Do you know that grey wood floors can be beautiful? They can add an old-fashioned charm to any space. They are 1950s-inspired, so they will not stand out against modern furniture or decorations.

We’re not talking about that famous late-enlivened La-Z-Boy type of floor. We’re talking about ordinary, dull grey wood floors.

Throughout the last decade, grey flooring, particularly grey wood, has grown rapidly in popularity, and it has swiftly risen to become the most popular trend in not just flooring, but also in homes in general. Gray flooring, in addition to being stylish and fashionable, set the tone for a cool, contemporary house.

Whether you’re looking to refresh your home or revamp a whole room, our selection of grey wood flooring offers endless possibilities. From distressed looks and wood plank floors to more traditional hues, you can achieve the perfect grey tone for your space—and add texture and colour while you’re at it.

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Why Choose Grey-Coloured Flooring?

If you have ever considered installing a grey coloured floor, you may have already been influenced by the common thought that grey floors are inherently contemporary and stylish. While this is true, there are in fact several reasons why grey floors are so appealing. Let’s take a closer look at some of the factors contributing to the popularity of grey floors.

Grey Floors Are Stylish And Contemporary: Stylish and contemporary are two words that often come together when it comes to the look of the flooring. grey coloured floors can be very sexy when used with black or dark colours because they can help create a clean, sophisticated look without looking too generic or overly bright.

If using grey as part of an overall look is a little unusual, it’s probably for a good reason. It’s still relatively subdued compared to some of the other darkest colours (such as red or black) but when used in small areas it can definitely add that pop of colour you’re looking for in your overall look.

Grey Floors Blends Well WIth Other Decors And Furniture: In general, grey coloured floors are more neutral and would be great for a wide range of furniture, lighting and other accents. Because there’s less contrast between the darker and lighter colours there’s less opportunity for visual misinformation to contaminate your overall look.

The opposite can also happen – a more vivid, contrasting floor will look better with lighter pieces, but could lack focus and interest when you’re trying to charge through an especially busy period. As a general rule of thumb, grey floors look better with dark furniture pieces, darker walls, simple lighting fixtures and simple tile work.

A Grey Floor Gives The Feel Of Freshness: Add some grey or natural wood flooring to your home and you’re instantly giving a clean and fresh feel. Gray floors are easy to clean and don’t get as dusty as white or Cream coloured floors.

The grain on a grey floor looks more natural giving it an unfinished look which makes it more appealing. The easiest way to tell if a particular piece of furniture or equipment looks good on a grey floor is if you can see through it. If there is a large area of exposed grey dirt then the furniture or equipment won’t look good.

Grey Floors Are Most Sort After The arrival of grey coloured floors has been greeted with a degree of enthusiasm and wonder by designers and homeowners alike. Consequently, more and more people are flocking to choose these enhanced quality floors over their current wood or vinyl counterparts. Simply put these enhanced floors look better with a touch of grey, which looks great when lit from within.

There’s nothing quite like seeing a freshly installed tile floor shine with a touch of grey – it can soothe any room in your home providing it’s been well cleaned and has been applied with care and attention.

An Intimate Feeling Can Come With Grey Floors: Can I tell you a secret? Grey floors can create a feeling of intimacy in a space. It’s a subtle difference but once you notice it, it can make a huge difference in your mood and feelings about your space. On white or light grey floors people will naturally look to the left or the right and scan an area before moving on. As a result, natural light and space is created rather than blocked by structures.

This doesn’t mean that everything on a grey floor needs to be sculpted out of granite; in fact it’s quite common for simple patterns and textures to work well. But when used in specific ways, grey can add an air of intimacy that is hard to replicate in other lighting conditions.

Grey Flooring Options Available

There are various grey wood flooring options available to fit your space and budget. from natural wood plank flooring options as well as hardwood options to laminate and LVT available to get the job done.

Whatever type of flooring material you choose will depend on the condition of your flooring. If it needs repair or replacing then your contractor will be expected to make sure that the flooring is in perfect condition before beginning work.

Wood Floors

Engineered Grey Wood Floors: Engineered grey wood floors are a favourite among homeowners for several reasons. While they look nice, there’s more to it than just looking good. As a homeowner, you want beautiful floors that can stand the test of time and that won’t allow moisture or stains to ruin your beautiful minimalist style home.

Flooring made from engineered wood provides these things and more. It’s more expensive than standard wood, but it’s a worthwhile investment because you get a much longer life span out of your flooring material.

The quality of engineered grey is directly proportional to the investment and time it takes to create it. Most designers and builders will tell you that a properly designed grey floor is ten times better than a professionally installed white one. This is because it’s the manufacturing process that sets these apart from all other surfaces in the environment.

Laminate Grey Wood Floors: Our laminate grey wood floors form a realistic looking and feeling real wood floor that can be installed over concrete. Laminate flooring is hard-wearing, hygienic, easy to clean, and excellent for high-traffic rooms.

Laminate floors are also cheaper than their real wood alternatives, making them perfect for all areas of the home. With so many options available and a variety of finishes, our laminate floors will bring vibrant colours and timeless beauty into your home all year round.

Parquet Grey Wood Floor:

The Parquet grey wood floors are made from never undermined wood which gives the floor a smooth finished look. This option is timeless and can be used for most rooms in your home whether it be your bedroom, bath or office.

These different types of wood can also be used for commercial purposes so you can create different types of floors for your business or home office. There are many reasons why you would want to choose Parquet grey wood floors over others.

Artificially Coated Natural Wood:

Natural grey wood flooring is a must have if you’re looking for a beautiful floor that adds an extra special touch to your home. But having this natural wood floor isn’t only about looks; it’s also about a lot of practical advantages that set it apart from other types of wood flooring.

This natural grey wood flooring will fit seamlessly into your home and looks fantastic. It is stain resistant, easy to clean with little effort and won’t chip or warp over time. Perfect for those who already have a home or are looking to build a new one. Even better, because it is untreated wood, it won’t attract dust or allergens, making it perfect for those with negative perceptions about wood

How To Achieve Grey Flooring From Natural Wood

Most woods are not naturally grey in colour, but there are a series of processes applied to make it so.The natural wood from a great vast majority of trees is either white, purple or slightly off-white – depending on the variety and growing conditions.

Upon logging both the natural wood and cuttings from older trees containing undesirable fungi are treated to improve appearance. This process is known as “wood improvement” or “curing” to give its true colour, before any dyeing or varnishing processes are applied.

The similar chemical processes that take place in the manufacturing processes of many commercial wood products is also integral to acquiring the best appearance for both retail and commercial purposes.

There are several ways to make your wood look grey. The most traditional method is by spraying an oil on the wood and sanding it smooth. Another method is to use an oil paint that contains dye or stains.

Staining The Natural Wood:

    It is possible to stain or colour wood grey, though it involves more work and preparation than simply painting. It will look like your flooring has stopped being plank white and has become a lighter shade.

Stain a few layers of natural wood stain, such as hissi, or Walnut Oil-based Stain. You do not need to sand the stain thoroughly as this will only serve to promote further drying and discolouration. Working with natural materials such as wood stains, stains and oils require attention to detail and care.

Other natural wood stains that can be used are`shellac or beeswax will not only preserve the natural beauty of the wood but are also effective at protecting your flooring from moisture damage. Adding a layer of polyurethane (a non-stick substance) over natural wood stains will also help prevent them from becoming stained further and prevent the growth of fungus or mildew.

The best way to prevent mould or mildew growth on your floors is to clean regularly with damp cloths and also consider using mildew removal products that contain an antibacterial agent. Never use bleach or gasoline to remove the stain; these chemicals are caustic and will react with the original wood material and create more problems than they solve.

You can use the lacquer as another protective layer, if you plan to keep the wooden floors in a solid-state, rather than sanding them. It acts as a barrier between the flooring material and any stains or contaminants that might otherwise be present, preventing them from marring the flooring. You can sand down any uneven areas using sandpaper or belt sander, and this may remove any stains but will probably lose something in the process.

You Can Paint The Wood Grey:

    If you are afraid of doing the hard work required to make grey coloured flooring look good, then don’t worry. You can easily achieve grey flooring by painting the wood. The colouring agents used will make sure that any stains removals leave your floor in a good state.

Just like painting a white wall, you’ll need to make sure that the wood you choose is free from defects such as splashes of colour from faulty veneers or varnish on the underside of boards; stains that will fade and disappear over time without any intervention from you.

When it comes to painting wooden floors, epoxy floors are often the best option. It can safely be used on floors that have stains or discolouration. Getting started with epoxy is easy.

First, clean or sand any areas of stains using both and leather conditioner if needed. Then mix one-part epoxy and two parts paper towels to clean the area of remaining stains and air bubbles. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and allow the area to dry for 15 minutes before moving on to the next step.

Grey Luxury Vinyl Floors:

Our grey luxury vinyl flooring has it all. It’s easy to install, easy to clean, and features an embossed look on the top surface that makes it look like hardwood or stone. But it’s also cost-effective; this flooring option is better than tile or rubber-backed vinyl at resisting stains, moisture and dust mites. Plus, our floors come in many colours so you can be sure to find your perfect match.

What could be better than luxurious colours, clean lines, and a shine? luxurious grey vinyl floors. This flooring material is perfect for creating a sophisticated look that goes with just about anything. From classic office buildings to modern homes, these smooth, shiny floors will add a cool dimension to any space you choose to decorate. Options for luxurious grey vinyl floors include Smooth Urban Grey (which looks great with grey walls), Blue Linen (for changing rooms), and Speckled Barwood (for bedrooms).

Grey Laminate Wood Floors:

Grey coloured laminate floor gives you an incredibly smooth, even surface over wooden floors. Apart from the fact that it guarantees you smoothness, it is an incredibly affordable option if you want your floors to look brand new. It also provides a much better look than paint and varnish combinations when used on wooden items.

If you are concerned with keeping a clean and modern feel to your home, then the benefits associated with grey laminate are great. You may find it visually appealing, calm and soothing to lay down on – just like how you would feel after laying down on a white or cream coloured floor for the first time.

However, not every floor in every home is specifically designed for grey accents. If you decide to go ahead and purchase grey flooring in hopes of achieving some level of grey in your home, keep in mind that it will take some time and patience to achieve the desired look.

Grey Coloured Floors In Different Shades

Grey hues are timeless, and easily blend into any room and complement a variety of colors and styles. From warm cafe au lait to stark slate, you’ll love how this versatile medium-tone grey seamlessly blends in with the colors around it.

To create an interesting floor, use a variety of different shades and tones of the same colour; this can range from different light to dark shades for instance or anything in between.

When using different shades and tones ensure there isn’t too much difference between the two as they will look like totally different colours which will create an uneven floor pattern.

Painting floors in yellow and beige can make your space feel soft and comfortable. Painting hardwoods or laminates with blue or green tinges can make the space feel cool and contemporary. In addition to changing your personality, painting your floor can also affect how you feel. Intimacy and modernity can be achieved by painting floors grey, and darker shades create an airy, open feel.

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