Trim Profiles For Wood Flooring

The right trim profiles protect the edges of your wood floors and ensure a clean, seamless look.  Wood Floors Direct has all the trim profiles you’ll need to complete any job, and make it look truly professional.

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Made from solid wood, wood floor trim profiles provide a finished look for your floors. Whether you need to add an accent around the edge of a room or finish the transition between floor and wall or stairs, we have the perfect trim for you. Choose from a variety of colours and styles to match your wood flooring perfectly.

Our solid oak trim profiles are made from prime American white oak, and come unfinished. We also offer prefinished trim profiles in Oak, Cognac, Walnut, Dark Stain and Smoked.

Unfinished Trim Profiles

Our Unfinished Trim Profiles include: Scotia, End Section, Large Cover Strip, Small Cover Strip, Stair Nosing and Pipe Covers. These trim profiles are designed to be used alongside our unfinished oak flooring designs.

These trim profiles are made to the highest standards to accentuate your wood floors. For example, our Scotia and End cap options are a perfect way to finish off an area when installing engineered or solid hardwood flooring. If your previous flooring was not removed and you have gaps, or uneven areas these cover strips can be cut down and will fill in the gaps that are left.

Our Stair Nosing has a straight edge and is often used at the front of a staircase to give guests something to rest their feet onto while on the stairs. Pipe covers can hide heating pipes that run through your wooden floors, or if you have cables running through the room our cable covers can hide those unsightly wires.


P1009 Scotia 19 x 19 x 3000 and longer £2.95
P1013 End Section 21 x 36 x 3000 and longer £5.45
P1014 Large Cover Strip 6 x 40 x 3000 and longer £2.95
P1015 Small Cover Strip 6 x 25 x 3000 and longer £2.75
Z1011 Stair Nosing 44 x 60 x 3000 and longer £21.95
A7001 Pipe Covers | Finished Pair £6.95

Prefinished Our Trim Profiles

Choose from a wide selection and sizes of our prefinished trim profiles, perfect for adding elegance to your newly refurbished wooden floor. Available in many colours and finishes, so you can match it to the rest of your room’s decor.

Our Prefinished Trim Profiles are the perfect complement to your wood flooring, and include Ramp, Twin, Semi Ramp, End Section and Scotia, and are available in Oak, Cognac, Walnut, Dark Stain and Smoked.

TRIMS | Prefinished

Profile Size (Mm) Code Price Code Price Code Price Code Price Code Price
Ramp 21 x 62 x 990 Z1001 £13.45 Z2001 £18.45 Z3001 £18.45 Z4001 £18.45 Z5001 £18.45
Twin 16 x 50 x 990 Z1002 £11.45 Z2002 £16.45 Z3002 £16.45 Z4002 £16.45 Z5002 £16.45
Semi Ramp 21 x 55 x 990 Z1003 £13.95 Z2003 £18.45 Z3003 £18.45 Z4003 £18.45 Z5003 £18.45
End Section 19 x 40 x 990 Z1004 £10.95 Z2004 £15.45 Z3004 £15.45 Z4004 £15.45 Z5004 £15.45
Scotia 19 x 19 x 990 Z1005 £4.45 Z2005 £5.95 Z3005 £8.45 Z4005 Z4006 Z5005 £8.45

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We sell only high quality flooring trim products. This means that they are all made with the same great attention to detail. They are finished to the highest standards, using only the finest materials. Each product is designed to complement your choice of flooring by giving a clean and contemporary finish for that professional look.

Ordering trim profiles couldn’t be easier. Simply calculate how much you need, add to your cart, and check out for fast delivery! We ship your order in 3 business days or less within mainland UK.