Teak Wood Flooring

Teak wood flooring is suitable for a variety of applications, both indoor and outdoor. Teak in particular is valued because it requires very little maintenance and lasts decades longer than most other types of wood flooring. The natural oil substance that covers teak wood acts as a preservative, lasting more than 100 years when left untreated.

Teak floors can be installed over concrete or directly on floorboards. Teak wood flooring is among the more expensive options on the market today, but because of its durability and versatility, the cost is typically recouped over time.

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Teak wood flooring blends nicely with most modern decor styles while providing a solid, clean look that is rarely copied. This natural look reflects the busy lifestyles of many professionals who choose teak over glossy polished concrete or porcelain. Whether you’re looking for simple elegance or a more sophisticated look, look for teak wood flooring that is both elegant and understated.

In terms of durability, lustre, and natural beauty, teak wood floors are virtually indistinguishable from natural concrete, stone, and grass. They’re also virtually maintenance-free, unlike those materials. As a result, you won’t have to use a concrete pad (which can get really messy quickly) or adjust when your feet touch the edge of the material.

Types of Teak Wood

Burma / Burmese teak wood: Known as Burma teak, it grows natively in Myanmar or Burma and takes over 50 years to mature. They come in golden-tone teak wood and possess an elegant wood grain.

They contain teak-tree oil and are one of the best types of teak wood. Burma Teak Wood is known for being one of Burma’s most durable and expensive woods.

Indian teak: The wood comes from an old-growth forest and has properties similar to Burmese wood. The international market does not have enough Indian teak wood because it is in great demand within the country. For first quality, the pricing is very similar to Burma Teak.

Thailand teak: Since teak wood originates from one of the best growth environments and environments for teak wood trees, this wood is considered superior in quality to Burmese wood. Although they are not easily available in international markets, Thai teak wood is renowned for its strength and quality.

Indonesian teak: This teak wood, also referred to as Asian teak, grows for over 30 years. Growing conditions are ideal in this region, so the quality of the plants is excellent. They’re light brown in colour with a grey tint, it has wider wood grains, average oil content, and more sound knots.

African teak: Planting this wood in Africa takes between 15 and 25 years. When compared to the previous types, this type has less oil content, so it’s slightly less durable and stable. Its colour is light brown with some cream sapwood. In addition, it has wood grain patterns and a wide range of sound effects.

South American teak: The quality of this product is similar to that of African grade, and there is still a slight confusion regarding the difference between the two types today.

Teak wood flooring Designs

With so many choices available, choosing the right teak flooring can feel like a difficult task. With so many teak designs available in both retail and residential settings, choosing the best look for your home can seem overwhelming. Should you choose a floor covering that has holes or spaces that cannot be plugged into a wall?

How about custom-designed teak decks, or unfinished boards that might attract ants or smaller animals? Whether you’re looking for natural wood plank floors for your home or finished flooring designed to blend into the natural environment, Wood Floors Direct has the look and feel that you’re after.

Here are various teak wood designs we have:


Solid parquet floor KELUD: The solid parquet floor KELUD flooring comes in a classic herringbone pattern. You can use it in your decor project as a raw natural material. It is crafted from solid recycled teak wood in a classic Herringbone pattern, with natural erosion in the surface and a natural finish. Suitable for flooring or decorative wall backgrounds

Finish: oiled, varnished, textured

BURMESE TEAK: The Burmese collection is inspired by nature. The wood is crafted in the most luxurious manner and using advanced technology to create each piece of art. Burmese Teak is a modern interpretation of the rustic mission style, the design strikes an equilibrium between rough edges and clean lines. It is both contemporary and traditional.

Finish: oiled, varnished, textured

BURMA ANTICO: The masterfully crafted Burma Antico wood flooring is the ultimate luxury, excellent for adding instant elegance to your home. This flooring features a distressed look with hand-applied markings and is made of solid interlocking bamboo. The natural capabilities of this flooring give it a warm and comfortable quality that will enhance any room.

Finish: oiled, varnished, textured

BURMA: Burma is a wood flooring design that reflects the simplicity and beauty of nature. It contains light + dark oak strips interminably interwoven in a simple, natural and pure pattern. The alluring colours create a homely and comfortable living environment, creating an atmosphere of warmth and natural comfort.

Finish: oiled, varnished, textured

TAVOLE DEL PIAVE: The natural wood appearance of TAVOLE DEL PIAVE floors is accentuated by a variety of colour and grain variations, which give it a distinctive look. Patterns and colours are not uniform throughout the range, giving it a natural and authentic look.

Finish: brushed, varnished

CLASSICO: CLASSICO wood flooring is a simple yet stylish way to bring the warmth and beauty of natural wood into your home. Rather than the intricate looks of traditional hardwoods, CLASSICO features a low-gloss wood grain surface and weathered grey edging for a modern appearance. CLASSICO is available in multiple collections with beautiful wood tonal variations, allowing you to select a look that complements your home’s interior.

Finish: oiled

AFRICAN TEAK / IROKO: Despite not being related to Asian teak varieties, Iroko has also been referred to as African Teak. The floor has excellent strength and durability, and it’s easy to maintain. With exposure to light, the natural khaki and light brown colours become rich and lustrous. Residential and commercial installations are great for this hardwood.

Finish: smooth, semi-gloss, prefinished

DECK HERRINGBONE: Deck Herringbone is a very versatile flooring design, superb for installation in any room in your home. Each plank is laid with its grain running in the same direction, forming a tightly interlocked surface of rich-looking cross-grain patterns and bold colour variations. This arrangement also makes it easy to keep the floor clean: simply sweep across the grain.

Finish: oiled

INDONESIAN TEAK:  Indonesian wood is known as the best in the world. That’s why if you want your floors to feel as good as the ones in Bali, you should choose Indonesian wood instead of other woods that might just be less expensive but may not be as good.

With proper care and time, these natural materials take on a quality that sets them apart from other woods. For this reason, wood floors are often chosen by those seeking a timeless design with prestige quality materials. They are loved for their texture and unique grains.

Finish: varnished

Teak wood Areas of suitability

Teak wood flooring for bathrooms: If you prefer to keep your bathrooms stone-clean, look for flooring that is made from teak wood. This is a particularly nice option if your bathroom has walls that have suffered natural degradation over time. The grain of the wood adds character and will reflect the lighting in the room. Structural integrity is also assured because, unlike other hardwoods, teak cannot warp or rot.

Teak wood flooring for kitchen: It seems counter-intuitive, but a nice wood floor will give your kitchen a new look and make it feel more inviting. Even if you are not a fan of teak, there are reasons why it is a beautiful option. By design, teak absorbs stains and moisture well, so it is much better at retaining its original shine than concrete or tile. Also, when you install a teak floor, you will not have to worry about pine needles being pulled out of your ceiling or flooring gaskets tearing out from underneath the concrete.

Teak wood flooring for bedrooms: Bedrooms are where it’s at, and where you want to spend your time improving not only your living space but also your overall comfort level. Teak wood is the smart choice for both giving your home that multi-layered feel and adding a classic wood feel to the exterior of your home.

Bedrooms that have been re-imagined with teak wood floors offer a warm, inviting feel that can only be created through the use of beautiful furniture and linens from sustainable sources.

Teak wood flooring for living rooms: Homeowners love using teak in living and dining rooms because the unique features and style stand out as artistic qualities while still maintaining comfort. Teak is very easy to care for. It does not require brushing or sealing like some other wood floors. Plus, it has antimicrobial properties that make it different from other wood floors.

Teak wood flooring for commercial areas: Teak flooring is a highly recommended option for your home and commercial spaces. With added natural oils that repel mould and a natural UV coating to prevent fading, your wood will stay beautiful for years to come.

Teak flooring is durable enough to withstand any commercial environment and it’s not prone to cracking, splitting, or warping unlike some other types of flooring materials.

Teak wood flooring Finishes

Heritage, warmth, and timeliness are the qualities people look for when choosing flooring materials. Designed to be finished with a superior formula of mulch and stains, teak wood floors offer a natural look, feel and performance for both residential and commercial use. This kind of flooring will not only make your floors look new, but it will also add value to your home.

For most teak wood flooring, here are some finishes you can find;

  • Matte
  • Glossy

Matte teak wood flooring finishes: For a natural look that evokes a sense of timeless style, you can’t go wrong with a waterproof teak plank floor. Made from rot-resistant premium grade teak, the planks are finished with matte polyurethane in order to capture the soft curves and unique knots of the natural teak. Easy to install, protect and maintain, our washable teak wood flooring is truly durable and beautiful for your home or commercial property.

Area of application

  • Residential Building
  • Corporate Building
  • Industrial Building
  • Educational Institute
  • Health Care Centers

Glossy teak wood flooring finishes: For a long time now, we’ve come to appreciate teak’s natural resistance to the damaging effects of weather. With a glossy finish for a sleek contemporary look, these flooring planks are ideal for areas that receive little to no traffic. Glossy teak wood flooring finish is often used for modern homes because it is easy to clean and preserve. It is also beautiful to look at, so you won’t want to settle for less than the highest-quality material when choosing your flooring.

Areas of application

  • Bedroom
  • Dining room
  • Bathrooms

Teak wood Colours

Choosing teak furniture communicates a level of sophistication in both its appearance and the quality of the product. The deep browns and contrasting colours of oiled teak wood are instantly recognizable.

Here are other colours of teak wood flooring available;

Cognac: We offer this in both our natural patina and smooth finish, which produce a warm hue and rich amber colour that makes it among our best-selling products.

Drift: This colour works well for homes with darker walls and decor, as it plays on the driftwood theme.

Espresso: Those who enjoy the clean aesthetic of black with lighter interiors will enjoy the dark, rich coffee colour for high traffic areas.

Glacier: Taking cues from our drift offering, we’ve made this one brighter with a more white stain. If you use black or black and white decor, this will look amazing.

Sand: This is another of our most popular products. With this darker colourway compared to natural, it is clear that the flooring is made up of a wide variety of pieces. A lot of the wood for the dark-coloured strips is hundreds of years old.

Tobacco: A selection filled with colour and personality, this soulful aged selection is great for home décor with brighter wooden furniture or a contemporary concrete interior.

Unfinished: One of the cleanest and most desirable looks our client requests is raw unfinished barn wood. No matter what your interior design needs are, this look never goes out of style and enhances any home or office perfectly.

Teak Wood Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Great decay resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Heavy and Dense Wood


  • Expensive
  • Required maintenance

Teak wood floors are a beautiful addition to any commercial or residential space. At Wood Floors Direct, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best equipment and materials – because we know you deserve the best. Our purpose is to offer you the finest in design and technology, delivered right to your door. If you’d like to learn more about our products simply click here.