Cherry Wood Flooring

Cherry wood flooring is among the most popular types of wood flooring in the market now. It is known for its versatility and depth of colour, as compared to other types of wood floors which may show less distinction when it comes to colour. With cherry wood flooring, you can have a palette of options from light pinkish or reddish hues to deep browns.

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Not only that but these are made from 100% tongue-and-groove panels which make for an attractive design and sturdy construction which will last for years. Inspired by the warm, timeless beauty of natural cherry wood, these floors are made from the highest quality hardwood for enduring beauty. This classic look is easy to maintain and will only get more interesting with age.

There are many reasons to choose cherry wood flooring for your home. It is natural, smooth, beautiful, and sturdy. Also, they’re almost immune to wear and tear unlike other types of wood floors.

Cherry Wood Flooring Species

Cherry wood floors look beautiful and are popular for numerous reasons. Although they’re hard to maintain, if cared for properly they will reward you with years of pleasurable use.

There are many different species of cherry wood flooring available including the more commonly known species such as Walnut, Maple, and Cherry. Each has its own specific properties which make it suitable for specific uses. If you are looking for pure Walnut, it is hard to find as it is usually found used in commercial applications.

  • AquaGuardAmberly Cherry
  • BruceCherry II Hand Scraped
  • BruceAmerican Cherry II Hand Scraped
  • American SpiritAmerican Cherry Distressed Engineered Hardwood

AquaGuard Amberly Cherry Water-Resistant Engineered Hardwood: The Amberly water-resistant engineered hardwood flooring makes a bold statement. The hand-scraped surface creates a uniquely beautiful pattern, while the distressed finish allows the natural character of each piece of wood to shine through. With its wide planks, rustic texture, and design details such as rounded edges, it is ideal for any area in the home: living room, bedroom, kitchen, or hallway.

Cherry II Hand Scraped Engineered Hardwood: Cherry II is an incredibly rich, warm, and inviting hardwood that adds colour to your home. Cherry II is a beautiful, hand-scraped engineered wood floor. It was designed to look like U.S. cherry hardwood but is made from softwood with an engineered core (that’s why it’s called engineered).

American Cherry II Hand Scraped Engineered Hardwood: The beautiful look and added durability of American Cherry II is what separates it from other engineered hardwoods. And American Cherry II is specially formulated with Elan Gold Oil™ with Tung Oil to help it resist cracking, splitting, and dulling and provide the ultimate in-wear protection.

American SpiritAmerican Cherry Distressed Engineered Hardwood: American Spirit Hardwood floors are solid, 3/4″ thick solid wood flooring with a beautiful American Cherry finish. They have been kiln-dried and engineered to resist moisture from everyday living and can be installed in any room of the home, including bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.

Cherry Wood Flooring Designs

The genuine comfort of cherry wood is one reason why it’s so popular in living rooms, bedrooms, and offices today. The other is its durability. It’s also one of the few kinds of wood that looks stunning throughout each season. With an abundance of options available, cherry wood offers a warmth that’s ideal for any home decorating style you can imagine.

  • Plank
  • Herringbone
  • Distressed

Plank Cherry Wood Flooring: The plank cherry wood looks great in any room of your house. It will complement any modern decor trend and add that extra bit of style to any room in your home. Furnishing your home with plank cherrywood flooring will make your home look stylish and comfortable.

Herringbone Cherry Wood Flooring: Herringbone Cherry is an exclusive wood flooring collection that combines premium solid cherry wood with today’s cozy lifestyle. This hardwood flooring features the realism of a classic herringbone parquet pattern and is designed to bring elegance and warmth to the kitchen, den, or any other room in your home.

Distressed Cherry Wood Flooring: Warm, natural wood tones and light colour contrasts create visual interest in this distressed Cherry wood plank flooring. The planks bond together using a mould-resistant tongue and groove construction. A multi-coat finish seals the wood and protects it from spills, scratches, and wear. This great value offers an extensive selection that covers every room in your home.

Cherry Wood Flooring Usage


Cherry wood flooring is favoured by homeowners for its beauty, durability, and affordability. These natural wood surfaces are virtually maintenance-free making them the perfect replacement for worn or damaged concrete, tile, or even hardwood flooring.

Cherry wood floors look great in bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and other special places. They are a very honest style of flooring that gives a natural look to any room. Apart from looking great, cherry wood floors can offer both improved usability and value when remodelled over other types of wood floors.

At Wood Floors Direct we pride ourselves on providing you with top-quality wood floors that will suit your interior and at an affordable price.

Cherry Wood Flooring for sitting rooms: Add to the warmth and completeness of your sitting room by installing the beautifully crafted Cherry Wood flooring. The sturdy planks are created from a single sheaf of wood, giving each plank a unique grain and pattern.

Cherry Wood Flooring for bedrooms: Cherry is a beautiful species of wood that is exquisite in its natural form. In your home, cherry adds warmth and character to its surroundings. But cherry goes beyond its beauty and captures the essence of nature by embracing the elements of the world around it. It combines varying levels of light and dark tones to create a stunning and unique flooring experience. These qualities make cherry the perfect choice for your bedroom.

Cherry Wood Flooring for Kitchen: Cherry is an ideal choice for floors. Long known as one of the hardest wood species, cherry is durable enough to withstand the high traffic of a kitchen. Its rich colour and grain patterns are equally at home in traditional, classic, or contemporary settings and it can be refinished over and over again without losing its character.

Cherry Wood Flooring for Dining room: Enjoy a touch of beauty every time you walk into your dining room with contemporary cherry wood flooring. Cherry is a versatile and classic option on either side of the room, providing an abundance of warmth and character to space. Characterized by rich tones and dark hues, cherry is often paired with lighter hues or whites for higher contrast.

Cherry Wood Flooring for bathrooms: Cherry wood flooring for bathrooms gives a touch of elegance to your bathroom. The benefit you’ll get from cherry hardwood flooring is the rich warmth of the wood with its fine, low-lying pattern. It will add character to your bathroom and is always easy to clean and maintain despite being a high-traffic area.

Cherry Wood Flooring for Hallways: Your hallways should be inviting and smooth without any rough edges. That’s why cherry wood, as the leading material for flooring in the U.K., is the ideal material to choose for your house flooring. In addition to its beauty and durability, cherry wood flooring absorbs spills and stains well so they do not spread throughout the rest of your home or ruin the floors inside. This is a great addition for any room in your home where you want a little something extra for comfort and style!


Cherry wood flooring creates a rich traditional feel, while also being incredibly durable – making it ideal for commercial spaces such as offices and hotels. As its name suggests, cherry is a hardwood flooring that boasts a reddish hue. Excellent for adding an elegant touch to public places, it also features a brushed effect with an open-pore finish making it ideal for high traffic areas.

Cherry Wood Flooring for Hotels: Cherry wood flooring adds a touch of elegance to any hotel. It can give it an atmosphere of luxury and provide a uniform and elegant look that will suit any hotel.

Cherry wood flooring has a special lustre that cannot be achieved with ordinary hardwood floors. For those that are familiar with it, you will be able to tell the difference because cherry wood is more of a reddish colour while other hardwoods are generally darker in colour.

Cherry Wood Flooring for Restaurant: Restaurant owners looking for hardwood flooring options can rely on Cherry Wood Flooring to provide the quality of hardwood in a variety of styles and finishes at an affordable price. The domestic hardwood comes in a variety of finishes making it easy to match existing decor or create a fresh new look.

Its rich red hue presents a very attractive appearance, while its moisture-proof qualities make it ideal for the high-traffic areas you’ve got in your restaurant.

Cherry Wood Flooring for offices: One of the most elegant flooring choices around, cherry is available in a wide variety of shades, ranging from pale white to deep reddish-brown. This hardwood takes paint or stain exceptionally well and boasts a highly varnished finish that makes it ideal for offices with high foot traffic.

Cherry Wood Flooring for Warehouses: The cherrywood flooring used by warehouses has been expertly designed to give the floor an appealing aged look without obscuring the equipment or tools used to support the structural components.

Contractors who choose cherrywood for their warehouses will find that it provides a comfortable floor for sales floors, waiting areas, break rooms, and other areas where people spend a lot of time motionless and speaking on the phone or writing documents.

Cherry Wood Flooring Colours

Cherry wood floors provide a traditional look, with rich colour and lots of styles. This 100% solid wood flooring is versatile, and pairs well with many other colours to create stunning spaces. Below are some of the basic colours of cherry wood flooring available.

  • Brown
  • Natural
  • Red

Red: If you are looking for a classy look, look no further than red cherry wood flooring. Red gives a modern and elegant look to any room in your home. In fact, red is widely considered to be the best colour for creating a visual impact in any room in your home. If you are interested in creating a classy look but also want durability, then choose a wood plank option.

Natural: When choosing the floor for your home, you want something that will mix well with your other décor and that will look great for many years to come. Natural cherry wood is a great choice if you want a softer, more natural look.

If you are looking for a bolder, more contemporary look, then darker woods, and heavier finishes might be better for you. Natural wood floors are also more resistant to stains and moisture damage than many other types of flooring due to their lack of pluggability.

Brown: Brown Cherry Wood is a great option for adding a unique look to any room in your home. The rich mahogany colour allows natural light to stream through the space creating a cosy look that is perfect for starlight and reflection. Natural materials such as Walnut, Rosewood, or Ebony are all perfect for wood flooring that will never warp or rot from moisture or heavy coats of paint.

Cherry Wood Flooring Textures

Cherry wood flooring is an attractive option for those who don’t like rough or uneven surfaces. Smooth Cherry wood floors look better when new and require very little maintenance, but as your flooring matures it will need to be sanded, oiled, and cleaned more often. This type of flooring is often found in high-end homes or commercial spaces where custom textures would be inappropriate. These are the types of textures available;

  • Handscraped
  • Distressed
  • Smooth

Handscraped: Handscraped cherry wood flooring is a style of decorative hardwood applied to floors and furniture. It is light in colour and rich in texture, imparting an air of refinement and classicism. Handscraped cherry’s density makes it a competent choice for both indoor and outdoor spaces, where it ensures no creaks or sounds from surfaces beneath.

Distressed: Distressed Cherry wood flooring is a texture added to the surface of natural maple or cherry flooring to create a strong visual impact and emphasizing structure. This look is very popular with homeowners who like a sleek look with a timeless option.

While these types of textures can be added to almost any texture pattern on a floor, they work particularly well on cherry wood surfaces due to the natural moisture content of these woods.

Smooth: Cherry flooring comes in several styles, but all possess the same sleek elegance. Its deep red colour and smooth texture make it an ideal choice for any room of the home where durability and warm ambience are desired.

Cherry Wood Flooring Advantages & Disadvantages


  • It helps prevent allergies
  • Durable and versatile
  • It can be repaired
  • It offers a great look and value


  • It is less friendly to pets
  • Requires frequent cleaning
  • Expensive

This is a warm, rich and elegant hardwood that will instantly add value to your home. It has the appearance of real wood and can be painted or stained to any colour for an unlimited number of beautiful and unique looks. Its smooth texture is easy on all bare feet and cleans easily with a damp mop – A fantastic choice for a commercial or residential setting.

Delivering the right flooring and materials is important to us at Wood Floors Direct because we know that you deserve only the best. You can expect the most innovative design and technology delivered right to your doorstep. We have many products that you can learn more about by clicking here.