Light Coloured Wood Flooring

Light wood flooring is suitable for any room and setting. The light shades of the wooden floorboards give an impression of freshness to a room and a feeling of airiness. It’s also a smart thing to choose this type of floor if you want to create a modern look in your home.

Light wood floors make a beautiful impression, making a room feel more open and inspiring. Nowadays, people are taking notice of the finish properties of different wood finishes.

If you are interested in adding some subtle beauty to your home, you’ve come to the right place. Add some light wood flooring in areas where light can easily reach within and around your space, such as the kitchen or living room.

Check out these ideas of how to use light wood flooring in your home.

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Why Use Light Wood Flooring

What are the benefits of wood floors? Both solid hardwood and engineered wood flooring have their specific pros and cons, which you are sure to find the answer to here. Let’s take a look at the benefits of light wood flooring.

They Are Easy To Clean:

Light wood flooring is generally easy to clean however, for best results, you should use a dust mop or broom to remove dirt from your floor often and maintain cleanliness. To remove dirt that is ground in between the pores of the wood floor, use a soft brush and mild cleaning detergent. Light wood floors provide a beautiful addition to any home.

Adds Natural Light To The Room:

Lightwood flooring adds natural light to your room. This is a wonderful addition if the rest of your furniture is dark or made from cheap materials. It can also help reduce the environmental damage caused by furniture-burning Tupperware stoves and other inefficient light-emitting diode fixtures.

Wood also corrects colour and texture often found in traditional dark wood furniture. If you’re concerned about the long term health of the flooring, choose something with a sealed finish.

They Make A Room Appear Larger:

Light wood floors aren’t just a looker. They also make a room appear larger because the floor recedes into the space you occupy. When you walk into a room with a boardwalk-edge feeling, this gives an illusion of spaciousness.

If you have a large area to work in, consider using light woods as opposed to dark woods that can appear dull and sterile. Aesthetic improvements like this have a way of becoming second nature especially when you consider the benefits that they can provide to your overall appearance.

Light Wood Floors Adds Shine To Your Decor:

Light hardwood has a subtle appearance. It adds additional shine to your decoration and furniture. People will enter through the hallway or a door, and be greeted by a beautiful home. No matter the colour of decoration you like, light wood flooring can be combined with any colour to make your interiors more attractive.

This kind of flooring may become a preferred choice for homeowners when it comes to flooring options. They provide a classic look that blends well with any decor. From the aromas of wood finishing and the elegant aroma of natural wood, light wood floors deliver warmth and beauty in any interior design.

It Gives A Classic Feel To The Room:

Light coloured wood floors give a classic feel to the room and can improve the value of any home. Light coloured woods are also more comfortable and allow for natural light to flow through a space, creating an open and inviting feel.

Light woods such as Brown Walnut, Walnut, and Ashwood are nice for adding interest to the room’s look. They add natural splendour and give a sense of place.

Light Wood Floors Are Scratch Resistant:

Light coloured wood floors are scratch resistant. Some say you can’t scratch light coloured wood, but the truth is that no wooden flooring material is scratch proof. However, most dirt and stains can be easily removed from a light coloured wood surface because of its light colour.

Light coloured wood floors look amazing and are perfect for modern homes, especially light wood floors in small apartments to ensure that your space feels bigger. The lighter the wood the better it looks.

Available Light Wood Flooring Options

There are so many different light wood flooring options available today that selecting a top quality product can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for a hardwood flooring option look no further than Stoney Flooring Solutions. We offer a wide selection of light wood floors for your home or office. Some of them include;

Engineered Light Wood Floor:

Light coloured engineered wood flooring – made from high-quality materials like solid hardwood and plywood – is gaining popularity among homeowners and businesses for many reasons. It’s cost-effective, durable, and doesn’t require refinishing like more traditional flooring. You can choose from a variety of light colour shades that are perfect for any room in your home or office, including natural wood stains and finishes such as clean white or bright coral.

Light engineered wood flooring is popular because it’s easy to care for. Unlike other types of flooring, it doesn’t rot or absorb odours like other materials. Because light engineered wood is so sustainably harvested, you can be more environmentally conscious while maintaining the beauty of your building. Plus, the look of light engineered wood makes it an ideal choice for wood floors.

Parquet Light Wood Floor:

Many people like light parquet wood flooring. This kind of floor can give a new fresh look to your home. When it comes to the most popular reasons why people pick parquet, they want to have floors that are more durable than natural woods, and also can save them some money. At the same time, durable parquet floors are not that expensive compared with engineered wood.

With the traditional parquet design, you can add a classic and contemporary touch to your flooring and add a touch of sophistication to any home, traditional or modern. This flooring is tough, making it suitable for many applications, and the brightness also helps to illuminate those areas.

A hallway and a lounge are examples of such spaces that require high illumination. Also during the lifetime of each parquet block, durability is guaranteed while maintaining the timeless look and feel, it can handle excessive traffic.

Laminate Light Wood Flooring:

Light coloured laminate wood flooring is a popular choice for wooden floors in bathrooms, kitchens, and offices. The light coloured laminate usually looks good with grey or white colours, depending on how you like your floors to look.

Light coloured laminate wood floors are ideal for adding a modern twist to any room in your home. This type of flooring is easy to care for and stain-resistant making it an ideal option for adding comfort and style to any room in your home. There are many different types of wood available including spruce, pine, cedar, fir and even bamboo. All of these different woods have their brightness require specific built-in qualities that make them perfect choices for creating a natural look in your home.

The Best Way To Achieve A Light Wood Floor

There are majorly 3 ways to achieve light wood flooring, and some of these approaches work better than others. This light wood flooring pathway includes:

The Wood Stain:

The wood stain is an important way of achieving light wood flooring – a really good finish can give your floor a fresh look without overwhelming a room and can be used over and over again (although not as effective with stains requiring multiple applications). Wood stains can give a nice aesthetic difference – particularly where unfinished wood floors are concerned! When selecting stain for your floor, consider your budget and where you’re going to be staging the stain (e.g. bathroom, living room, salon). There’s no wrong answer when it comes to stain colours, as long as they suit.

The Wood Finish:

Wood finish allows you to transform ordinary looking wood and turn it to a shiny, sleek and glowing material. There are different types of finishes with different levels of durability and strength. Understanding how to choose the best finish for your wood is a must for every homeowner who loves to renovate old floors and put in new hardwood floors.

Wood finish is a liquid mixture which has elements added in to improve the natural color of the wood. The dye may be added into the mixture or created outside the mixture.

The Wood Specie:

While each species has its unique characteristics, some general guidelines can help you choose the best option for your situation. Always start by checking to see if the material you’re going to use is compatible with your desired finish. Popular wood species that are ideal for light wood floors include oak, maple, spruce and pine.

White / Red Oak Wood:

Oak looks great in interior spaces, the grainline on the largest twigs and limbs is sometimes enhanced by the inclusion of small chips of colour, creating a more dimensional appearance. Tapping into the natural beauty of Oak can add sophistication and interest to any room in your home regardless of its size.

The versatility of Oak is sometimes overshadowed by its strength and consistency. The versatility of Oak simply means that you can use it in a variety of different ways; use it as an accent piece in lighter woods by carefully sanding off chips to reveal rich woods lustre.


Maple is the lightest of the light wood species for your wood floors. It’s easy to work with, crisp and beautiful. The grain on maple wood is even and parallel, which gives the flooring a much more uniform look than competing hardwoods like Walnut or Acacia.

When choosing which species to use for your flooring you want to look for consistency in grain direction and uniformity in colour, both characteristics that signal strength and durability in wood is something to consider.


Ash is another light wood species that is good for your wood floors. It has good durability and consistency throughout its lifespan, making it an excellent choice for decks, patios, and similar applications where longevity is important.

Ash is not frequently used as furniture due to its tendency to warp and colour changes due to exposure to moisture and temperature changes. It is best suited for wood surfaces in residential areas where you don’t mind an occasional have-to-be-roughed-with mess.

It is also known for its stain-resistance capabilities and ability to take on stains that other species might struggle with. It is commonly used as an effective flooring material due to its durability, consistency, and strength – all traits that make it an excellent choice for homeowners who live in damp or mould-ridden environments.

If your home has been subjected to frequent dampness or extreme weather events (i.e., a flood or hurricane), then you may want to consider installing Ash on your flooring so that it will stand the test of time and help preserve the beauty of your flooring while still looking great for its current condition.


Douglas-fir is another light wood species that is good for your wood floors. It is also an attractive option for people who value unique characteristics in their lumber. The beauty of this hardwood species is that, unlike most other types of hardwood, it retains its colour regardless of exposure to moisture.

Although it is not known as being among the most durable flooring materials, Douglas-Fir is still highly popular. Douglas-fir is a very attractive wood species that cost considerably less than other top brands. This particular wood species can be sanded into a very smooth, almost paintable finish when properly sealed and cared for. The wide, flat boards of douglas-fir make for an excellent choice if you want to create a beautiful hardwood floor.


Hickory is a great wood to have your wood floors. It’s easy to work with, resists warping and cracking, and looks nice when finished. It’s a great wood species for anyone who has an interest in the light wood floor.

Hickory has a very close grain and is hard to stain due to its pale colouring, so can be used to show off more intricate wood grain patterns. This timber is best used under heavy furniture where the benefits of a solid wood floor are desired, such as in dining rooms. Its low scratching resistance makes it suitable for use with moderate traffic. As with white oak, hickory wood falls into the same density category and is therefore also suitable for soft floorings like wall-to-wall carpets and rugs. brightness

Select Your Choice of Light Coloured Wood Flooring from Wood Floors Direct

Choosing light coloured wood flooring is an important factor when selecting a new floor. Light wood floors are very popular at the moment and they’re also very stylish, so it’s easy to see why many homeowners choose them. For many people, a light coloured wood floor can be the perfect solution to add that finishing touch to their homes.

Wood Floor Direct has a wide array of flooring options, from wood floors, laminate floors to LVT floors, there is something for that your flooring needs.

When you shop hardwood floors, you want to make sure that the floor is going to look beautiful in your home for years to come. This starts with light colored wood floors. Light colored wood floors can complement almost any style of decor and can really bring a room together.

Our selection of light coloured wood flooring is custom made to order and backed by our exceptional warranty. It comes in solid, engineered, laminate, and even pre-finished options to complement many different designs and aesthetics. Whichever type of quality wood flooring is right for your project, you’ll find it here.

Visit Wood Floors Direct now and learn more about our available light colored wood flooring options.