Emerald Multi Layer 150

As a homeowner, you’ve probably searched far and wide for a flooring that meets your needs yet doesn’t empty your wallet. In fact, it can be difficult to find genuinely high-quality flooring that fits into your budget.

Introducing Emerald Multi-layer 150 from Wood Floors Direct. This classic oak engineered flooring is designed as a stylish range of engineered wood flooring with character.

It comes in 2 widths (700mm & 900mm) and 6 stunning colours, allowing you to find the right look for your home at an affordable price. The naturally beautiful characteristics of the wood are enhanced as this range has been multi-layered with between 5-10 layers of hardwood. Each layer is expertly crafted together by our skilled craftsmen.

Our classic and affordable, 14mm engineered European oak flooring is also available in 6 options. Packed full of character, this stylish range is up to par in durability and value. This material is used by homeowners looking to add value through their properties as well as retail businesses who need flooring that will withstand heavy foot traffic yet look great in photos. Emerald Multi-Layer will suit most interior styles – from contemporary to traditional.

The classic Emerald Multi-Layer 150 will complement your home for years to come. The durable hardwood laminate top layer is protected by a specially formulated high-gloss lacquer which gives the finish a rich and lustrous appearance.

The stain and wear resistance of emerald multi-layer allows it to retain its natural beauty even under heavy traffic. With an impressive lifetime warranty, this flooring solution is built to last. (Warranty reflects the period covered by our price match promise).

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Ideal for Busy Households

    Single-layer of Emerald Multi-Layer flooring is ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms or living rooms that are frequently used. Multi-layer flooring is less expensive to install and commonly has higher ceilings which allow you more space to move around. Since single-layer flooring is installed more cheaply, it can be chosen when other more expensive flooring options have already been installed.

Underfloor Heating

    Emerald Multi-Layer 150 flooring is the perfect solution for heating or cooling your home from underneath. This attractive material is ideal for those who live in damp or damp conditions and require a flexible and durable surface. This versatile material will not only ensure that your flooring remains maintainable and clean but it will also keep the area within an acceptable temperature range, ensuring that you won’t have to battle the elements when it’s cold out.


    The Emerald Multi-Layer 150 contains layers of natural European Oak rather than the common synthetic materials used in cheap floorings. If you’re looking for a great cheap alternative to four-season flooring then you’ll want to check out Emerald.


    Moth-proofing is an essential aspect of a good home. This is why it is important to choose an engineered product, such as an Emerald Multi-Layer 150. This flooring has excellent qualities, which means you can be assured that it is strong and durable as well as flame-resistant. It will not only make your home more secure but will also look classy at the same time.

15 Year Residential Warranty

    • The Emerald Multi-Layer 150 Flooring product line offers long-lasting, sustainably harvested lumber ideal for all types of environments. This natural material provides a sound flooring option that can help restore beauty to any unfinished space. This soft, lightweight material has been developed using modern technology and machinery to ensure consistent quality from producer to customer. This ensures customers receive an excellent product with consistently high-quality woods used throughout.

The superior quality of the Emerald Multi-Layer flooring is second to none. This heavy-duty resilient flooring is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, family rooms, or any room where extra protection is needed. Choose Emerald Multi-Layer for All-Season Flooring.

Naturally, you want to choose a product that is going to last. This is why flooring contractors often use materials like Emerald Multi-Layer 14mm European Oak to give their homes an appealing, hard flooring texture. The great thing about this material is that it is both affordable and durable.

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It’s everything you want on a classic European oak floor – without breaking the bank.

Classic, affordable, stylish; a solid choice for any room. A simple, traditional floor that will last the test of time.