresh polished timber floors?

Polished timber floors can get dull and even brown in colour over time if they’re not maintained correctly. Using a sealer will help to prevent this, however it’s important to ensure that you don’t use too much product or it may alter the finish of your flooring. Select a low viscosity (thinner) sealer; and if applying straight onto the polished surface, dilute further with water for better penetration into the timber pores; it’s best to apply a few layers; usually two-three is enough to achieve desired result.

Are polished floors slippery?

Yes and no. While a polished wood floor is indeed slippery, it’s difficult to trip or fall on just one. The surface reflects lights from the ceiling and walls, making it easy for anyone to see where they’re going. For those reasons, they are often found in retail stores, museums, and even health clubs. They are also very easy to keep clean with sweeping or damp mopping.

Can all floors be polished?

Yes they can—almost. The word “polished” makes it sound like all floors will be shiny and bright as glass, but actually it just means that the surface has been made smooth and shiny by rubbing. Polished wood floors require fewer coatings than most other surfaces, making them easy to maintain

What is the difference between a gloss floor and a polished floor?

A glossy floor is usually described as having a very high gloss. It is also easy to clean because the surface reflects light. On the other hand, a polished floor has a matt finish, which looks more elegant and difficult to scratch.

How often should you polish wood floors?

For maximum shine, wood floors should be cleaned weekly with hardwood floor cleaner and polished weekly too. Using a clean mop or broom, sweep any loose dirt into a dustpan, or pick up larger debris using a microfiber dusting head. If necessary, move furniture to access hidden areas under or behind heavy pieces. Change mop buckets as needed.