Ebony Wood Flooring

Are you looking for an ebony wood floor for your flooring project? If you are looking for the best and the most suitable ebony wood for flooring, then you are in the right place. You want a durable and lasting solution. It needs to be tough, weatherproof and cost-efficient. Ebony flooring is the right solution for your project. It is an African hardwood that has a natural dark finish and is also resistant to insects and termites.

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What is Ebony Wood?

Ebony features a rich texture and distinctive grain patterns that give it a uniquely rich look and unique character. Ebony creates an excellent tone with minimal visual impact when used in flooring small spaces, such as a bedroom or office. It has a warmer, fuller sound when compared to Similar woods such as Walnut or Maple.

Ebony is dense and heavy with its stripes offering an exotic appearance that is very pleasing to the eye. 

Stripped grains create a uniqueness that cannot be found in other species. The body ranges from red to brown giving a nice contrast, but brown is the most dominant colour. Just like all woods, ebony takes on a rich lustre as it ages. Paint or varnish as per the project’s needs if being used in an exterior setting. Ebony wood makes a great addition to any project requiring solid wood flooring.

Ebony Wood On A Grade Scale

Janka is the unit in which the hardness of a tree is measured. The tree is considered to be hard and dense. Known to have more than 3200 Janka, this wood is one of the hardest wood on the planet. The life expectancy is also unknown, but what is known is that it can reach the maturity of a minimum of 1 century. The tree can easily live for half a millennia or more. 

The Features Of Ebony Wood

Ebony wood flooring has some unique characteristics that set it apart from traditional hardwood floors. These unique characteristics help create a comfortable and enjoyable feeling in your living space. No matter which type of Ebony you choose, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty and warmth of your floor for years to come thanks to its durability, beauty, and fine grain structure. 

It is water-resistant

Because of its water-resistant properties, Ebony doesn’t absorb moisture. It performs better in water than many other hardwoods. Some low-density wood absorbs water when it comes into contact with moisture. The amount of water a wood absorbs depends on the density of the wood.

Although some woods are naturally resistant to water, others are made water-resistant with the help of special treatments like paint, polish, or many others. These treatments help close the open pores of the wood so that a layer forms a barrier between the wood and moisture. Therefore, the wood does not absorb excess moisture.

Most woods are water-resistant, but can sometimes be damaged with prolonged exposure to moisture. Some of the most water-resistant woods include teak, tung, and mahogany. However, all wood will succumb to water damage if exposed for long periods.

It has a High Durability Level

Ebony is a hard, compact wood that is known for its durability. It is so strong and dense that the chances of an insect infestation are very low. The wooden art objects from the old forts, tombs or palaces remain intact. It has a natural shine, hence it doesn’t need further processing or polishing and makes furniture look attractive. This wood is also very dense and looks very formal as well.

Real Ebony hardwood floors are extremely hard. This is one of the reasons why it is considered one of the best choices for a flooring system since the boards will not warp or buckle under the stress of heavy furniture or heavy items that may be placed on it (such as books or heavy photo frames). Because the pores in real ebony are so large, even tiny scratches or dings will not be noticeable unless they are very large.

It doesn’t attract many pests or insects. This makes it a preferred choice of wood for making furniture, buildings and flooring, statues and various other crafts which need to be preserved for some time to come.

It Has A Nice Visual Appeal

 Ebony is dark-coloured, beautiful, jet-black hardwood with a glossy feel. As well as being used for its colour, ebony is also valued for its distinct grain pattern. Its colour comes from tightly packed layers of hard colouring matter in the sapwood.

The natural beauty of Ebony makes it an excellent choice for creating beautiful flooring and furniture. If you’re looking for something that will last you a long time and looks incredible you’ll need to invest in Ebony flooring. Ebony has been used for hundreds of years as decorative wood and today it’s popular with designers for its timeless elegance. 

Highly Insect Resistant

When choosing furniture you want to be sure that the furniture will be safe from wood-eating insects. Ebony wood is highly insect resistant and therefore less likely to be infested with these pests. Furthermore, several projects are making Ebony wood a recognized wood pellet by pest control companies as an alternative to traditional sawdust as a means of controlling forest fires.

Types Of Ebony Wood

Macassar Ebony ( Diospyros celebica):

It is reported that the Macassar Ebony is denser and harder than the other ebonies and has a Janka hardness of 3,220 lbf (14,140 N). It is also reported to have good stability in use. The specific gravity of the wood is 0.84, having higher specific gravity than most species of ebony. Some finishes may change the colour dramatically; typically, some lightning will occur to tone down the dark hue.

A very unique and exotic wood that comes from the rainforests of Indonesia. It has grown in popularity over the past few years as it is one of the rarest and most beautiful exotic woods today. It has a straight grain with high contrast markings. The highly sought after black striped look can be seen all over the world at different furniture stores.

Black and White Ebony (Diospyros spp.):

Just like other species of ebony, the Black and White Ebony is also very durable. It has moderate resistance to insect/borer. Its Janka hardness is 1820 Lbf (7320 N) and dried weight is about 51 lbs/ft3 (825 kg/m3).

The difference between sapwood and hardwood is a noticeable distinction, the heartwood, or inner wood of the tree, is yellow and has dark black and white stripes. The sapwood, or the outer layer of the tree, is a pale white colour. 

Also commonly known as Gaub tree, Malabar ebony, or pale moon ebony. It is one of the most famous ebony species. Black and white ebony is native to the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

Gaboon Ebony( Diospyros Crassiflora):

Gaboon Ebony (Diospyros spp) is very durable and hard, with a Janka Hardness of 3,080 LBF and good resistance to termites and other insects. It performs well in water and moisture.

Gabon Ebony is commonly known as West African ebony and Benin ebony. West Africa is home to this type of ebony, which has a rich, dark hue. Sometimes brownish streaks are present.

Persimmon (Diospyros virginiana):

The Persimmon  has a hardness of 2,300 LBF (10,230 N) and the dried weight is 52 lbs/ft3 (835 kg/m3). It does not rot resistance. Because it has a high amount of sapwood. The heartwood is low to medium rot resistance but less than other ebony woods.

The American Persimmon is also commonly known as white ebony. It is native to the eastern United States. It has a dark brown to black heartwood and sapwood is white to pale yellowish-brown. The sapwood is wider and the heartwood is shorter.”

Mauritius Ebony ( Diospyros Tessellaria):

Mauritius ebony is an attractive wood with a fine grain, and its appeal is a great incentive to plant. The excellent weight-strength ratio and the stability of the wood are important properties that make it a valuable one for manufacturing luxury furniture, musical instruments, floors, doors and panelling.

Mauritius has a trunk that typically grows to about 20-25 meters in height and is native to the western Indian Ocean. Its heartwood is black and the sapwood is white.

Mun Ebony ( Diospyros mun):

It has a straight grain, with a very fine uniform texture and a high natural lustre. It is medium in density and readily retains its original lustre for extended periods. The grain is parallel to the direction of wear and does not increase in width or density as it approaches the edges or edges of the surface.

Available Ebony Wood Flooring Options In Our Range

There are different types of Ebony Flooring, each designed to suit specific needs. When choosing the right flooring you will need to consider looks, durability, stain-resistant, what materials are used and more. Benefits are also associated with this material such as comfort, durability and aesthetics. 

Laminated Ebony Floor

Ebony flooring made from laminate is a great alternative to the real thing. One advantage of laminate products is that they are water-resistant. 

Despite its excellent water resistance, ebony flooring isn’t as practical or cost-effective as laminate flooring. Flooring made out of ebony in the kitchen or bathroom is a useless idea. Laminates, on the other hand, can be applied almost anywhere.

Ebony laminate flooring is an especially long-lasting material option as it is easy to clean and has a glossy finish. The glossiness of the laminate means that less polishing is necessary, reducing scratches and stains over time compared to other darker wood floors.

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Ebony Engineered Wood Flooring

Ebony engineered flooring is made with a core layer of real ebony. The top layer has a finish, called a “skin,” that is photo-polymerized, producing a rich, authentic ebony appearance. The combination of core and skin gives the profile the look and feel of ebony.

Ebony engineered wood flooring is a great option to consider over real ebony flooring. Its unique, black finish delivers a look that is reminiscent of the finest natural hardwoods. 

Built with a durable, cross-banded construction and solid core for lasting strength and stability, this product provides you with a beautiful and lasting floor for any room in your home.

Engineered wood flooring is a great choice for homeowners who love the look of solid wood floors, but want to save money. Because engineered wood flooring only uses a thin veneer of wood over a plywood core, the cost to install engineered wood floors is way lower than the cost to install solid wood floors—especially when exotic woods (like ebony) are concerned. Most engineered wood flooring ships with a sample showing you how little actual hardwood there really is.

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Ebony Vinyl Flooring

Ebony Vinyl flooring is a great option to consider over real ebony flooring. This beautiful, virtually maintenance-free floor will give your space style and class, with the added benefit of an easy-clean surface. 

Our Ebony Vinyl flooring has a rich colour spectrum of ebony hardwood. This vinyl plank flooring features a traditional matte finish and an extra-wide high integrity PVC backing for improved durability against moisture. 

Made with recycled vinyl to avoid waste and reduce manufacturing costs, our line of durable, low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) flooring offers a variety of pleasing textures and shades.

Vinyl will always beat wood when it comes to ease of installation. Because you can just roll it out instead of having to nail it down, there’s almost nothing that you can’t install vinyl on.

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Ebony Parquet Flooring

The smooth surface and fine delicate grain are characteristics of dark wood flooring. Ebony parquet flooring is a perfect choice when it comes to projects based on classic designs. 

One of its main advantages is the unbelievable number of possibilities in combining the colours throughout your living spaces, allowing you to create unlimited combinations, depending on your taste or the project you are working on. Select an exclusive combination of colours that cannot but grant your living space exclusive decor.

Ebony Parquet Flooring is made from genuine top-of-the-line engineered wood that offers the look, performance and ease of installation of natural hardwood. 

This durable floor features elegant, laser-selected ebony hardwood, specially profiled for a more authentic wood appearance along with a classically grooved pattern for visual depth and texture.

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Suitable Areas Where Ebony Flooring Can Be Installed

Are you looking for ways to make your living and working place stylish? Ebony is a nice warm wood stain that adds warmth to any room in your house. It is also easy to apply and versatile, so you can choose the room that is the best match for your decor. 

Ebony wood floors look great in any room in your home. They simply shine with health and beauty!  Looking for the right place to install ebony wood floors is easy when you know where to look. Here are some places that are known for having nice, firm, clean floors that look great with any type of furniture or fabric equipment

Living Room

Living rooms are the ideal places to plan an Ebony Wood Flooring installation. This type of furniture deserves a spot in your home that feels comfortable and homey. Flooring commonly installed in living rooms is often elaborately carved to look like a work of art. It adds texture and interest while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any room in your home. 

Elegant yet practical, Ebony Wood Flooring helps create that cosy atmosphere that some experts say is essential for a happy home environment.


Bedrooms are often ideal places to install decorative items, including furniture. After all, why spend hundreds of dollars on the hardwood when you can spend it on something that looks great and lasts? Ebony wood is popular for its strength and durability. 

The appearance of the flooring can also be affected by the lighting, which will bleed through the finish and create subtle patterns to enhance the look of the room.


Placing an ebony wood floor in your office is an excellent choice for both aesthetic purposes and ergonomics. These smooth, natural-toned wood floors offer support whenever you walk on them, even when you have a heavy briefcase or large items placed upon them. 

These floors are often found in offices where ergonomic demands are high, such as administrative and hospitality positions. Although each office may vary slightly in this department, it is important to remember that an office floor needs to be comfortable enough for you and your coworkers to work comfortably without feeling like you are encroaching upon their personal space.

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Quality Ebony Wood Floors to Transform Your Space

A beautiful hardwood floor with rugged appeal and a rugged texture is what we’re proud to present to you. 


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