Brooks Multi-ply Blenheim Traditional Wood Flooring

Multi-ply Blenheim Traditional Wood Flooring is a hardwood tongue and groove floor that provides an elegant and enduring look in any home or commercial setting. It can also be used as cladding. The colour, intricate grain detail and narrow width of this flooring will enhance any interior design. Note: Due to the natural characteristics of wood and the manufacturing process, colour variation may occur.

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Multi-ply construction offers greater dimensional stability, meaning that the flooring is less likely to expand or contract with temperature fluctuations. This makes for a more durable and dependable hardwood floor.

Brooks Floor has been sourcing and trading timbers, from all corners of the world, for some sixty years which places us perfectly to offer real choices in hardwood flooring.

We supply a range of quality hardwood floors throughout the UK. You can rely on our supply partners to have thousands of square metres of stock to meet your order as well as provide accessories and finishes to suit your individual project.

Grade: Character

Board Dimensions: Thickness: 20mm | Wear Layer: 6mm | Widths: 189mm and 240mm | Lengths: 1900mm and 2200mm (allowing max 25% nested)

Board Description: Fixing: Tongue and groove | Profile: Micro bevel on all four sides

Pack Sizes: 189mm: 1.796m2 | 240mm: 2.112m2

Why Wood?

Wood flooring has been a popular choice for centuries for its timeless beauty, natural resilience and ease of installation. Choose from our solid wood or engineered wood planks in hundreds of finishes to enhance the style of any room. Here are some reasons to choose wood material for your flooring:

Healthier Option

Hardwood flooring is an allergen-free choice for your home. Unlike carpet, hardwood doesn’t trap pet dander, dust mites, and other allergens. Plus, accidental spills are easier to clean up without the worry of permanent damage like stains or fading.

Easy Clean

The smooth finish of a real wood floor makes it easy to clean and keep looking great. Vacuum it, mop it and occasionally treat it to keep that deep, rich glow of natural wood, even after years of use.


Hardwood flooring is naturally odour free, unlike carpet that can trap odours from spills, pets and foot traffic.


Wood flooring is extremely durable and, with proper maintenance and cleaning, can last for as long as a lifetime.


Wood flooring is considered a smart investment and can pay off in the future when it comes time to sell your home – studies show that potential home buyers will often pay more for a home with natural wood floors.


We are careful about where our wood comes from. All of our wood is sourced from the far reaches of the most ecologically sensitive regions, where the trees grow old and giant.

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