Wood Floor Profiles

Wood floor profiles are a great way to give your solid wood flooring personality and character. When you are looking to install a wooden floor in your home, you have a choice of different types of wood floor profiles. Each of these profiles is constructed differently and has its own unique characteristics.

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Ramp Profiles For Wood Floors

Ramp profiles are used to create a smooth transition from one floor height to another. These profiles are prefinished in oak, cognac, walnut or dark stain and come with a variety of colours and come in sizes: 21 x 62 x 990mm. They will add the perfect finishing touch to your wooden floor.

Twin Profiles For Wood Floors

Twin profiles are the perfect solution to create a smooth and seamless transition between two different floors of the same height. The T-Profile is available in Oak, Cognac, Walnut and Dark Stain. It comes in sizes: 16 x 50 x 990mm.

Semi Ramps For Wood Floors

The Hardwood Profile Semi-Ramp will help to provide a flawless finish to your flooring bridging the gap between two floors in different rooms. This profile is available in size 21 x 55 x 990mm and comes pre-finished in a choice of colours including Oak, Cognac and Walnut, Dark Stained and Smoked, so there’s bound to be one that suits your decor.

End Sections For Wood Floors

End Section Profiles are the perfect solution when you need to hide the expansion gap of your wood flooring with the minimal height gain. The End Section Profile comes pre-finished in a choice of colours including Oak, Cognac and Walnut, Dark Stained and Smoked and is available in size 19 x 40 x 990mm.

Scotia Profiles For Wood Floors

Scotia Profiles can be used to replace skirting or to hide the expansion joint between an existing skirting and a new floor. Scotia profiles are available in many different woods and finishes, including painted and comes in 19 x 19 x 990mm size.

Architrave Profiles For Wood Flooring

Architraves have a number of uses, both decorative and functional. One of the main decorative uses is to cover up the gap between the wall and flooring where the two meet, adding to the uniformity of the walls and floors in your home. They can come in a range of styles and measure 19 x 68 x 2100-2500mm.

Skirting For Wood Flooring

Wood floor skirting is an essential part of any wooden flooring. It is used to cover the end of the floor and the gaps between the wall and the floor. Skirting for wood flooring is available in different colours and sizes to suit the colour tone of the wood.

Thresholds For Wood Flooring

Hardwood floor thresholds also known as a “transition strip” and are most commonly used in doorways are strips of wood that cover a gap between the floor and the edge of a door sill which prevents tripping. Thresholds are made from wood to match the color of your hardwood floors, and they come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

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