Varnished Finishes

Varnish is a clear, hard protective finish that is resistant to water, mould and mildew. It also gives wood a more natural, finished look.

Varnish gives wood a glossy, waterproof finish that makes the colour of the wood stand out. It comes in a variety of shades from yellow to brown and black to white, but it is also available in different colours and custom colours and textures can be achieved as well. It is designed to seal the wood from damage, maintain moisture and repel dirt.

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Because a varnish finish allows the natural wood grain to show through, it is a perfect choice for furniture where the wood is the feature. Varnish is also easy to apply and maintain, less toxic and more durable than many paint finishes.

Varnishes are a form of hard finish applied over wood, designed to seal the wood from damage, maintain moisture and repel dirt. Types of varnishes include Resin, Spar varnish, Polyurethane, Lacquer amongst others.


A varnished floor is a type of wood floor that has been finished using a layer of varnish or coating. The finish helps to make the floors resistant to abrasion and staining from spills, as well as adding a high-gloss shine.

Categories Of Varnishes For Wood Floors

There are basically three categories: Matte, Satin and Gloss.


The matte finish creates the most natural wood feeling to the touch and helps protect your floors from everyday wear and tear.

Matte varnish is perfect for high-traffic areas, like hallways, and is the preferred choice for entryways and children’s bedrooms. It lets your flooring look its best because it minimizes reflection.


A satin finish is a choice that will suit most homes and lifestyles. It provides the highest sheen available, enhancing the natural beauty of wood while also providing durability. The subtle shine on the satin finish of the flooring adds depth to your flooring, creating a warm ambience without being too flashy.

Durable and dent-resistant, with a reflective quality that’s less shiny than gloss, It’s perfect for a wide range of areas in your home, especially frequently walked areas.

The satin finish is glossy enough to shine but matte enough to resist water and scratches. Unlike a high-gloss finish, it’s less slippery, making it better for areas with water and traffic.


Gloss provides the shine of a lacquer finish to enhance your timber floors and accurately reflects the character of your natural wood, making it a stunning feature in your room.

With a gloss finish, however, scratches, damage, dust, and dirt are more noticeable than with other finishes.

Gloss finishes look great right out of the package but tend to tarnish over time and become unappealing. First of all, if you decide to go with high gloss flooring you need to know that it requires some kind of special treatment to avoid scratches and this treatment will keep your floor always in good condition.

As with all flooring, looking after your wood floor will ensure it retains its sheen and lasts. Here are some tips on how to maintain varnished floors.

Things To Think About When You Dust Clean Your Varnished Wood Floors:

Dust And Clean

Wood floors must be protected and regularly maintained and varnished wood floors are no exception.

By removing dust and dirt, you’re helping avoid scratches (caused by grit in the dust) as well as gradually dulling the finish (when grit particles react with wood oils). Regular cleaning is one of the easiest ways to strengthen the life of your floors.

When maintaining your varnished wood floors, it’s important to use only a limited amount of water. Moisture left on the floor will damage the finish or stain the wood. To avoid this, clean up any spills immediately.

While it’s important to sweep or vacuum your wood floors as often as needed, it is also vital that you use a specialized cleaning agent designed for varnished wood floors.


If your wood floors are starting to look dull, or have small scratches, a polisher or refresher should be used. These products are made to shine and protect your wood floors.

They add shine to dull floors. Polish and refresher are ideal for protecting your hardwood floors against daily wear and tear. These products also help to lessen scratches caused by heavy furniture or pet nails.

If you have laid a wood floor in an area where there is a high risk of spilling water, like in a kitchen or bathroom, use polish or refresher to add a layer of protection to your new wood floors. It is recommended to apply the polisher or refresher twice a year on varnished floors. However, it is important to clean the floor before application.

Why Our Customers Choose Varnished Wood Floors?

A varnish finish for floors is a durable, scratch and stain-resistant, waterproof finish used to protect and preserve wooden flooring.

Varnish is typically a protective seal that reaches deep into the pores of a wood floor, offering lasting protection against wear and tear. It requires less maintenance than oils and waxes and can withstand heavy traffic.


Wood Floors Direct provides hardwood flooring and refinishing products right to your doorstep.

We provide a variety of flooring products including hardwood, engineered wood, parquet, underlayment and wood floor maintenance products such as varnishes for both residential and luxury wood floors. We guarantee a hassle-free shopping experience!



Solid Wood Flooring is crafted from 100% hardwood, creating a warm look and lasting value that balances quality, style, and practicality.

There is no substitute for the beauty and warmth that a natural hardwood floor can add to your home. Solid hardwood planks come in an endless variety of colours, grains and textures.


Solid hardwood flooring is still the most preferred choice of interior designers. It’s also a smart choice for homeowners looking for a great value that will last for decades. The legendary durability and easy care of solid oak hardwood flooring make it a wise investment toward your home’s beauty and value.

However, note that engineered wood flooring is a great choice for high humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Our Oak floor ranges exude design and luxury for your home.

Colour Ranges

Almost any colour is possible when it comes to oak wood; from brown to light beige.

Oakwood can vary in colour, with White Oak tending to look more beige-to-brown and Red Oak looking rosier.

The differences are obvious in the grain and texture of each wood, making it easy to tell the difference between them. However, the wood from the same oak tree can look quite different depending on its growing environment, seasonal conditions, and age.

Pieces can have a variety of grain patterns and hues, ranging from a darker reddish-brown to a caramel hue. With these variations in mind, you may see a slight shift in shade once your piece is in its final home. We recommend ordering a sample or two for exact colour matching.


Hickory hardwood will give your home a warm and welcoming look with its knots, markings, and variations in grain and colour. It’s often used in high-traffic areas because it’s stronger than oak and will hold up better under foot traffic.


Hickory is a very hard wood and highly durable. It produces floors that are pet-friendly, child friendly and will not scratch. A properly installed Hickory floor will not lose its finish or integrity over time.


Engineered wood is a composite material made by binding together wood strands, particles, fibres or veneers with adhesives. A range of engineered wood products can be manufactured to suit specific uses or purposes, such as flooring.

Engineered Hickory Wood

This engineered wood flooring product offers the rich, warm look of hardwood at an affordable price. Hickory engineered flooring is made up of multiple layers of material that are glued together to form a solid core. It is then faced with a veneer layer, usually of Hickory hardwood.


Traditional parquet flooring is a classic choice for hallways, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Ideal for creating a unique traditional look to your home.

Parquet comes in numerous shapes and sizes, so you can create the perfect flooring design to match your unique taste and style.

Our parquet floors include Tumbling Dice and Herringbone. Others are Chevron and solid parquet blocks.

Colour Ranges

Engineered parquet floors come in a wide range of wood species and colours and are truly custom options. They come with high durability and resistance against scratches; as well as in various wood species and can be stained to match any décor scheme.


Herringbone is a classic European pattern that can add a luxurious feel to any room. It’s made by cutting rectangular blocks of wood or other material and joining them together at a 90-degree angle. This creates the typical V W shape reminiscent of fish bones, which is then herringboned together to create the parquet pattern.

What Does Herringbone Look Like?

A variety of wood species can be used to build a herringbone floor, including Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Sapele, Hickory, and Walnut.

Herringbone wood flooring is one of the most popular nowadays. This patterned floorboard is created from diagonal rows that overlap in a fishbone pattern. It can be used either as open planks or narrow blocks, depending on the finishing chosen.

Colour Ranges

Our herringbone comes in a different colourful array which includes Old English, Smoked Scandic, White Light, Grey Oak, Rustic, Scorched Oak, Raw Umber.


Chevron parquet, also known as Hungarian Point, is a classic European pattern that is created from blocks and assembled on a right angle that creates the typical V shape.

The end cuts differ from classic herringbone in that the ends are cut at 60 degrees and so join at the points.

Our Chevron collection comes in both solid and engineered wood designs.

Solid Parquet Blocks

These products haven’t been sanded or finished yet. They need to be fixed down, sanded and waxed before installation.

A 10mm straight-sided overlay is also available in 2 sizes in addition to the 22mm Oak Tongue and Groove blocks.

We can provide you with a prefinished parquet upon request.

Versailles Panels

Named after the Palace of Versailles in France, this panelling series is inspired by classic European Heritage buildings. Made of oiled tongued and grooved hardwood that is protected by a high-performance wear layer for extra durability.

They come in various sizes, patterns and finishes, in engineered boards.


Our Deluxe engineered wood floors are made of an impressive selection of domestic and exotic hardwoods with clear coats that protect them from scratches and spills.

These environmentally friendly floors are surprisingly affordable and can be installed over most existing hardwood floors, including concrete, ceramic tile and laminate.

Our collection offers an extensive variety of decorative wood flooring in oak. Displaying the beauty of pure hardwood, this range gives you the choice between a glossy finish or a more natural styled matt soft touch.


These oak flooring planks have been carefully handcrafted to retain their original features and give them a slightly time-worn appearance.

Various stains and oils are available with smoked, hand scraped, brushed and sandblasted finishes.


An oak floor designed for loft conversion with warehouse and factory floor panels with a beautifully distressed surface. It has been worn, flamed, scraped and oiled to give it the aged and authentic appearance of a reclaimed floor, but full of character to the design.


The Designer Series is handcrafted from carefully selected wood finishes that are then lightly smoked, brushed and oiled.


Kährs Spirit is our range of floors made with the latest technology and innovation to create a product that is clean, healthy, and cost-effective to install.

The Kährs Spirit collection provides that comfortable, home feeling for the way we live today. These stunning one-piece planks are available in a variety of tones and wood species that bring out the beauty of natural wood in a space-saving 10mm thick board. The soft, smooth finish is enhanced by the slight texture variation unique to each plank. Each plank offers varying tones that give your floor a unique look.

Designed to bring out the character in rooms with high foot traffic, it is ideal for areas such as kitchens and dining rooms.


  • Three layers.
  • Thickness is 10 mm.
  • Surface layer is 1.9 mm


Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product. It simulates the look of wood with a photographic applique layer and a clear protective layer. Laminate is cost-effective and easy to care for.

Laminate flooring has grown significantly in popularity because it may be easier to install and maintain than more traditional surfaces such as hardwood flooring. Laminate flooring has the beauty of wood planks but is more durable, easier to maintain, and has greater impact resistance.

It is a stylish and affordable way to update your floors. With its low maintenance qualities and ease of cleaning, it’s the perfect choice for active households.

Keeping laminate clean is very important in high wear and dirt areas. Failure to do so may lead to permanent scratches and abrasions over time. These can only be removed by removing the laminate. To avoid this, ensure a regular cleaning routine is followed.


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