Wood Floor Accessories

Wood floor accessories are designed to make the installation and appearance of your wood flooring as easy and attractive as possible. Accessories such as mouldings, trim and underlayment help to create a more finished look for your wood flooring project.

In addition, wood flooring accessories such as vents, transitions and trims aid in the installation process.

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Selecting the right solid wood flooring can be difficult enough, but once you’ve chosen your new floor it’s time to select the accessories that will help you install and maintain your floor. At Wood Floors Direct, we understand this and are committed to providing you with the best accessories in order to make your installation a success.


A skirting board is a strip of board that covers the gap between the floor and the wall. Skirting boards come in various designs and profiles and are usually made from engineered wood or solid wood. You can use skirting boards or Scotia moldings to create a smooth transition between the floor and the wall.


Our extensive range of wooden floor accessories includes many styles of mouldings, stair parts, reducers, start/stop moldings, underlayment and much more. We offer only high-quality products at affordable prices. We also have the most stylish options available – you can choose from several colours and finishes that will complement any room in your home.

Installation products and tools

Certain installation products and tools may be required to install your hardwood floor. These flooring accessories will help you save on time, labor costs and components.

Get all the wood floor accessories you need from trim to underlayment. Trim and moldings are used to create an elegant transition between your hardwood floors, wall and other surfaces. Underlayment provides a cushion for your floor and reduces the noise when walking on it. We also carry many other hardwood flooring installation products and tools including adhesive, crack filler, polish, beading and finishing oils.

Maintenance and repair accessories

Wood floors bring a richness to a room that no other flooring can match. Whether it is the elegance of hardwood, the rustic charm of laminate, or the timeless beauty of engineered floor, wood is sure to be a favourite in your home.

However, this doesn’t mean you can get away with less maintenance than you would with other types of flooring. Wood Floors Direct offers all the maintenance products you need for proper wood floor maintenance and cleaning. If your floor is looking a little worse for wear, our repair accessories will make it good as new. No matter what your maintenance needs are, we have the products you need at prices that won’t break your budget.

Wood Floors Direct

Wood Floor Direct are the UK’s only specialist online retailer of wooden flooring, offering a wide range of oak, laminate, vinyl and engineered wood flooring to suit every budget and space.

We’ve got all the accessories you need to install, maintain and improve your wooden floor. If you’re looking for replacement beading or trim to hide unsightly gaps, we have a range of products to help. Alternatively, if you just want to protect your floors from the wear and tear of daily use, we have a selection of door bars and threshold strips. Browse through our site to find what you want today.