Natural Wood flooring is created out of wood, and is usually protected by a finish or sealant. These floors are known for their traditional look as well as for their warmth and durability over time. There are several types of wood that may be used in making this type of flooring such as oak, maple, and cherry, and it comes in solid or engineered styles.

Wood flooring is a popular and versatile floor covering for homes, public areas, and offices, it can be sanded & refinished, it is easily maintained and there are over 100 different species, with different appearances that vary in both visual texture as well as colour. 

The various species of wood provide a number of different aesthetic aspects: some woods have beautiful grain patterns & textures while others may have unique colouring.

Choose one of our natural wood flooring for a classic aesthetic that improves and evolves with age. This flooring collection is crafted from individual pieces of wood and is available in a variety of finishes, from grey to black. 

It is ideal for high-traffic areas such as corridors, living rooms, and bedrooms. This flooring is simple to install thanks to the click fitting method and can also be resanded, refinished, or recoated to maintain an ageless appearance for many years. 

Explore our natural wood flooring collection to give your house a beautiful, real wood finish.

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Categories Of Natural Wood Floors We stock

Solid Wood

Solid wood, as the name implies, means that the wood is constructed of one piece of wood that has not been laminated (glued together) or otherwise constructed of several pieces. A solid piece of wood runs through the entire thickness of the piece of wood flooring.

Solid wood is a timeless natural material with beautiful grains and unique finish options. Although all wood has small imperfections and may have an off odor from storage until first use, this will dissipate over time. 

Solid wood is a great choice for both residential and commercial applications, and along with traditional hand-scraping it can be refinished to its original beauty.

Although solid wood is more expensive than many of its substitute materials, it is a very satisfying choice for your next kitchen or furniture remodeling project. 

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Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is a combination of real hardwood and a wood product that has a better resistance to expansion and shrinkage such as plywood.

Engineered wood is anything that has a real wood wear layer, which means the top surface is real hard wood. 

It can have different constructions. It can be plywood all the way through or it can be a composite product on the bottom side. Engineered hardwood flooring is ideal for rooms with high traffic and those with heating systems. In fact, it’s recommended by manufacturers of heating systems.

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Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood or lumber has been used since the 18th century. Due to its durability, low beauty care needs, and affordability, the wood is recycled and reused to make homes, furniture, floors, and other objects more sustainable and more environmentally-friendly.

Reclaimed wood, unlike newly-cut woods, have been exposed for a long time in the atmosphere and are already dried out, making it more stable which is why it doesn’t shrink, swell or bow down even when exposed to water.


What Woods Are Reclaimed?

Any type of wood can be reclaimed. But mostly commonly reclaimed wood are Redwood and Oak.

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Why Invest in Natural Wood Floors

Cleans With Ease

Your hardwood floors are designed to be easy to maintain – vacuum and sweep regularly. You won’t find your hardwood floors building up with dirt, dust or other debris because the sealed surface repels dust and dirt so there is nothing to build up in the wood grain or grout lines.


Once properly installed, hardwood floors can last decades. They resist most scuffs, stains and scrapes that can damage traffic-grade carpets. 

They’ll withstand heavy foot traffic in your home or office.

You can keep your floors clean without special cleaning products.

Value For Your Money

For centuries, hardwood floors have been popular due to their durability, ease of care, and cozy appearance. They are available in a wide variety of natural-inspired colours and styles, so you can find the right floor for your home. This sums up to the fact that they add value to your home.

Flexible Choices

Wood floors are available in a wide range of species, colours and finishes to choose from, which keeps your options open when it comes to updating the look of your home. 

Crafted to be resilient underfoot, they possess a warm natural appearance and gentle texture that you can tailor to give your home a unique feel.

And in a few years, if you want to update the appearance of your home, they can be stripped and re-stained with a different colour or tone.

Not Easily Damaged

Natural wood  floors last a long time. They do not crack or warp like laminate flooring, and they are not easily damaged by staining liquids. If you spill something, it doesn’t immediately stain the floor, which makes it easy to quickly and easily wipe up with water. If you don’t mind refinished wood floors, then natural wood floors are for you. Eventually,  you do not have to worry about your floor being ruined easily plus it adds a rustic warmth to any room in your house.

Good Acoustic

Pure, natural wood floors will add warmth to your home, not just that, a dense wood floor will reduce the amount of ambient noise. The energy efficient ways you can choose from to finish your floors are endless. Solid hardwood floors improve the sound clarity in your home by reducing the amount of reverberations (also known as echo and flutter) that occur in homes.

Clean Air

Carpeting attracts all kinds of pollutants. On the other hand, natural wood floors are free from carpet fiber capable of trapping particles such as  pollen, dander, dust, mold or other allergens. 

Thereby making it easy to vacuum the floor and remove these from your home. This means better air quality without all of these pollutants in the air or trapped in carpet fibers or grout.


Eco-friendly wood flooring is the best choice for the environment. Since trees can regrow, hardwood flooring comes from a sustainable source, without adding lots of synthetic products to our world. 

Bamboo, for example, is one of the most sustainable and renewable resources used to make bamboo flooring, and so is the Oak tree, which is used to manufacture types of hardwood and engineered wood floors.

Natural Insulators

Natural hardwood floors have air pockets naturally found in the wood grain. These air pockets provide an insulating factor which helps trap warm air, keeping your family cozy when they walk over it later that day. This is a desirable characteristic of natural wood floors especially in temperate regions such as the UK.

Whether you are considering engineered wood flooring or hardwood flooring, natural wood floors add value to your home by increasing property value and making it the envy of your neighborhood. 

Natural wood floors are constructed with various layers designed to ensure that they can endure the test of time. 

At Wood Floors Direct, we are your preferred option for natural wood floors in Brighton and all over the UK. We stock some of the best varieties and you can be sure that we have what you want to give your home the look you have ever wanted..  

Take a minute to browse through our line of natural wood floors and make sure you are choosing the right wood floor for your needs.

Why Should You Buy Natural Wood Floors?


Using natural flooring can certainly be a desirable option when it comes to sustainability. They are well known for creating an exceptionally beautiful appearance to any rooms they occupy. 

They are also known for being long lasting. In addition, natural flooring is far less expensive than other types of flooring since their maintenance is minimal once they have been installed.

Natural wood floors are also renewable and biodegradable, thereby posing no risk of environmental pollution.

Adaptability From Nature

Organic materials, such as bamboo and cork, offer a variety of benefits. Natural wood floors also have natural resilience which includes reduced static electricity, insect repellant, and reduced allergens.

Natural Beauty

There is no comparison when it comes to the beauty of natural hardwood floors. The striking contrast between the light knotty pine and dark hardwood creates distinct, natural design patterns, which can never be attained with synthetic materials. In addition, wood floors filter noise from below and help keep your house cool.


Natural hardwood floors are resilient, easy to clean and need little maintenance. They add warmth to your home without hassle.

Natural Colours

Natural floors are becoming the most popular choice for today’s flooring. They come in a range of shades, tones and colours. 

Natural floors will enhance the look of any room. 


Natural wood floors are a perfect choice for creating healthy and safe indoor air conditions. Unlike synthetic materials such as vinyl floors, it is nearly impossible to release harmful chemicals and harmful dust particles from the wooden flooring. Additionally, natural wood flooring does not emit chemical smells that can negatively affect you or your family.

Low Flammability

Natural flooring possesses a low level of flammability that makes them suitable for flooring materials. The natural fibers used in its manufacture gives it good thermal and acoustic properties.

Low Chemical Treatment

Natural wood materials are made from sustainable resources that have significant antimicrobial properties.

Healthy Choice!

Wood flooring is a natural, renewable material that is a great choice for the health of your family. Its organic composition has an absence of toxic chemicals or substances that trigger allergies, and certified wood floors have low volatile organic compounds that make them reliable for those with chemical sensitivities. 

Wood flooring is the warmest and most welcoming choice in homes. Other floors offer a cold, hard surface that provides no comfort or a high-tech, impersonal feel. However, wood as flooring offers a warm ambience to any room and feels luxurious underfoot.

In addition, from both the environmental and health aspects, wood flooring materials are of key importance. Wallpaper or paint makes for a significant issue in synthetic flooring materials as more harmful substances are released into the environment during their application. 

Our Products

Solid Oak

Whether it’s adding a new room to your home, or renovating your existing flooring, solid oak flooring offers a luxury finish that you can’t get from any other wood. It’s not just the look. Solid oak is hard-wearing making it great for exposed conditions and high-traffic rooms. 

Choosing a solid wood floor adds natural character to any environment in which you choose to use it. Available by the plank in random lengths, you can complete large areas quickly and enjoy an instant transformation of your space.

This version of our solid oak floors has a tongue and groove and requires the help of a professional for Installation.

Engineered Wood


Our traditional parquet flooring is made from the highest quality hardwoods, which have been sawn into a variety of sizes to produce a range of patterns. The blocks can be laid in a variety of different ways, including herringbone or tumbling dice.

In the Parquet category, we have Chevron, Herringbone, Parquet Blocks and Versailles Panels.


Chevron Parquet tiles are a classic European design, with an elegant geometric design that is easy to install on both flat and low-profile flooring. This versatile tile is a great option for kitchens and bathrooms, or even wet areas such as saunas and pools.

They come in both solid and engineered wood.


Our Deluxe engineered floors are designed to last for more than 10 years indoors or outdoors. Stable, quality and versatility are the secrets of our constructions. The precious wood comes from carefully managed forests certified by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). 

Our solid oak includes several layers of groundwood and is cross-layered for extra durability.

Under the Deluxe category, we have Antique, Barn and Designer.


Each floor is carefully crafted to bring out the strengths of its unique wood type. We select and cut the main boards, finish and sand each individual plank by hand before they are meticulously installed in your home.

The various species of wood provide a number of different aesthetic aspects; some woods have beautiful grain patterns & textures while others may have unique colouring.

Wood Floors Direct

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Getting the right flooring for your home or office enhances comfort, adds value and communicates your taste. All our wood floors are made from engineered, ecological wood when you choose them at Wood Floor Direct. We have what you’re looking for in stock, so you can get to the job at hand without compromising quality.

Our stores come complete with a huge selection of wood flooring available to view in Brighton, London to help you make an informed choice. We take great pride in our service, offering a no-obligation free survey, providing expert advice and guarantees of quality.

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