If you fancy a darker tone for your flooring projects, Wood Floors Direct got you covered. We have a wide range of dark wood flooring options for your flooring projects at reasonable prices.

If you are looking for a natural and eco friendly flooring material then consider wood, which is considered as a natural material for your flooring project.

Dark flooring is gaining ground as one of the most popular types of wood flooring in the market – and for good reason. A dark floor is attractive, durable, and just happens to go with every design type out there. Whether you’re looking for an accent piece or for something that serves as a major focal point, dark wood can complement most styles. We have everything you need.

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Why is Dark Coloured Wood Appealing

A lot of people love the look of dark wood. Whether it is to fit into a certain type of interior design, or simply because they love the look, there are many reasons why so many people choose this flooring type. Here are some of the most important benefits of going with dark wood.

It Absorbs Light

When choosing flooring to fit your home it’s important to consider how much daylight you’ll get. Dark woods like mahogany and spruce absorb light well while giving off little to no heat, dark woods are also considered more neutral. 

It is also advisable to choose dark woods If you are concerned about pests or stains from your normal wood flooring and if you would like your flooring to appear more upscale look for woods with natural knots or patterns. 

The Darker The Hardwood Colours The Less Prone To Fading They Are

Dark hardwood colours flooring are less susceptible to fading. Nevertheless, you need to understand that even if you choose darker wood, it still requires the same treatment as any other type of wood such as regular dust mopping and sweeping. 

It also needs to be treated with a good wood cleaner once in a while and re-polished regularly with a good protective varnish or hard wax once a year or so to keep it looking attractive and new for years to come.

Dark hardwood colours flooring gives off a nice aesthetic appeal

Wood is a natural material that can give off an aesthetic appeal. With darkness, it transforms from translucent to opaque, giving off different shades depending on the angle from which you view it. 

This makes it suitable for almost any room in your home which will require an aesthetic appeal. It is best to choose dark hardwood as opposed to trendy white hardwood because the former has been handed down through generations without becoming dull, while the latter may have been polished to a shine through frequent use and carelessness in the kitchen.

Wood is no exception to the rule that darker colours are better when it comes to creating beautiful flooring. Each species of tree has a characteristic grain pattern or colour that depending on its environment, climate and locality have become imprinted on the wood’s surface. This unique look has over time developed characteristics that lend themselves to the flooring of various shades. The grain pattern created by each tree is the same no matter the species of tree it comes from.

This Flooring Matches Up Well With Interior Decor

You want your floors to match the rest of your decor perfectly and look brand new every time you walk into your new home.  

Dark hardwood floors look great with Scandinavian designs, Chinese prints, materials and patterns. You can also look for beautiful dark hardwood flooring that matches a modern home office better than lighter woods. You’ll love the look of this dark, richly structured flooring that adds a sophisticated touch to any room in your home. 

Natural dark woods like Walnut or Cherry are just right for creating that cosy, sophisticated atmosphere you’ve always wanted in your home. 

Different Dark Wood Flooring Options Available In Our Product Range

Natural Dark Wood Floor

Dark hardwood floors are ideal for most homes because they convey luxury and elegance. They also make an entrance hall look larger because the dark floor covering reflects light from surrounding areas, including skylights and windows. 

Our natural dark wood flooring is an eco-friendly choice that comes in a wide variety of colours, styles, textures, and finishes. If you choose natural wood for your flooring project, you’ll have the most options in terms of colour, style, and finish. To offer so many choices, manufacturers use different types of wood, which have a variety of unique characteristics and benefits.

Engineered Dark Wood Floor

Engineered dark coloured wood flooring offers a more sophisticated look and better durability than standard hardwood. Dark woods create a sense of mystery and comfort in a room. They enhance the mood while blocking light from entering other areas of the room. 

Our range of engineered dark woods also give a more comfortable working environment since they can be used in offices with strict hours. The downside to this is that they are more expensive than other types of wood flooring.

This kind of flooring can add fresh air to any room in your house or small office. Just like designer handbags and hand towels, this is usually achieved by the use of natural materials such as walnut, bamboo and bamboo fibre. 

Everything about the production and design of these materials comes from a keen eye for how these materials will look and feel in your home; this is why, when you see natural wood flooring in an office, office complex or retail store you will immediately know this is going to be the style that will come to dominate your place.

Laminate Dark Wood Flooring

Laminate wood is another type of dark wood flooring option. It can provide a rustic look with a reflective finish that mimics natural wood floors or it can be completely opaque and resemble black ceramic tiles. Laminate wood also comes in designs whose patterns are reminiscent of oak floors. It provides the durability you need while giving you the rich appearance you want.

Furthermore, laminate wood is also a good choice for you if you’re looking for something less natural and more cost-effective. This type of flooring has the same basic look as its counterpart but is produced in a factory by a process called laminating. This involves glueing two or more different woods together into larger sheets, all of which are then cut into individual boards.

Parquet Dark Wood Flooring

Parquet wood is another type of dark wood floor that can create many stunning effects on a room. The flooring pattern is inspired by the old parquet floors, made from wood panels assembled on-site with glue. 

This modern alternative has gained popularity as it brings a sense of style and cosiness to any home. It is elegant, inexpensive and easy to maintain. Parquet flooring is just as timeless and eye-catching as hardwood or tile flooring.

Regardless of type, our parquet floors works well with both contemporary and classical decor. Many consider it the most elegant option for that reason. The naturally random bands of light and dark wood are fashionable enough for modern tastes, but can also provide a sophisticated backdrop for items such as fine art or rustic furniture.

Ways To Achieve A Dark Floor Shade 

Dark shade for your flooring can be achieved in several ways, this method is ideal for people who want to keep their wooden floors in good condition while having a more stylish appearance by making them appear as though they are pieces of dark hardwood flooring;

Fuming The Wood

Smoking is another name for it, which is pretty self-explanatory. One important thing to remember is that professionals are best suited for this procedure. Inexperienced DIY-ers should avoid getting involved in such work. 

In this process, the oak boards are put in an enclosed environment to be exposed to the influence of ammonia. 

Adding ammonia to tannin-rich oak changes its natural colour by bringing them to the surface of the wood, which is as simple as it sounds. Essentially, you will receive substantially darker wood. If the planks are held in this ammonia-laden atmosphere for a long time, they will become darker in colour. 

In this case, the most important thing you should be aware of is that the ammonia should never be applied directly to the surfaces of the boards since this step would damage them. It is crucial to remember that despite being very effective, this treatment is also highly specific and requires a lot of experience and expertise, requiring the services of a specialist.

Staining The Wood With Darker Shades

You can achieve dark wood flooring by using dark wood stains. Stain colours to choose from include cherry, maple, and natural colour. Brambles and fungi are natural finishes that will deepen and darken the tone of your wood without significantly changing its design or appearance. 

If stains won’t get into all the nooks and crannies of your floor, consider polishing with shellac and acetone on a small area at a time.

Dark wood stains provide a healthy shine and a unique look to any room in your home as they absorb light and reveal the natural beauty of the wood itself. Staining wood doesn’t have to be costly or difficult – you can use inexpensive stains that could leave your floors looking brand new without costing you an arm and a leg. And the more stain you use, the more natural and aged your floors will become over time giving your home an entirely new look.

Baking The Wood

Baking your wood floors offers many benefits. You control the colour and texture of the flooring, it’s less messy to maintain than most varnishes and stains, and it creates an attractive finished product.  

You will require the services of a trained professional to carry out this wood baking process. The benefits of this flooring process far outweigh the disadvantages.

Applying Oils On The Wood

Oiling wood floors takes patience and care. Patience because the process of oiling requires attention to detail and a lot of steps. Care because accidents can occur when working on oiled wood and it’s easy for stains to build up. The good news is that accidents don’t usually occur when you’re trying to create attractive looking dark wood floors unless you’ve been doing it wrong.

Using Dark Wood Species

There are many ways to make dark wood look good. One way is by using dark wood species. The two most popular are Walnut and Cherry. Both have natural dark flecks that add contrast and natural knots that make dense, 3D spaces look more spacious. If you’re concerned about damaging your flooring, choose a material that won’t show through paint or stains very much.

  • Walnut: Walnut is a hardwood species that develops rich texture in finished projects and is often used for buildings with a large plank or panelling. Developing a rich texture means it will retain its shape even after being handled frequently and set on a flat surface. This makes it an ideal choice for projects that will require frequent refinishing or refinishing with a varnish such as Linseed Oil Based Stain or Ultra-Cream Minwax Outdoor Glossatum – both of which will add natural shine and protect from weathering.
  • Wenge: Wenge is an attractive, dark wood that’s well-suited for use as flooring in both bathrooms and kitchens. Though it’s not as difficult to work with as more popular woods such as hardwood or maple, wenge requires more work to produce a good-looking project. You want your projects to be well-constructed so that they withstand wear and tear from daily use and spills. Your goal should be to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing finished product that will hold up over time without requiring major repair work.
  • Teak: If you are interested in creating a dark wood flooring project, you may want to consider using teak. Teak is an excellent choice because it maintains beauty over time and does not lose its form over time. Natural wood stains fade away with time, but teak wood stains will not. If you choose to stain your floor plans, make sure that the wood you choose is healthy wood that hasn’t been treated with chemicals such as chlorine or ammonia.

Different parts of the world have unique properties that make them better for certain types of floors. If you are searching for information about the properties of teak wood then you have come to the right place.

  • Spruce: Spruce is an excellent choice for dark woods because it remains slightly flexible when wet. When harvested, spruce wood is soft and easily broken. However, it stands up well in the sun, preserving its health and beauty. The unfavourable properties of spruce wood can be eliminated or reduced by selecting a properly harvested spruce log and using it as a plan for your floor project.

At Wood Floors Direct, we are your preferred option for Dark Wood Floors in Brighton and all over the UK. 

We stock some of the best varieties of wood species and you can be sure that we have what you want to give your home the look you have ever wanted.

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Dark Wood Flooring Options To Choose From

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Dark luxury vinyl tiles are an elegant addition to any home. These unique tiles add sophistication and depth to any room in your home or office. By utilising the special light-diffraction properties of these tiles, your room will appear much brighter than it actually is. The result is an elegant and sophisticated look that is just a little bit harder to buy than it might be.

Laminate Floors

Laminate flooring has many benefits over hardwood. It’s light and can be easily cleaned with warm water and light cleaning chemicals. It looks elegant and adds depth to any room in your home. However, the expensive option with the best finish may be worth it if you want a finished look that matches your overall style. If you’re worried about scratches and chipping, go with the less expensive options.

Vinyl Floors

The vinyl floor  is perfect for any room in your house. It adds a bit of mystery and warmth to the space. It will not distract from your decor. I know several homeowners who swear by the vinyl floor as the best thing about their new home. That’s because no other material can hold up to heavy traffic or hard use as vinyl does.

Wood Floors Direct is your number one brand for everything flooring. Our floor types range from vinyl, wood, LVT and Laminate floors. With these options come many styles, colours, and brands that are sure to match your specific tastes and budget.Our mission is to serve our customers with reasonably priced, reliable service through consistent product quality. 

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