Wood Flooring Colours

Wood flooring could make your home look luxurious, warm, and welcoming. If you are looking for a perfect addition to your home or office, but can’t decide which colour would be right, or perhaps you don’t have the budget for expensive wood flooring, but still want something attractive, choosing the right colours can help communicate a sense of warmth or comfort in a space, while also coordinating with other décor in your home or office.

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If you do have the budget and want to search for the best wood flooring colours, we’ve highlighted below the best colours for wood flooring that is suitable for both residential and commercial space.

Choosing Wood Colours

Choosing the right colour for your hardwood flooring can be confusing. Your choice of wood flooring colour will depend on many factors. The type of home you have, the size of each room, the style of the house, and personal preference are all factors you should consider when choosing a hardwood floor colour.

Types of Wood Flooring Colours

There are many flooring colours available depending on the type of wood used for the flooring and design style. Though it may seem like an overwhelming number of options, choosing the right flooring colour is actually pretty easy once you know what to look for.

Before you go shopping for your new flooring though, it may be helpful to know what different types of wood like best or how they look upon certain types of furniture. Having said that, here are the types of wood flooring colours available;

  • Engineered Wood Colour
  • Laminate Flooring Colour
  • Vinyl Floor Tiles Colour

Engineered Flooring Colour

Engineered flooring is ideal for the busy lifestyle of today’s homeowners. Engineered flooring provides durability with a versatile appearance in all areas of the home.

Made of solid wood and other natural materials like paper, planks are installed similar to laying down picture frames. The planks interlock beneath a top layer that is designed to enhance the overall look of your room.

Types of Engineered Wood Flooring Colours

  • Dark Stained Engineered Flooring
  • Light Stained Engineered Flooring

Dark Stained Engineered Flooring: Dark-stained engineered flooring is one of the most popular flooring choices today, used in many homes and commercial buildings. Not only are they durable and crack resistant, but they offer a wide range of design options to accommodate your budget and lifestyle.

Light Stained Engineered Flooring: Light-stained engineered flooring has a natural look that suits a contemporary style and is strengthened with finishing oils and resins. Light colours pop against darker walls to keep your space feeling fresh and open. Choosing lightly stained flooring for your living or dining area gives the look of real wood, yet needs no extra care.

Laminate Flooring Colour

Laminate flooring is a practical choice that suits many different styles and tastes. It’s easy to clean, it looks great, it’s easy to maintain, and it can be installed over most surfaces. Whether you’re looking for classic wood or a modern marble look, there are laminate colours and designs to suit most homes.

Types of Laminate Flooring Colour

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Red
  • Grey
  • White
  • Medium coloured hardwoods
  • Light Brown

Black: Blackwood flooring is a great choice for modern interior design. Engineered using real wood veneers, polyurethane glues, and extruded resins, its lightweight construction means it has been designed with exceptional strength. With a robust embossed surface resembling rustic tiles, Black Wood Flooring is ideal for high-traffic areas such as hallways and living rooms.

Brown: Start your home improvement project off right with the authentic deco look and style of this brown wood flooring colour. With radiant grey undertones, this finish reflects light beautifully throughout any space. A realistic laminate finish that is super durable and easy to clean makes it the ideal choice for busy families or high-traffic areas.

Dark Brown: The classic look of dark brown flooring has stood the test of time. It’s a warm tone that can stand up against modern white walls for a fresh look, or play up a more traditional room with rich and dark accents. Whichever way you go, it’s a popular choice for any homeowner.

Grey: The popularity of grey engineered wood flooring is also on the rise. With its ability to create a warm, clean and contemporary atmosphere, grey flooring has gained popularity over the last few years. grey flooring provides a relaxed and neutral feeling to any room, making the space more inviting.

Now that people are blending greys with other tones, we are also beginning to see variations of grey. Rather than keeping it simple, you can look for greige (grey + beige) or greys subtly incorporated into darker tones such as brown and black.

White: Whitewood is a compilation of clean and bright tones which blend together to form a contemporary look. Featuring an innovative oak finish, this range will make an ideal selection for your home. It can be installed in living rooms, dining areas, bedrooms, and even hallways providing you with the quality and durability you look for in wood flooring.

Each plank is carefully hand-finished to ensure the very best results, while the oak tone runs throughout each plank creating a convincing effect that belies its true price.

Light Brown: Light brown wood flooring brings warmth and style to any room and blends well with virtually any colour scheme. The colour is created by hues of honey, butterscotch, and vanilla tones painted on a golden oak base. Light Brown Wood Flooring is one of the most popular timber flooring shades, excellent for modern homes and spaces where people like to project an air of elegance.

Medium coloured hardwoods: There are many different shades of this colour, such as cognacs, gunstocks, medium browns, and antique browns; basically anything that resembles lightly steeped tea.

The wood colours in this range have a lot of variety and are less prone to trends since they are in the middle of contrast (neither too light nor too dark). Smoked oak is a classic example. Woods like this one are not too orange, which many people dislike as they prefer cooler tones, like beige and grey in home furnishings. Additionally, check out Brushed Oak Nutmeg or Satin Finish’s Bourbon finish.

The medium wood floor colours add some contrast to a room without dominating it. Since they aren’t as dramatic as a white or espresso floor, the room will need more contrasting pieces to make a statement. If your house gets a lot of activity (and your floors do, too) and you don’t want anything too trendy, this is a good option.

Vinyl Floor Tiles Colour

These vinyl floor tiles are suitable for use in any room of your home, kitchen, bathroom, lobby, etc. These types of tiles have an anti-slip pattern on the surface which makes them ideal for all weather conditions. The tiles come in a range of bright colours to enhance your room’s décor and feature an adhesive backing that allows them to be stuck down easily to most clean dry surfaces.

Types of Vinyl Flooring Colours

  • Whitewashed
  • Beige
  • Dark and cool tones
  • Natural
  • Golden

Natural: Natural Wood Flooring Colour is a highly durable, extremely versatile wood-look flooring that will instantly give your home an authentic feel and look of real hardwood flooring. No one will be able to tell it’s not the real thing.

Finished with a magnificent natural wood grain that is painted on, the look and colour of Natural Wood Flooring Colour complements all décors and styles. You can even install it in rooms where most hard-surface flooring won’t go.

Golden: Elegant and colourful, Golden Wood is the classic wood flooring colour blending the warmth of wood grain with a timeless, traditional glow. The golden colour adds a level of elegance to any home.

Beige: Avoiding the need for constant care and maintenance, Beige Wood flooring works effectively in commercial environments. The Wood flooring adds warmth and a feeling of natural comfort and style to any room in your home or business. The rich, warm glow of this Beige Wood Flooring Colour gives a natural and living feel to any room. This engineered wood is durable and easy to maintain.

Whitewashed: Whitewashed wood floors are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to dark and black wood floors. Furthermore, homeowners are looking for ways to remove the yellow tones from their wood flooring by whitewashing them. Despite their popularity in the 80s, whitewashed flooring is back and has been updated and modernized.

Whitewashing recently offers a more subtle and matte look with a Scandinavian contrast. In order to achieve a modern look when whitewashing oaks, you should select light or white oaks. The warmth of white engineered wood flooring transforms a home and gives you the opportunity to style it with furniture, rugs, and objects to make it uniquely yours.

Dark and cool tones: Homeowners are choosing dark wood floors and furniture more and more this year, as it continues to grow in popularity. Recently, wood flooring with cool tones has become the preferred choice, with some homeowners even requesting that the warm tones be removed or painted over.

Whenever dark wood flooring is executed properly, it creates a sophisticated, clean appearance. Choosing dark furniture and an interior with contrasting colours opens up a world of possibilities. These flooring types are extremely durable, which means they age well and can add considerable value to your home.

Other types of Wood Colour Options

Bright painted hardwood: Bright painted hardwood flooring is the ideal choice for homes with active kids, pets, high traffic areas, and busy lifestyles. Painted wood can easily be cleaned by sweeping or washing to keep it looking brand new. Painted planks are carefully crafted by computer-guided laying machines to accentuate the natural grain of hardwood for a unique look.

Unstained white oak: Unstained white oak flooring brings the beauty of unfinished wood indoors in a range of beautiful tones. Offering a versatile look that provides endless styling options, it’s available in both prefinished or unfinished.

Graphite hardwood: Graphite is a sleek alternative to Traditional Hardwood Flooring. With its beautiful, modern look and feel, the graphite appearance can easily match the decor of any room. This colour gives new life to floors while blending with contemporary interiors.

Colours for Commercial and Residential floorings

When choosing a floor for your commercial or residential space, it is a good idea to consider colours that will complement the décor of the space. And when deciding on designs that can be used on the outside of your building, it is also a good idea to consider their contrast with the flooring inside.

Cool colours help create a warm and welcoming environment while subtle tones can better convey the tone of the space. Colour is also an important part of branding, so make sure that you choose flooring colours that fit in with your overall branding scheme.

Colours for Commercial flooring

Restaurant Floors: When choosing colours for your restaurant floor you need to think about what the restaurant will be used for. For example, if you plan to run a restaurant that takes food orders and delivers them to customers, then the white colour will be appropriate. If you plan to open a cafe and rely on takeaway customers ordering food from your restaurant, then red will be most appropriate.

Office floors: There are many reasons why you should choose a colour scheme for your office flooring. Firstly, it’s aesthetically pleasing. Colours that contrast with the surrounding wall or grey concrete floors look good, competitive, and modern.

At the same time, darker colours are less noticeable in older office rooms where only light sources are present. You want to create a cosy atmosphere without overpowering the design elements that already exist. Also, choose a colour scheme that works with the décor of your room.

Floors for Retail store: Every knowledgeable retail professional knows that colour is important when decorating a store floor. There is a wide range of colours in the market but not all brands or stores use them.

Each brand has its own aesthetic preferences and for some, a certain colour scheme is chosen for the entire store. Flooring tiles, floor coverings, wall plaques, and pictures can all contain different colours making it easier for staff to identify items quickly and easily.

Colours for Residential flooring

Bathroom floors: White is a great colour for bathroom floors when you want a clean minimalist look or if you want to avoid the muddy look of some tiled bathrooms. Similarly, redhenge (or any other vibrant red) can work for bathroom floors if the rest of the room is dull.

To get the best out of your bathroom look, make sure you choose colours that work well with other walls and furniture in your room or bathroom, don’t choose colours simply because they’re bright or bold.

Kitchen floors: Kitchen floors are usually grey or beige in colour, and mainly consist of concrete, tile, and some woodwork. If you decide to invest in your kitchen, it is wise to get a good range of colours. grey floors look nice when clean, but can be difficult to maintain once dirty or greasy. The most basic option is tile, which is popular because it’s relatively inexpensive.

Bedroom floors: When choosing the right colours for your bedroom, avoid shades that appeal to the eye and instead look for bright, contrasting colours that will stand out against the background. If your bedroom is a study area, for example, you might want to choose shades that will stand out against the white walls.

The same goes for bedrooms with children’s rooms or other areas of the home where there is a lot of natural light. Make sure everything you choose has some depth to it so it won’t look flat against the wall or be easy to clean.

Living room floors: If you’re interested in creating a cohesive living room area, colours can make a big difference. While grey can work well for a clutter-free look, a vivid room with dark blue tones can also work to suggest seriousness and status. Dark wood tones, on the other hand, can suggest adventure and interest. Try out colour schemes corresponding to the personality traits you admire.

Dining Room Floors: Dynamic colours are symbols of luxury and elegance. Thousands of hours are poured into perfecting the details of a dining room floor, including carving medallions, moulding, furniture pieces, and even carpentry tools.

But not all decorative effects are created equal. When choosing the right colours for your flooring you should consider the impact they will have on your decorating space and your overall look.

The colour of wood floor you decide to choose varies according to the purpose for which the flooring is to be used. The most common are black, grey, white, and brown. The use of less common colours such as red, green, and blue floors has become more common over time due to their popularity in residential and commercial environments.

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