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Are you wondering how to choose flooring for an upcoming commercial project? Are your main concerns price, appearance and functionality? Whether it’s for a hotel lobby, office building or food service establishment, you want something that will stand up to high traffic and deliver true value over time.

Whether you’re working on a large or small building space, we have options for every step of the flooring process here at Wood Floors Direct..

Choosing the right floor can be difficult and time consuming: Should you get hardwood or vinyl for your office space? Which type of flooring is best for your restaurant? Is hardwood too expensive for your school? Here at Wood Floors Direct, we take the guesswork out of choosing commercial flooring for any project.

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From hardwood and vinyl tile to laminate flooring and LVT, our wide selection of commercial flooring is available in a wide variety of colours and materials to fit the needs of any client.

Wood Floors Direct Commercial Flooring has everything you need to give your establishment a stylish, clean, and lasting appearance. We offer a large selection of commercial flooring in all different grades and designs.

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But, before you decide, take time to learn more about the following;

The Unique Needs of the Business

In today’s modern commercial world there are a number of factors that can affect the choice of flooring for a given business. The most significant for any business owner will be trust and value. While it may seem easy to choose the cheapest commercial flooring option, this is not always the best way to go.

In order to truly invest in the longevity and overall safety of your business over time, it is wise to choose an option that will handle the wear and tear of daily use, while also standing up to frequent cleaning and even some abuse without showing extensive wear and tear. In addition to considering price, you should consider warranties.

Wood Floors Direct can work with you to choose a commercial flooring solution that meets the exact demands of your establishment from our showroom. With a wide range of quality materials to choose from, we give you access to an unbeatable selection of high-quality hardwoods, laminate, and tiles for long-lasting beauty and performance.

Furthermore, our partnerships with several major flooring manufacturers allow us to offer exceptional value on all kinds of commercial flooring types.

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Flooring Recommendations by Industry

When it comes to commercial flooring, there are a plethora of options available to suit your design needs. But with the large selection of flooring, choosing the right product can be overwhelming.

What does your space need? Do you want an office or healthcare facility that’s comfortable and easy to clean? Or would you like to create a factory setting for manufacturers that’s durable and eco-friendly? Are you creating a retail location or restaurant where traction is important?

There’s so much to consider when choosing commercial flooring for your projects. Here are some industry recommendations to help you make the best decision for your business.

Medical Facilities and Institutions

Strong, durable but beautiful: That’s the ideal combination for commercial flooring. It must stand up to wear and tear from ambulances or gurneys, but be attractive enough to complement a building’s décor. Whether the floor is indoors or out, it needs to be cleanable.

These qualities matter most in hospitals, nursing homes, and other commercial healthcare facilities and institutions. In addition to considering safety, an important aspect of any flooring purchase is maintaining the occupant’s comfort level.

As we know, wood is the most widely used type of flooring in hospitals and institutions and it can give you elegant design. While keeping cleanliness up to a high standard, wood flooring is able to keep your floors looking great for a long time. Wood also offers a wide variety of styles and colours.

Schools and Educational Institutions

Schools and educational institutions have very specific needs when it comes to commercial flooring. The right flooring can make a positive difference in terms of classroom setting, safety, and learning capabilities.

For decades, tile has been the preferred flooring option for educational facilities due to its wear-resistance and ease of maintenance minimising replacement. The strong performance a tile provides is ideal for multi-purpose spaces; it is exposed to high traffic and frequent cleanings without compromising the style of a facility. These days however, a lot of schools are favouring wood flooring as it has been known to be highly durable and beautiful.

Wood Floors Direct has a wide array of options available in all wood types for school flooring.

Retail Centers

An easy to manage interior, the interior should reflect a customers shopping experience – clean, easily navigated and conducive to spending more time than originally planned. Retailers can map out displays and create seating areas that optimise sales.

Flooring used in hospitality environments needs to be water and stain resistant and easy to maintain. Many retail centers choose vinyl because it can be easily hosed down for easy-maintenance cleaning. Also, with a product like hardwood flooring, high-end shops that concentrate on fashion may have a refined look too.

Office Buildings

For a variety of reasons, many offices today are opting to use commercial flooring to update their offices. Whether looking for durability or aesthetics, there are many considerations for the type of flooring that is best suited to a particular office’s needs.

The resilient hardwood flooring can be used in a variety of areas, including break rooms and lobbies. Something more upmarket, such as hardwood or a rich carpet, may look better in a corporate boardroom. You’ll increase safety, improve employee productivity and reduce fatigue on the job.

Salons and Spas

Choosing the right commercial flooring for your salon or spa is an important decision. Just as all businesses are different one from another, so too will your flooring needs be different than that of another business.

Salons and spas are a unique environment which requires a special type of flooring in order to meet up with each business’s aesthetic standards and cleaning requirements. Salons and spas often use vinyl commercial flooring.


Many people prefer to eat out rather than cook at home. If you own a restaurant or you are in the process of building one, it is important to provide your clients with high-quality fixtures. Commercial flooring is necessary for making your restaurant look professional and shiny. The flooring adds an elegant touch to any restaurant and makes it more appealing to customers. To provide complete satisfaction to your clients, make sure that you choose your commercial flooring properly.

While the appearance of a restaurant’s floor is essential, it must also be long-lasting, safe, and simple to maintain. Restaurant flooring options include LVT, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl. Vinyl may be an excellent option for an upmarket restaurant in terms of aesthetics and noise reduction.

Get the right commercial flooring from the experts at Wood Floors Direct. We offer flooring for any restaurant application, with a wide selection of styles, colours and materials to choose from.

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The Best Materials for Commercial Flooring

The Best Materials for Commercial Flooring are those that withstand daily use and abuse while at the same time being relatively cost effective. There is no one answer to this question, but generally the following are considered the best materials:


Wood is the best type of flooring material for commercial use. It is comfortable to work on, and cleans up quite easily. It seems to maintain its beauty for quite a long time and usually requires only sweeping or vacuuming to clean. There are plenty of options available when it comes to wood floors, including all types of wood from oak to birch.


Laminate is made from layers of material that are fused together under intense heat and pressure. Laminate flooring comes in many textures, thicknesses, and designs, which makes it a top choice among architects, interior designers, and owners.


Vinyl has been in use for several decades. There are a couple of different types of vinyl in use today, but the most common is known as “sheet vinyl”.

Sheet Vinyl is the economical choice and our recommended flooring choice when it comes to commercial applications.  It is also incredibly easy to clean and remove dirt from, making it the ideal material when you have spills or messes that need to be quickly cleaned up.

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Best Wood Species For Your Commercial Flooring

Wood flooring is one of the most popular flooring materials because of its capability to transform any space into something beautiful and unique. However, choosing the right species of wood can be a bit challenging.

Below is a quick overview of some of the most popular wood species for commercial flooring, including engineered hardwoods, plywoods, natural veneer and solid hardwood floors.


Oak is a traditional choice for wooden flooring and it has so many great properties. It’s naturally durable and hard wearing, meaning it will fit in with even some of the roughest user groups.

The ranges of colour you can get from oak are vast too, meaning there’s an option out there for every design idea you have, from a floor that suits your home to one that will really compliment the pub or hotel environment you’re looking at.


Hickory is a strong, hardwood used for flooring. It is a very dense, fine grained wood and highly resistant to wear and scuffs. It is also naturally beautiful, and displays a wide range of warm hues from tan to honey or even reddish brown, depending on the growing region. Hickory floors are hand-scraped and feature a finish that brings out the natural beauty of the wood.


Maple has a proven history in commercial flooring. Its products have the highest grade ratings for appearance, wear, and sturdiness. They are known to perform well under high traffic conditions and are resistant to stains and fading. From strip flooring, block & plank, parquet tile, to laminate flooring, maple commercial flooring is known for its quality.


Bamboo has a hot and humid weather resistance and can also withstand cold weather. It is smooth, hard, strong, and flexible to serve in place of some hardwood flooring products.

Bamboo has a warm gray-white color that makes it an attractive wood for commercial flooring. In addition, bamboo is waterproof and can significantly reduce the air conditioning bills in summer. So bamboo flooring is a good option for interior decoration.


Walnut is one of the most popular hardwood flooring choices for residential and commercial spaces alike. It features a bold, dark wood grain with reddish-brown undertones. The structure is strong and resilient, and can be made with an even or wavy-grain pattern that features knots, cracks and other natural qualities.


Cherry is valued for its wood’s even texture and rich reddish hues. It contains a natural sheen, and adds warmth plus elegance to any space. It is important to know that Cherry can support heavy traffic, yet it must be maintained regularly. On top of that, Cherry requires at least three coats of varnish or sealer finish, as well as regular waxing to retain its shine and colour.

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Best Wood Finishes For Your Commercial Flooring

Wood has always been a popular choice of flooring for commercial settings. It creates a warm, cosy atmosphere and is able to withstand heavy foot traffic. There are large varieties of wood flooring as well as different types of finishes.

These different finishes make it easier to make your commercial flooring look more stylish, elegant, or rustic depending on the look you’re trying to achieve. The following types of wood finish are the most common when it comes to wood flooring:

Water-Based Polyurethane

Water-based polyurethane is one of the most environmentally-friendly coatings for hardwood. It is free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and it can be dry to the touch in less than 2 hours, which is faster than some solvent-based products. Water-based polyurethane has only a slight odour and does not require special ventilation.

Oil Sealer

Oil Sealer is the recommended finish for any plank style commercial flooring. This clear top sealer coat protects your floor for years to come. The result is a long lasting, durable, high-gloss finish that will withstand the rigors of high traffic and many years of use. This is the most cost effective and easiest to apply of all the commercial hardwood sealing options available today.

Hard-Wax Oil

Hard-wax oil is one of the top wood finishes used in commercial flooring because it is made with natural oils and waxes, ensuring a protective finish that is also waterproof. So why should you choose hard-wax oil over other wood finishes?

Hard-wax oil maintains a rich and warm appearance on your wood flooring. It provides an elegant, natural wood finish designed to enhance the beauty of darker woods like maple, cherry, walnut and honey-coloured hickory. Hard-wax oil is also a good color match for traditional hardwoods.

Acid Cured

Acid Cured finishes are typically found in airports, train stations and many other commercial buildings. This coating method is sought by many merchants since it gives the floor a waterproof and wear-and-tear resistant finish for your entertainment areas. Pros: Resistant to most chemical spills and liquids, Won’t fade like other wood finishes, Easy to maintain, Low VOC emission.

Aluminum Oxide

Aluminum Oxide is the most commonly used and preferred flooring finishing due to its hardness and resistance to chemical wear. Over time, Aluminum Oxide will bond with the wood under it to form a smooth finish that will resist scratches.

Aluminum oxide offers an incredibly durable shine with little to no maintenance. This shine gives floors the look of hardwood, but not all wood floors use this finish. Each commercial flooring brand has their own finish that fits their standards of high quality for their clients.

Why Choose Wood Floors Direct As Your Commercial Flooring Partner?

Over the years, Wood Floors Direct has become known as one of the leading suppliers of commercial flooring, specializing in different types of commercial hardwood flooring across the UK.

Wood Floors Direct’s collection of high performance commercial grade flooring products offer unmatched versatility to any commercial flooring application. Our commercial flooring products are designed to withstand the elements. Whether you’re designing a new kitchen, implementing new facilities or simply refurbishing an old one, you need flooring that can take the wear and tear of everyday life.

We have carefully selected designs, materials and resources to find the right balance between style and durability.

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