Thresholds for Wood Flooring

Designed to bridge the gap between two rooms, thresholds are typically installed where the flooring meets other types of flooring or at doorways. In these areas, you can use a threshold to create a seamless look and prevent tripping.

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    White Oak Unfinished 20 x 64 P1011

    £6.44/m2 ( £7.41 Per Pack )

    Thickness: 20mm
    Width: 64mm
    Length: 3000mm
    Profile: Small Ramp
    Available Finishes: Unfinished
    Brand: Brooks
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    White Oak Unfinished 21 x 55 P1012

    £5.95/m2 ( £6.84 Per Pack )

    Thickness: 21mm
    Width: 55mm
    Length: 3000mm
    Profile: T Section
    Available Finishes: Unfinished
    Brand: Brooks
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    White Oak Unfinished 26 x 84 P1010

    £9.95/m2 ( £11.44 Per Pack )

    Thickness: 26mm
    Width: 84mm
    Length: 3000mm
    Profile: Large Ramp
    Available Finishes: Unfinished
    Brand: Brooks
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    White Oak Unfinished 27 x 50 P1024

    £7.95/m2 ( £9.14 Per Pack )

    Thickness: 27mm
    Width: 50mm
    Length: 3000mm
    Profile: Semi Ramp
    Available Finishes: Unfinished
    Brand: Brooks

Create a smooth transition between two different floor surfaces with our selection of thresholds, guaranteed to match any hardwood flooring. Many of our thresholds are height-adjustable and made from solid oak so they’re perfect for heavy traffic areas such as doorways.

All of our threshold products are expertly machined to size with bevelled edges and finely sanded smooth, ready to accept your choice of stain or finish. We offer thresholds in premium American oak wood, which are available in various thickness and sizes.

Our thresholds come in 12 feet lengths and 4 inch widths and vary in height from 3/4” up to 1 ¼” and are designed to cover the expansion space between two flooring surfaces, either with or without having to glue it down.

Ideal for a Variety of Threshold Needs

Our Thresholds include Large Ramp, Small Ramp, Semi Ramp and T Section and are made from prime American white oak. The various profiles are either square edge or scotia bevel. They are shipped unfinished so that they can be stained to match the flooring, or they can be painted to match any colours that the door frames or skirting boards have been painted.

  • Ideal for use to fit between rooms of the same height, or used as a cover strip where your flooring is higher than the adjoining surface.
  • Ideal for fitting between rooms of different heights as a sloped threshold or ramp.
  • Ideal for use with floors of a different type, such as carpet or ceramics.


P1010 Large Ramp 26 x 84 £9.95
P1011 Small Ramp 20 x 64 £6.45
P1024 Semi Ramp 27 x 50 £7.95
P1012 T Section 21 x 55 £5.95

Ready to Order?

Our wood threshold will sit neatly on top of hardwood and laminate floors to create a smooth transition from floor to floor. They are exactly what you need to finish your flooring installation. Cutting them to a custom length is easy. Always use a fast-drying wood glue when installing the end caps and the screws.

Browse our collection of thresholds at Wood Floors Direct. Available in many different profiles, shapes, and sizes. You can also email or call us with any questions you may have!. We ship fast. If you live in mainland UK, you can expect your order delivery in 3 business days or less.