Cedar Wood Flooring

Cedar is a type of conifer tree with fragrant wood that is used in construction. It is easily available, therefore, it is used by many people in various fields such as contractors, interior designers, builders, and architects.

Cedarwood flooring gives you a fresh feel when entering a room. The wood at first glance reminds you of trees and it smells more like a tree to give you a natural feel. It is interesting to know that cedar woods repel bugs. It is a long-lasting wood with antifungal properties, making it ideal for both outdoor and indoor projects.

Cedar is also known as Southern Red Juniper, Savin, Pencil Cedar and Pencil Juniper. It is also often installed with other materials or used against stone for contrast. But no matter if you match cedar wood with woods or surrounding materials, this type of flooring has lasting durability and unbeatable quality. It is an ideal choice for homes that have high levels of foot traffic.

Cedarwood is one of the few wood categories that don’t need to be stained to look beautiful. Also, its natural resistance to moisture makes this wood a great choice for any outdoor patio.

The thing about cedar is that it’s not really one specific wood species. It’s a group of woods made up of many different trees, with similar traits and uses. They all have a similar scent, which is why real cedar chests are so welcoming. But there are huge differences between the types of cedar out there. They have different properties, and are used for different things.

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Colours and appearance of cedar

There are many types of cedar wood. Western red cedar is the most common, with aromatic closet cedar and Northern white cedar following close behind, others come after these three.

The three types of cedar wood share similar health and comfort benefits, but they also differ in their appearances and textures and colors. It’s important to choose the right type of cedar for your application, based on how it will be used and what appearance you prefer.

1. Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar is a fragrant wood, soft to very soft, fine to medium texture but widely available in large sizes for commercial applications. Normally it is straight-grained with minor resin irregularities and averages about 12 per cent moisture content.

Western red cedar heartwood varies from reddish-brown (when freshly cut) to nearly white (when weathered). The sapwood is a light yellow-brown and may be difficult to distinguish from the heartwood.

As a keynote for design and decoration, Western red cedar can be used coarsely in rustic furniture — or finely in cabinetry. The aroma of the wood provides a relaxing, yet therapeutic environment. It is often used as steam-bent furniture elements for spas and saunas.

Western red cedar are of different grades. The construction-grade which usually have knots and defects that can be used in decorative applications for features like window sills or trim. Higher grades, like sanded cedar, exhibit a smooth, almost-polished surface. Western Red Cedar has a sweet-smelling fragrance and is considered to be an aromatic wood. Characterized by its distinctive grain pattern. It’s more often used structurally because of its lightweight, plus it’s easy to cut with hand tools.

The wood obtained from Western red cedar is used for outdoor applications The reason why this type of cedar is popular for outdoor construction is that they possess the ability to resist decay and repel unwanted water.

2. Northan white cedar

The white cedar is a relatively softwood, making it ideal for most indoor projects. It will hold up well against dents, making it the ideal choice of wood for delicate projects and those with a lot of curves. It is sturdy enough to endure being outdoors and will prevail even in extreme heat conditions. In appearance, white cedar resembles a red cedar but with a notable large difference in colour and a more horizontal branch pattern.

The colour of white cedar ranges from white to tan and brown, making it distinctively different from other cedars. It has Small, distinctive knots that are generally uniform in size and shape. This is easily spotted in the lumber, as the knots will appear almost as if they were intentional. Most of these knots run across the width of a board. The grain is also very straight, but small irregularities make it slightly less consistent than clear cedar.

Logs from the white cedar tree are suitable for use as a structural lumber and building timbers. White cedar is moderately decay resistant, meaning it won’t last forever and you can expect to see some decay when it reaches the age of 40.

3. Aromatic Closet Cedar or Eastern red cedar

Aromatic cedar wood is soft and easily carved. It also has a fine texture, high saturation of aromatic oils and non-toxicity making it an excellent selection for any form of woodturning project.

One of the many features that make aromatic closet cedar attractive is its exceptional durability, especially when used as a floor that can withstand constantly being walked on. In addition to an extremely long life, this type of wood has natural anti-bacterial properties, thus making it an optimal choice for both closets and bathroom locations where bacteria may be present. Furthermore, unlike other types of cedar, it only requires minimal maintenance

In appearance, the heartwood of eastern red cedar bears pinkish-red tones with purplish or deep reddish-brown outer streaks. On the other hand, the sapwood is nearly white in colour with knots available all over the wood.

In other words, Its colours range from violet to brown, with streaks of yellow heartwood. It typically contains straighter grains with a finer texture than that of white or red cedar.

Aromatic cedar is considered to be the all-purpose wood for closets because of its superior resistance to decay and damage by insects. It can be used in direct contact with the ground, with no treating of the wood required.

It finishes well but is often left unfinished in interiors to preserve the sweet, natural smell.

4. Spanish Cedar Wood

Spanish cedar is widely used for all kinds of wood construction from building furniture to windows to cabinets to cupboards. Their heartwood is pinkish to reddish-brown in tone, but with time, it darkens over time and acquires a grey or greyish-brown tint. The species has small pale spots on its surface. Spanish Cedar has a strong wood scent and aroma that comes out strongly when the wood is still new.

5. Alaska Cedar Wood

Commonly known as yellow cedar because it mainly comes in yellow colour, it may also feature in a creamy white hue with deep, dark streaks to it. During lumber processing, wood machines help stain the wood enough to produce a lovely sheen to it. Builders mostly use yellow cedar to produce super light and durable decks, railings, canoe paddles, and interior panelling.

Is cedar flooring the right choice for you?

While many flooring vendors may want to guide you toward hardwoods such as red oak, which provide benefits like increased durability and the potential to protect or raise the value of your house, these hardwoods are best suited for high-traffic areas of your home. We often advocate a softwood flooring choice such as cedar for sections of your house that see less daily wear and tear, such as a bedroom.

Cedar flooring, like the majority of softwoods, is less costly than equivalent hardwoods. Which means you’re saving money on imported wood flooring. Depending on your requirements, high-quality cedar softwood is typically available for as little as £6 per square foot.

Additionally, if cedar is damaged, it can typically be sanded away, and the lesser density makes repairing the flooring very simple. Engineered hardwood has a limited amount of sanding cycles, and specialists will typically recommend just replacing damaged laminate.

Features of cedarwood

Water Resistance

Cedarwood has a large proportion of cell cavity which can cause the wood to be more moisture resistant.

High Thermal Insulation

Cedar has high thermal insulation that resists heat transfer, making your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Decay Resistance

Cedar’s strongest feature is that it is a softwood, but its softness also makes it decay-resistant. No wonder cedar is such a popular option for siding and patios: it’s naturally rot-resistant. This makes it an ideal choice for areas like the north of the country where you don’t want your house to fall into pieces after a decade or so. It naturally resists rot over time, upwards of 40 years

Can Be Left Unfinished

Cedar can hold many different stain colours. If you choose to leave it unfinished, you may want to choose a colour that can complement your decor. Cedar gives off its own natural golden brown colour, which can be left as it is. In some cases, you’ll prefer a lighter or darker shade to bring off the warm glow of the wood. The durability of cedar is enhanced by regular applications of sealer to retain its colour and stability

Easy To Clean

Cleaning this type of wood flooring is fairly easy. Simply sweep up any excess dirt and debris, and then use a soft-bristle broom to remove the dust that comes from sweeping. The soft bristles will not harm the hardwood flooring at all.

Natural Oil

It contains natural oil. The natural oils found within the wood helps protect against mould growth and the aromatic smells also give the home a pleasant


Cedarwood can last up to 40 years depending on how it is used and managed. After these years it can also be maintained. Maintenance of cedarwood is of very low cost.

Cedar flooring can be in engineered form, solid or plank form. Cedar plank flooring tends to have a natural, warm look. However, over any amount of usage, it may begin to look blotchy and discoloured (that is something you don’t want). There are several products for sealing cedar plank flooring, which can brighten the wood and help preserve it in the colour that you expected when you first installed it.

Cedar flooring adds a rustic charm to a home, with various finishes. You can get various finishes depending on your own preference or taste. You can get engineered, unfinished and prefinished cedar flooring to suit any kind of installation needed. The great thing about cedar flooring when installing them is that slight softness means you can bend or make slight changes to allow for the subfloor imperfections while still getting a floor that is stable and rigid.

Cedar is less expensive and accessible. The cost of maintaining and installing it is very cheap, making it a good option for anyone that wants to save while getting a beautiful flooring design for their home.

When you want hardwood flooring and cost is the only thing holding you back, cedar floors may be the way to go. They bring grace, charm and warmth to a home, are great if you are looking at hardwood flooring or creating a rustic feel and are durable, dependable and affordable.

How does cedarwood look on the floor of your home?

Cedar is a very popular wood. Certain individuals like cedar flooring due to the subtle scent it emanates. Cedar captivates people with its rich colour and natural attractiveness, which looks great in any environment.

Although cedar is a soft hardwood, the softest currently utilised for flooring, cedar flooring is sturdy, resilient, and everything you want in a hardwood floor.

Cedar is largely utilised in the manufacture of furniture, shingles, and boats. Due to the lovely scent, rooms furnished with cedar furniture are immediately identifiable.

Cedar has a low Janka rating, however, the exact figure varies according to the type of cedar being installed. Some may be as little as 350, while others will reach closer to 900. By comparison, hardwoods like red oak are closer to 1,290. The ratings for these two types of flooring are significantly different. This is one of the numerous reasons why experts prefer hardwood species for high-traffic areas.

Because cedarwood has a lesser density, it is more prone to display dents and dings when large things are dropped. This is why cedar is suggested for places with less foot traffic. In areas such as the kitchen, where items are regularly spilled, a different type of flooring should be used.

Cedar is frequently used in more rustic designed dwellings, like as log cabins in rural locations.

Cedar flooring lends a rustic appeal to a property, and the beauty is that you also get that beautiful cedar scent. You may choose from a variety of finishes to suit your personal style or taste. You may choose engineered, unfinished, or prefinished cedar flooring to accommodate any type of installation.

When laying cedar flooring, the little softness allows for small adjustments to compensate for underlying flaws while maintaining a solid and hard surface.

How long does cedarwood last?

Cedar, since it contains natural oils, is particularly resistant to damage caused by insects, rot, and water, among other things. When compared to many other forms of furniture, it has a higher chance of retaining its original, appealing appearance throughout the years. For your cedar furniture to keep its original appearance throughout the years, you may stain or paint it to achieve that effect.

Because cedarwood is resistant to moisture absorption, it tends to last longer, requires less maintenance, and does not warp or break as quickly as other types of wood. A cedar floor can endure for 40 years or longer, depending on how well it is maintained and the location in which it is installed.

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