Wood flooring is an environmentally friendly floor covering that will last for many years when planned, fitted and maintained correctly. It is aesthetically pleasing and characterised by a diversity of designs and appearances.

If you need warmth while satisfying the need for high-performance floor coverings, then fittings for your wood flooring plays an important role. When it comes to laying flooring, the method you choose will have a huge impact on the success of your installation.

There are 3 main fitting methods available today: floating, glued and nailed.


A floating floor is a floor that is not attached directly to the sub-floor with nails or glue. Glue can only be used to reinforce the tongue and groove joint.

Floating floors can be installed over an existing floor to provide a surface that will not sag in the future. Because they are not affixed to the building structure, they move naturally with seasonal environmental changes. They also increase the comfort of the room by adding a layer of insulation underneath your floors.

Floating floors are generally recommended for solid wood flooring that has a small size.

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A fully glued wooden floor is a type of timber flooring where all of the planks or beams are securely glued in place. This offers a number of benefits over other kinds of flooring.

To glue a wooden floor, full coverage of flexible wood adhesive is applied to the subfloor and the boards are placed directly on top.

Glued wood floors are a great alternative to nailed wood floors, a good glued wood floor will also last a lifetime and be extremely resistant to vibration.

In addition, when it is installed on top of underfloor heating this will also prevent the occurrence of air pockets that are known to develop if underfloor heating is not present.

When you use underfloor heating and a room or building is heated from below the air trapped between the floorboards needs to have an escape. This air may then rise up in a space with little airflows, such as the corners of the room if an insulation board has been fitted.

To complete the installation, the subflooring must be secure and any obstacles like skirting boards and trim removed. It is also important that the frame of your door can stand a significant amount of weight applied to it.


Nailing is a traditional wood flooring method used to attach the wood flooring to the subfloor.

Secret nailing is used in this fitting method. It involves using a nail to join two pieces of wood. The nails are driven into the tongue of one piece of wood and then passed through to the other piece to form a joint.

The nails are never visible because they are hidden under the surface of the groove, butted up to the part of the board that is secured.

It can be fit directly on top of your existing timber battens, directly on top of your timber floor joists or on top of plywood or Oriented Strand Board.

If you are trying to decide whether to fit engineered or solid wood flooring then one key factor for the quality of your floor fitting will be your sub-floor.

If you have a good base material, such as concrete, new plywood or a wooden floor that is in good condition, giving a good flat level surface and you lay your floor straight on top of it, then the qualities and benefits of your chosen wood floor will be maximised.

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Fittings For Your Wood Floors: Considerations

When deciding on the right flooring fit for your home, you’ll need to consider a variety of factors:

  • If your floor will be exposed to heavy foot traffic
  • Level of heat and moisture exposure
  • To create a quality result, your walls need to be completely dry.
  • It’s important to test any underfloor heating system prior to installation to ensure your heating system is safe.
  • You need to consider whether or not a moisture barrier or damp proof membrane should be applied to the substrate before its fitting
  • How will the boards be stored prior to being installed
  • Also, you need to consider if the wood floor would be allowed to acclimatize. If so, then it is important to store boards flat and uncluttered after fitting, allowing them to adjust more quickly to your home’s humidity levels.


You may want to get the exact quantity of the hardwood planks for your flooring project and, in that case, you need to have a precise measure of the surface.

Mouldings And Trimmings

Mouldings and Trims are important for adding a finishing touch and a uniform look. A vast range of moulding and trim designs and styles are offered on the market to fit any room’s conception.

Fitting Your Floors

Before the floor is ready for adhesives, it has to be cleaned properly. Dust and moisture must be removed from the old floor. It is important to allow sufficient time for all elements, such as adhesives and oils, to mature before the floor is laid, depending on how the floor is fitted, and what other elements are present (such as underfloor heating). When using Solid Wood floors more than 4m in one direction the floor will need to be designed to ensure that it can expand and contract across the floor. It is also recommended that floor systems where engineered floors such as Parquet or Laminate are used, be designed to minimise movements. Wood flooring needs to be protected, cleaned and maintained regularly in order to keep it in the best possible condition.

To keep your wood flooring clean and in good condition, the cleaning technique must be in line with the product’s design intent, intended use and life span. Place furniture pads on the bottom of any items that you will be placing on the floor in order to prevent any damage that may occur to your newly installed floor due to scratches, scuffs and more.

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