Brooks Multi-ply Wide Plank Wood Flooring

Wide plank flooring is any type of hardwood flooring that is wider than 3″. This can be anywhere from 4″- 20″ or more, creating a distinctive look that allows the grain and character of the wood to stand out. Wide plank floors date back hundreds of years when they were manually milled and built to last. Multi-ply means that multiple layers are glued together. The result is an incredibly sturdy, stable wood floor that can be installed anywhere in your home, even over concrete.

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Handcrafted from premium oak wood, Brooks multi-ply wide plank floors are an ideal choice for any space. Variations in grain and colour enrich the natural beauty of this floor. The tongue and groove profile makes it easy to install, while the solid wood top layer provides durability that will last for decades.

For over 60 years Brooks has been supplying the best quality Solid and Engineered wood flooring products at exceptional prices. We offer a range of finishes to suit all projects, supplying matching accessories and services which ensure a totally professional working relationship with you, our customer.

Grade: Character

Board Dimensions: Thickness: 20mm | Wear Layer: 6mm | Widths: 189mm and 240mm | Lengths: 1900mm and 2200mm (allowing max 25% nested)

Board Description: Fixing: Tongue and groove | Profile: Micro bevel on all four sides

Pack Sizes: 189mm: 1.796m2 | 240mm: 2.112m2

Why Wood

Healthier Option

Wood floors are a healthier option because there are no toxic chemicals used during the flooring production or installation process. Unlike carpet, wood floors do not trap dust, pollen and other particles, making it the natural choice for those suffering from allergies or asthma.

Easy Clean

Wood flooring is quick, easy and convenient to clean. Just sweep, vacuum or damp-mop to remove everyday dirt, keeping your floors looking cleaner for longer. Whenever spills are cleaned up as soon as they occur, as with any type of flooring, wood will last a lifetime.


Wood is a natural product and does not carry the odours associated with synthetic materials. With wood flooring, you can be sure that there won’t be any offensive odours. This is hypoallergenic, so it is just right for someone in your family who suffers from asthma or other allergies.


Wood flooring is durable and can stand the test of time, with appropriate care and maintenance to the individual product. It is a great option for busy areas like kitchens, where you’re likely to spend more time preparing food or taking care of children.


The cost of hardwood varies depending on whether you are using engineered or solid wood. But as a guide, most customers find that investing in hardwood gives them a high return on investment.


Wood Floors Direct offers a range of responsibly-sourced hardwood floors from trusted manufacturers. All certified timbers are sourced from well-managed forests and suppliers who ensure high conservation standards to protect the surrounding ecosystems.

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