Kitchen Flooring

Your kitchen floor is a central part of your home, so why not give it the attention it deserves with the best flooring option?

The thing about kitchens is they are used every day, and the floor needs to be durable and easy to clean. But there are so many flooring options out there, and sometimes it can be hard to find the right one.

Wood Floors Direct provides quality and long-lasting options of flooring for commercial and residential purposes. Our comprehensive range of flooring options will give you everything you need to turn your kitchen into a dream space to be proud of.

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    Versatility – Toronto 505 LV308

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    Width: 2mm,3mm,4mm
    Thickness: 2.5mm
    Tog Value: 0.1
    Suitability: Class 23 - Heavy Domestic Class 32 - Moderate Commercial
    Material: PVC
    Backing: Felt Back
    Title Size: 100 x 100cm

Our products go through rigorous quality checks. Our boards are thick and sturdy, with no warping or twisting, and they fit together precisely.

They’re precision-scraped for the smoothest surface possible, sanded on all sides for a lustrous shine, and finished to protect against water damage. We also offer premium vinyl and laminate options that provide a durable alternative while still looking great.

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Some of our flooring options for kitchens include:

Anyone who has ever decided to put in a new kitchen knows that one of the biggest dilemmas you will face is what type of flooring should be used. Many people choose a durable hardwood floor, and it is easy to understand why. The best part about hardwood floors is that they can bring class and elegance to any kitchen.

If you are planning to install wood flooring in the kitchen, you might as well do it right. As earlier stated wood flooring is one of the most affordable types of flooring to buy, and it can be a good choice for any room in your home. It’s appropriate for almost every room because of its durability, versatility, and simplicity.

In the kitchen specifically, you can choose from different types of wood flooring that will add a lot to the decor of the room. You can stick with one style throughout the whole kitchen or use different patterns so you can have variation and yet consistency in colour.

Wood Floor Options By Types

Wood flooring installation in the kitchen can be a really rewarding process, but you don’t want to cut any corners for this sort of home improvement project. Another important thing to keep in mind before starting your wood flooring project is the various types of wood flooring options that are available out there, it is important to choose the right one that suits your needs.

  • Solid unfinished boards: The best way to get solid hardwood planks installed for a kitchen floor is to have solid wood planks installed, then staining and finishing them in place.

By installing the solid wood planks this way, the boards butt up tightly together and are covered with a sealer coat that covers the entire surface, providing protection that won’t be penetrated by water or staining materials.

Wooden flooring has one very big advantage: it can be sanded down and refinished several times over the life of the floor. Solid hardwood floors have been known to last a century or more. This is the best form of hardwood for kitchens, though increasingly rare.

  • Engineered wood planks: Engineered plank flooring is created by bonding a thin veneer of hardwood to a base of plywood or MDF. This flooring is always prefinished and is often created with a “click-lock” system in which the planks interlock at the edges.

This makes it possible to install it as a “floating floor” to make it easier to clean by installing it on top of your existing floor without any subfloor attachment or underlayment. This form of hardwood is the easiest for DIYers to install.

Engineered hardwood is quite stable thanks to the plywood core, and many types are suitable for installation against concrete slabs and without the need for professional hardwood flooring maintenance services.

  • Reclaimed wood planks: You can find a growing demand for using repurposed hardwood flooring, which includes materials salvaged from when factories, office buildings, or bowling alleys are demolished. This option is very appealing to anyone interested in eco-friendly building practices since it uses recycled materials.

Most larger communities have retailers who specialize in repurposed building materials. If carefully installed so that boards butt tightly and a good sealer is applied, reclaimed planks can be an acceptable choice for kitchens and countertops.

  • Solid prefinished wooden boards: Many floor manufacturers now offer prefinished solid hardwood flooring, which takes the extra work out of the installation process.

Prefinished flooring has increasingly replaced unfinished flooring as the favourite, due to more durability and ease of installation. The planks are sanded, sealed, stained, and finished at the factory, which means the installer doesn’t have to do it after installation.

Prefinished hardwood flooring is sometimes milled so that the planks have slightly bevelled edges, and this can make it difficult to install in certain kitchen locations.

No matter your choice of wood for kitchen flooring, you will find what you want at Wood Floors Direct. Explore our stock today.

Wood Options By Species

Although not every wood species is available in every area, the variety is sufficient to suit most tastes. You can also build in a design to suit your flooring tastes. For instance, oak is generally the most commonly used. Other options include cherry, maple, walnut, hickory, and birch. Many homeowners love the look of exotics such as jatoba, teak, tigerwood, and Brazilian cherry.

Generally, the best hardwood floors are made with wood species that are readily available and very durable. You’ll pay a premium price for more exotic species, such as teak, jarrah and mesquite.

  • Walnut: Walnut flooring is another popular hardwood species. Available in multiple varieties, it’s notable for its rich brown colour and purple hue, it’s dark swirling grains look beautiful in any home. It’s not the best option for use in areas like a dining room where heavy dining chairs slide back and forth regularly.
  • Oak: The oak is another popular species for hardwood flooring, red oak is loved for its classic good looks and old-fashioned warmth. Oak hardwood flooring is a great choice in traditional-style homes. It blends well with a wide range of furniture and décor. Two main varieties of oak hardwood flooring are available: red oak and white oak. The main difference between the two is their colour.
  • Maple: Maple is one of the most distinctive and durable types of hardwood flooring. It’s notable for the characteristic grain pattern that sets it apart from other hardwoods. The species’ light colour and uniform texture also help it appeal to the masses.
  • Hickory: Few species of wood are as hard and strong as hickory. Therefore, hickory hardwood flooring is notable for its extreme durability. It can last a lifetime, with minimal wear and tear, if properly maintained.
  • Cherry: Cherry is a reddish-brown wood with a tight, wavy grain. It is finished with a lustrous polish that complements the grain. Because cherry is very soft and easy to work with, it’s in demand for fine cabinetry. Though cherry hardwood flooring will show sun damage if installed in direct sunlight for multiple years, it has excellent dimensional stability and is rooted in more sustainable resources.
  • Teak: The exotic wood is most notable for its durability. It’s one of the strongest and most expensive wood floors out there. Install it in the highest traffic area of your home, throw in multiple kids and pets, and it will still stand the test of time. Teak flooring is also loved for its natural shine and finish. Though it looks great with stain or varnish applied, teak also holds its natural oils.
  • Birch: Birch’s long been a popular flooring species for all means of home construction, including hardwood flooring. Birch hardwood flooring has clear, attractive wood grains.

Coupled with its creamy white to yellowish-white colour, it looks great in just about any home. Birch also holds stains very well. It’s easy to stain it with a variety of colours for a more individualized look.

  • Brazilian Tigerwood: Brazilian Tigerwood is a premium hardwood that is grown in Brazil and has some of the most unique wood grains in the world. This is a premium hardwood that can have beautiful patterns and colour variations and streaks of colour.

At Wood Floors Direct, we stock a wide range of options when it comes to wood species. Get in touch to discuss your project and get the perfect wood flooring for your kitchen.

The Benefits Of Wood Flooring

Today, modern homeowners are turning to hardwood flooring for their homes. Some people prefer the classic look of wood over carpet and tiles, while some others prefer it due to its easy to maintain and guard attributes. Below are some reasons why you should choose wood flooring.

Make your home more attractive: Well maintained Wooden floors make your home feel warm and comfortable. It also adds a touch of elegance to your home and makes you feel like you’re at a 5-star resort. It also gives your place the illusion of looking bigger than it is and in turn, makes your guests feel at ease and welcome. Sure, they might say “carpet feels good on my feet,” but you know what they mean.

Strength and Durability: The reason more and more people prefer wooden flooring is due to its strength and durability. Sure, these floors can also get scratched or dented, but it is not easy to do so and when cared for properly, a hardwood floor can last for a lifetime.

Flooring, being a natural product, can hold the warmth better than other floorings like laminates, tiles or stone floors that are much less comfortable especially during colder climates. The making of wooden flooring is such that they are incredibly tough and will stand up to heavy footfall in both domestic and commercial environments.

Increases The Value Of Your Home: Hardwood floors can help to add value to your home especially when it comes to selling your house since buyers will pay more for a hardwood floor as compared to a carpet.

Many homeowners do not want a carpet that is used by other people as they view it as a petri dish to provoke allergy symptoms. Consequently, they consider replacing the existing carpets, which is why they prefer a house with hardwood floors. In turn, wood floors are easier to clean than carpets so you can sell your house faster whenever you need to.

Refinishing is possible: In contrast to carpet or tile, wood flooring can be refinished rather than replaced. This helps you to save on your cost and also saves you the hassle of buying or installing new flooring.

If you bought a new home and don’t like the colour of the flooring all you have to do is sand the colour off and stain them to your liking. It’s as easy as that and much cheaper than replacing your kitchen cabinets, roof, and windows. Saving time too.

Enhances Better Air Quality: Your allergies will thank you. Hardwood floors do not trap dust, particles or other common allergens, improving the air quality of your home. If you suffer from frequent allergies, wooden flooring is the perfect choice for you.

Even though tile and laminate do not have the fibres that carpet has, they still have grout lines and embossing that are a great place for dust and other allergens to settle.

It offers a variety of options: The result is always stunning. Wooden floors come with a great range of species and grades. This allows you to choose the look that you want as well as help you choose the best finish that will fit your lifestyle. You can not only adopt your flooring to suit your lifestyle but the different grades allow you to choose the perfect type which suits your budget.

It is easy to install: They are easy to install and lay on and can be done with the help of a professional or you can even do it yourself. Many types of fancier floorings also have a click system which is easier than standard engineered flooring if you are trying your hand for the first time.

At Wood Floors Direct, we stock a wide range of options when it comes to wood flooring for kitchens. Get in touch to discuss your project and get the perfect wood flooring for your kitchen.

Other Wood Flooring Options Include:

Laminate Flooring For Kitchen

Laminate flooring is a popular choice for kitchens because it gives a clean look without the use of real wood (and sometimes can even be reclaimed). This is a solid option for all types of kitchens, whether you have a concrete floor or not.

While you would need to sand down any obvious spots before using, the process is easy and gives you the advantage of having a beautiful surface ready for your new furniture without having to worry about bonding the wood and adding stains or oils.

Benefits Of Laminate Flooring

  • Durability: Laminate floors are incredibly durable, and with a little care, they can last for years without ever looking worn. The first step to keeping your laminate floors in the best condition possible is having the correct cleaning products. Once you have the right supplies on hand, the entirety of the process can be completed in under an hour and will require very little elbow grease.
  • It Is An Affordable Option: If you wish to have laminate floors in your home, you may think that they are way beyond your budget. They are not. Laminate flooring is very affordable these days. There was a time when laminate flooring was the best option for those who could not afford an expensive hardwood floor.
  • Laminate flooring is easy to install even for those who don’t have any experience or knowledge about this kind of home improvement. So, for you who want to install laminate flooring in your house by yourself, here are several steps that you can follow easily.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles Flooring For Kitchen

When you are remodelling your kitchen, you want to ensure the new look is not only appealing aesthetically, but also functional. That is why laminate flooring is so popular. It offers a smooth, non-slip surface that can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth and water. Kitchen cabinets stock old cabinets may not be able to take up the design challenge if the flooring is too rough or doesn’t match up with the rest of the room.

Benefits Of Luxury Vinyl Tiles

  • They Are Versatile: LVT floors are versatile. You can use them for a variety of purposes including kitchens, living room, den, office, dining room. All these areas have one thing in common – they’re got a lot of character. You can make your sitting area look grand by adding a floor lamp or throwing a beautiful table in the lounge. What’s more, lvt floors can be installed very quickly as almost no installation is required since they’re made of wood.
    • They Are Durable: Luxury vinyl tile floors have several benefits over traditional tile. One of the main benefits is its durability which makes it popular in areas of high traffic and commercial applications. This type of floor also provides many different styles allowing you to get the exact look you want with the tile and colour choices.
  • Easy To Install: Luxury Vinyl Tiles look great, and are a lot easier to install than you think. These days every house seems to have either an open plan kitchen and living room, or a kitchen diner. This means you need your flooring to be as flexible and durable as possible.

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Our experts help you find what styles best fit your kitchen as well as aid in the selection of the right material for you.

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