Alder Wood Flooring

Alder wood is known for its attractive red to orange colour with light brown grain and straight, uniform texture. While it does have a subtle reddish hue to it, the natural colour of the wood will still fluctuate from one plank to another.

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The wood of alder trees is pale white when freshly cut but quickly changes to light brown with a yellow or reddish tinge due to exposure to air. Heartwood is formed only in trees of advanced age, and there is no visible boundary.

Alder Wood On A Grade Scale:

Alder has the strongest and most highly-prized hardwood lumber. Alder achieves a clear face of 83%, the highest among all hardwood species, and boasts superior strength, stability and workability. Its moderate weight makes it ideal for a wide range of uses including fine furniture, cabinetry, trim, flooring and panelling.

Features Of Alder Wood

Alder wood is preferred because of some of its unique characteristic features, some of which includes;

It Is Durable

Of all the hardwoods available, Alder is a great choice for floors due to its strength, versatility and beauty. It can take a lot of abuse and still looks good after that. It is not as expensive as other woods including Walnut or Cherry, which might make it a good option if you have a budget limit. 

When choosing a flooring material, you should pay attention to durability and beauty. The Janka scale, which is used to rate products, looks at how well a product holds up under normal household use; this wood is valued at 540 on the Janka scale. 

Alder floors have been used for centuries. They are easy to clean and maintain as well as having beautiful patterns that can increase personal satisfaction with your home.

Alderwood is one of the softest woods in the hardwood family, just above pine and poplar. It has a bending strength (in PSI) of 9,800, making it pliable but relatively soft. These properties make it an excellent option for flooring, cabinetry, bedding, and other decorative furniture inside the home. 

Alder will very seldom crack and work well both in wet and dry climates, which makes it an ideal choice for a hurricane-proof structure. The hardness of Alderwood varies from individual to individual. Specify your hardness if you feel that you need/deserve a higher particular grade.

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It Is Easily Workable

Alder is easily machined and turned. The wood can easily be nailed, screwed, or glued, making it a good choice for a variety of hardwood flooring styles. Alder has natural knots that hold it together and give strength when stamped or sanded. 

It’s commonly used in commercial kitchens, small kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas where pieces need to be joined together easily. If you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your floor, it’s worth looking into getting a custom plan designed.

Alder is sturdy yet flexible, and is easy to clean with hand sanitiser if it gets too dirty; it can be sealed with varnish or oil-based paint. Because it is easy to work with, Alder can be finished off with a few coats of varnish or oil-based paint to bring out its brightest and best features.

Environmentally Sustainable

If you’re in any way concerned with the environment, the alder tree is worth looking into. The alder tree is one of the most environmentally beneficial trees that can be used for lumber and home construction. The benefits of alder wood to the environment include:

  • The Regeneration Rate Is High: Coppicing is an ancient form of forest management that has been used for thousands of years. It involves cutting selected trees down to near ground level, usually once every 7 – 10 years. Through coppicing the Alder tree can be harvested in a way that leaves it alive and able to regrow by itself. Alder regrowth after coppicing takes place at a rapid pace, sometimes as much as fourteen feet in a single season.
  • They Have Nitrogen Fixing Properties: Alder trees are often referred to as keystone plants because of their ecological importance. By contributing large quantities of nitrogen, they increase air quality and reduce pollution in an ecosystem. They are also known as pioneers because of their ability to endure extreme environmental conditions and grow quickly. Alder trees can reproduce by root suckers and sprout from the base after a wildfire or flood destroys the original tree.
  • Alderwood is Readily Available and Locally Sourced: Encouraging greater use of regional materials, such as alder for wood, is an example of reduced packaging. The pressure-treated lumber and composite decking sold at your local home centre have been trucked in from far away–its high-density packaging. Alder grown here is harvested from fast-growing trees, leaving room on the landscape for new growth that will be available to future woodworkers.

Has Visual Appeal

Alder wood has visual appeal because it’s strong, old and hard. It has been used for centuries by indigenous people in Central and Western Africa and has continued to be used for special occasions and decorations throughout history. 

It can also be used as high-quality lumber for shingles and other construction materials because of its strength and weight. 

Alder wood is popular because it is relatively easy to fell and maintain. Although it does require special care and maintenance, this quality remains even after it has been stained or modified in some way.

When choosing to select old growth lumber for structural use, the look can be anything but subtle. Alder wood boards can be stately and imposing, requiring no decoration other than the chosen wood grain pattern on the face and interiors. Alder boards can be light and spacious, designed to accommodate fireplace mantles, halls, and study rooms. 

As you would expect, Alder wood benefits from thorough cleaning before use. Once light throughout the year, Alder wood offers warmth and warmth in a variety of colours whose combined appearance superbly complements nearly any outdoor or vertical surface.

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Types Of Alder Wood

Alder wood flooring is available in various types, and it comes in a variety of colours. Choose as flooring material what will best enhance your space’s aesthetic appeal and durability. 

Black Alder Wood

Also known as Alnus glutinosa, the black alder is European alder, belonging to the Betulaceae family. This species of the tree originated in Europe, northern Africa, and southwest Asia. 

The black alder is best cultivated in moist climatic regions, extending into a medium-sized tree with a height up to 30 meters. The healthy, evergreen tree spreads rapidly through outbreathing branches with its large diameter and significant spreading diameter towards its base. 

This allows it to anchor itself against uneven ground conditions in urban and rural settings as well as on man-made structures. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the structural strength of the wood is attributed to its ability to withstand both natural and human-made disasters such as earthquakes, flooding, high winds or fires.

Green Alder Wood

The green alder (Alnus green ultra of the family Trygophyta) is a deciduous tree native to Europe and Asia. It has small, rounded leaves with closely-spaced veins and a whorling appearance when viewed from above. 

The rounded shape is due to the growth of a silky hair-like substance called sapwood and not actual bark. This characteristic gives the tree a greenish hue when viewed from certain angles, especially when growing in wet soil. 

The finely trimmed branches are often used for furniture making due to their hardness and resilience. When harvested for lumber, mature trees have a slightly wavy appearance due to their growth rings becoming visible through the bark. The upper surface of young trees is smooth and slightly spotted with pale-greenish-brown hairs. The underside of young trees is crowded with small knots and tufts of hair known as new growth.

Red Alder Wood

Red alder is not only a beautiful and effective tree stain, but it also contains antibacterial properties that can kill germs and prevent infections. Red alders are so efficient at killing germs that they have been used for centuries by medical practitioners in North America and Europe to help prevent infection in patients undergoing surgery. 

It contains nutrients that can strengthen your immune system and help maintain healthy bones. For these reasons and more, red alder has gained popularity as one of the best woods for preserving your architectural or decorative preferences over time.

Others are:

  • Seaside Alder Wood.
  • White Alder Wood.
  • Nepalese Alder Wood.
  • Italian Alder Wood.

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Available Alder Wood Flooring Options In Our Product Range

For decades, the warm, organic beauty of hardwood floors from Alder hardwood has been a favourite of craftsmen and collectors. As one of the very few wood species that never needs finishing… Alder hardwoods are naturally resistant to stains, insect damage, warping and sudden temperature changes. 

Available in an unvarnished finish or any of over twenty hand-applied colours and various clear finishes, each floor is custom made by skilled craftsmen, carefully milled to a smooth level surface and precision planed for easy installation.

Alder wood has it all. It has natural oils that act as a preservative and gives your floor colour variation over time to make it uniquely yours. So go ahead, a layout of that beautiful Oriental rug you’ve always wanted. Add a matching chair rail or paint the cabinets a bold colour. We know you’ll love your floor for years to come!

Types Of Alder Wood Flooring

A variety of flooring products made of alder wood can be selected to complement the environment and inspire your creativity. Here are some of our most popular floorings made from alder;

Engineered Flooring

One look and it’s obvious: this is no ordinary floor. This is our high-performance alder wood engineered wood floor. The alder wood core comes from sustainably managed forests and is carefully milled and tested to ensure it performs as well in your space as it does on paper. Due to the engineered nature of this product, some floors may have a more pronounced grid pattern than others.

The engineered construction of our Alder floors supports the natural beauty and delicate graining of this wood. And unlike solid-wood floors that can expand and contract with humidity, engineered wood floors stay firmly in place – making them ideal for high-traffic areas, like bedrooms and living rooms. 

The alder features an advanced engineered moisture resistant core. It is naturally curved, with a smooth surface and offers a sanded and hand-finished hardwood appearance for the same beautiful look of solid wood flooring.

These engineered wood floors are stronger, moisture-resistant and more durable than solid wood floors, and easier to install than real wood in cold subfloors. We offer many wood colours and flooring styles to complement your decor and go with any decorating style.

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Parquet Flooring

Parquet wood is beautiful and is a premium wood flooring. It stands for fashion, durability and timelessness. The characteristics are primarily depending on the structure of the wood. Different designs are represented by using different wood materials.

While a lot of people get confused when they look at parquet flooring, they shouldn’t because it’s very simple. In layman terms, it is in fact wood that has been cut into thin strips and arranged into different patterns. Different variants include herringbone, strip and square. While these patterns resemble each other on the face of it, there are a few distinctions that make them very unique.

Alder wood is a popular choice of parquet flooring for people wanting something light and hard-wearing. Although a little on the soft side, it will stand up to regular use well and be more resistant to staining than oak.

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Laminated Wood Flooring

Laminate alder wood flooring uses boards cut from the heartwood, or innermost layers of wood, from alder trees in North America. This maintains an environmentally friendly approach while allowing you to add warm, rich tones and texture to your home with an attractive hardwood floor.

Laminate alder wood flooring can be an effective option to use in the bathroom. It is also cheaper when compared with real wood. 

You can use laminate bathroom flooring since it can withstand a lot of moisture exposure so this helps to achieve a lot of benefits that you might not experience when using real wood in this case. You should choose laminate alder wood flooring as soon as possible because this will be able to offer you some advantages that are very essential for your bathroom.

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Suitable Areas Where Alder Wood Can Be Installed:

Whatever you decide to do with alder wood, you shouldn’t forget about the taste, its visual attractiveness or the way it doesn’t warp and lasts for decades. Hundreds of years down the road, your favourite piece of furniture will still look stunning. This is why alder wood is as popular as ever in this day and age.

Wherever you decide to install alder wood flooring, make sure that it will measure up to your needs and that the materials you select are suitable for the job. Flooring has many uses, and it often ends up finding its way into kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and other areas where décor is appreciated. When selecting the right flooring plan for your home, consider how often you plan on using it and whether you will want soundproofing or other features.

Bedroom: Alder wood floors are appropriate for bedrooms due to their durability and versatility. Unlike most hardwood floors which are set in concrete or plywood, an Alder floor will eventually absorb moisture as the year goes on and will require little or no maintenance over time. This means that the floor will remain clean instead of being covered in stains from spills, dust, or animal paws. Whether you’re planning on having a full bathroom or just a small bathroom throughout the house, having Alder floors in your home will help keep the floor looking new and fresh over time.

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Living Room: Alder wood flooring is very popular and can give a nice aesthetic change to your living[ room. Whether you have a small living space or a large one, this type of flooring will offer comfort and durability at an affordable price. It is also easy to maintain due to its plank texture. 

Choose from our wide selection of wood floors to get exceptional quality at an affordable price. Furthermore, we provide fast shipping and a money-back guarantee in addition to our extensive selection. 

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The beauty and harmony wood floors bring to any home or business truly distinguish them as a product that is both versatile and attractive.

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