Floors are the most eye-catching piece of a room’s design, and they are likely to be the thing that people notice first in any building. If you want to make a statement with your floors, it is important to choose a colour that can act as a neutral backdrop to the rest of the elements in your space.

White will never go out of style and will always look chic. White floors can add something to many homes. White flooring reflects light and gives off a radiant glow. White floors can create a crisp, clean look. They show off the hardwood species’ unique grains and colours. White is a remarkably versatile colour that complements every décor style.

Wood Floors Direct is your best choice for white floors in Brighton and throughout the UK. You can trust that we have some of the best white floors available and that we will give you the look that you’ve always wanted.

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Some of the Reasons Our Customers Choose White Wood Flooring?

Buy white flooring packs if you are looking to:

  • Create a Luxurious look

White is the most widely used colour in Interior Design and it has a warm ambience that exudes luxury. White floors are usually associated with high-end hotels and high-end residential properties.

  • Brightning a space

White floors help make a space look brighter and more inviting. White is a great colour to use on your home floors if you’re looking for a clean and bright look.

  • Create a calming atmosphere

White is often thought of as a soothing colour.  The colour can also create a calming atmosphere in your workspace. It’s also a soothing colour and helps to prevent you from becoming fatigued from intense activities. This is a predominant reason why white floors have become one most popular colour choices for office spaces

  • Create an inviting space

White floors help transform any space and can make a room feel more inviting. It creates a homey, peaceful, and cosy space for all.

  • Give an impression of more space

White is the best flooring colour if you want your space to feel spacious and open.  It’s a cool colour that reflects light across the room, making your space feel open and spacious.

  • Add warmth to your room

When you choose white as your flooring material it creates a warmer and more inviting environment. By reflecting more sunlight, it helps to keep the floor warm.

Reflective flooring reduces shadows

  • Add a bright shade to your space for a fresh and clean vibe

White floors can bring a room to life, create a crisp and clean look for your space, which evokes feelings of balance and represents purity. The neutral tones of a white floor have an undercurrent of freshness that makes you feel refreshed whenever you go through the space

  • Add incredible aesthetics that go with virtually every style

 You’ll be able to see the details in items much easier than if they were covered in black or grey floor. White and neutral flooring looks great with almost any type of decor.

Types of white floors



White oak is an elegant wood that is known for its durability and natural resistance to moisture. The white oak floors in your home give it a calm, peaceful ambience that’s also practical. You’ll get the benefit of a lifetime–the beauty, strength and durability of natural oak hardwood floors. 

White oak floors will bring harmony to your home. They add instant value to your home and can really refresh a room when you are looking for a change. With their crisp and clean look, white floors will bring life and simplicity to your home—without sacrificing style. 


White Ash floors are made from the wood of the Ash tree. White Ash is known for its strength, even grain patterns and the ability to withstand high amounts of wear and tear. 

Unlike other kinds of flooring materials, white ash floors feel comfortable under your feet and can easily blend in with the other aesthetic features of the room. It’s low in moisture absorption and high in dimensional stability, which ensures that it stays in beautiful condition for many years to come. Ash floors have a uniform, tight grain which adds to their durability and power to resist liquids or food spills.


White beech floors are made from blended wood shavings and sawdust that is pressed together under a high pressure. The composition of these floors creates durable, warm, distinguished looking flooring. Choose white Beech floors and make your kitchen or bathroom feel truly special. 

The light colour of Beech makes the space seem bigger, and because tones vary from one place to the next, you can select a flooring that reflects the feel of your specific room. The natural light, clean lines and balanced feel of white make it a timeless choice. Pleasing to the eye and the touch, these floors are a welcoming choice. They look great in any space, from entryways to bathrooms.


Take your home and office space to the next level with white LVT. They add personality to nearly any room, and can help you achieve a modern, minimalistic look. All-in-one stylish and functional. The white floors LVT flooring system is a durable, waterproof flooring solution.  

LVT flooring systems are great because they are stylish, modern, and functional. Solid surface LVT white floors provide a high-performance flooring solution for nearly any space in your residential or commercial property.


For beautiful, hassle-free floors that stand up to heavy foot traffic, choose white laminate. The unique design and durability of this flooring option is ideal for any busy room in your home. White laminate floors offer a clean, timeless look. 

With a glossy finish that protects against scratches, scuffs, and staining, they simply wipe clean with warm water. White laminate floors in your bathroom or kitchen are not only beautiful but are also very easy to maintain. Modernise your room and add a touch of elegance to any room with a white laminate floor from Wood Floor Direct.


Keeping your home floors looking great is easy with our superior-quality white floors. Made with heavy-duty PVC material and available in both indoor and outdoor styles, these bright white vinyl floors will blend seamlessly with your décor. They’re even fade resistant, making them a wise choice for use on patios and balconies. 

White vinyl floors create a bright, airy atmosphere. They let in lots of light and are easy to keep clean with just an ordinary vacuum. These floors are designed for abrasion resistance, durability and low maintenance.

Get white floors in several flooring options at Wood Floor Direct. We can guide you make the right choice

Application of White floors


White floors are the classic colour that helps brighten up a home and elevate it to a high-style level. White floors throughout your home is the perfect way to make a bold statement. All white floors offer a clean and modern appearance that enhances any space. 

Coupled with a great surface that doesn’t absorb moisture, dirt or odours, all white floors can increase your home’s resale value. Here are some of the applications of white floors in residential properties:

Sitting room

When it comes to decorating your living room, white floors are a no-brainer. White floors are the answer to your search for chic looking sitting rooms and now you can get them from Wood Floor Direct. White floors are naturally bright and fresh, perfect for your living room. 

Our white floors will give your living room that bright and modern feel. With a naturally neutral shade, the floor takes on the character of the surrounding decor. The stylish minimalist feel will look great in the sitting room and give your sitting room a welcome feel. Give your sitting room the luxury pristine look with white floors from Wood Floor Direct.


White floors look cool for many different reasons. For one, they work well with contrasting colours. Since we understand how important colour is in the decorating process, we may suggest white floors if you are looking to add an eclectic touch of brightness to a home. This will make the room more open and airy. 

The floor reflects light off of it and makes a room appear bigger, which is always the goal of home decorating. White floors are ideal for modern and contemporary houses, they are an easy way to add brightness.  It can transform a simple room into an eclectic, bright one.


Kitchen floors are the determining factor in making your kitchen look clean, sharp and ready for hosting. Our beautiful white floors from Wood Floor Direct are the ideal choice for any kitchen. They’re stain-resistant, easy to clean, their sheen makes them just pop with their surroundings. Now you can have a clean, elegant style for your kitchen. Chic design. Clean-looking, crisp, elegant – even with food spills and clutter, an overall white kitchen floor can make your kitchen space feel bigger, maximise your view and take advantage of natural light. 

Make your kitchen look clean, sharp and ready for hosting. Our beautiful white floors from Wood Floor Direct are the ideal choice for any kitchen. Have your guests wondering where you found such a pristine, spacious and well-lit kitchen even with very little space.

Study room

Our new white floors can give you better focus when studying in your room. By using white floor for your room, it can easily absorb light from outside making the room brighter to study in using just minimal lighting or even with only natural light. The white floors also have a calming effect while studying and improve concentration. Create the perfect studying environment with white floors from Wood Floor Direct.


Get the best out of your bathroom’s flooring with white floors from Wood Floor Direct Our bathroom flooring includes wood, laminate, luxury vinyl tile flooring and luxury vinyl plank. They are simple to clean and easy to maintain. Whether you’re highlighting a black-and-white space or giving a nod to minimalist interiors, white floors are calming and give your bathroom a clean, fresh look. 

White floors can not only just make your bathroom look very stylish but can also be easy to take care of and look fresh and clean all the time. Our white floors are available in our best selection of material types. From classic to contemporary, you’ll find an array of exciting looks to fit any bathroom style.

Commercial Application

White flooring is a popular choice for both commercial spaces. It provides a crisp, clean look that complements any décor. Plus, it creates the feeling of more space because it reflects light throughout a room. Some of the commercial application of white floors includes:


If you’re a business owner looking to brighten your office space, white floors may be the best option for you. White floors for offices are beneficial because they create a clean looking office. White corporate floors are classic and timeless and look just as good today as they did years ago, making them perfect for any office space. 

The soothing and calming nature of the white is known to reduce stress and improve productivity. White is the best flooring colour if you want your space to feel spacious and open.  If you have limited company resources and would like to save on lighting costs, then white is a great flooring colour choice.


Nothing makes a restaurant stand out from the rest like clean, bright white floors. Under the right lighting conditions, white floors for restaurants really bring out the vibrancy of colours and would be a far better choice for restaurants than darker shades. They coordinate well with almost any existing colour theme in the restaurant. White floor tiles have many benefits for restaurant owners. 

White floors can make a space seem brighter and cleaner. White floor  provides an aesthetic environment that is fit for the food that is served, creating the perfect ambiance.

Hotel lobby

White floors for hotel lobbies are an essential part of the aesthetics that make hotel lobbies seem so welcoming and comfortable. They allow for a beautiful view down to the lobby floor, creating an open feel. 

By creating this illusion of openness, white floors on hotel lobbies provide a sense of comfort to those in public spaces. White floors are beneficial for lobbies because they reflect light, brightening the space. They are more inviting and safe. The colour draws people to them at first glance and can have a welcoming effect for guests


White floors have proven health benefits, such as reduced infection rates and increased productivity. The easy-to-clean surface improves hygiene, and the uniform appearance creates a calming environment. The white floors in your hospital can be used in diverse areas such as operating rooms, emergency rooms, clinical laboratories, patient bathrooms and locker rooms. 

The white floors that glisten and gleam in the bright fluorescent lights of an operating room inspire confidence in patients, making the difference between a smooth procedure and an agonizing ordeal. Plus, there are numerous studies showing that people heal faster when they are surrounded by white flooring.

Retail Application

White floors in retail spaces are becoming a very popular option among retailers.

White Shop Flooring

White floors are clean, bright, and peaceful. They give a sense of space and openness — in fact, research has shown that people spend more time in stores with white walls and floors. White coloured floors are less distracting to shoppers’ eyes and allow them to concentrate on other design elements

Wood Floor Direct is the top provider of white floors in the UK. With over 30 years of experience delivering the best quality flooring to our clients all over the UK, we have the experience to help you make the best choice of White floors for your property.