Engineered Wood

Engineered wood flooring is made of a factory-manufactured layer of wood glued to a base material, usually plywood, to form a high-quality floor. Engineered wood flooring is the best choice for both residential and commercial applications. It has been proven to resist warping, twisting, and shrinking while offering a variety of styles and a wide range of uses, making it popular with today’s homeowners.

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  • uv oiled balmoral wide plank 14mm character grade e2014 Add to basket

    UV Oiled Balmoral Wide Plank 14/4 Character Grade E2014

    £42.60/m2 ( £134.61 Per Pack )

    Thickness: 14mm
    Width: 240mm
    Length: 2200mm
    Brand: Brooks
    Available Finishes: UV Oiled
    Product Type: Engineered Wood
    Species: Oak
    Profile: Tongue And Groove
  • windsor 14mm castle grade tt1010 Add to basket

    Windsor 14/3.2 Castle Grade TT1010

    £63.21/m2 ( £156.14 Per Pack )

    Thickness: 14/3.2mm
    Width: 290mm
    Length: 2130mm
    Brand: Brooks
    Available Finishes: Heavy Brushed, Matt Oiled
    Product Type: Engineered Wood
    Species: Oak
    Profile: Tongue And Groove

This wood flooring offers performance and quality that can’t be beaten. Choose a top-quality stain and a top-quality finish for a structure that will last and feel like new again.

Choose engineered wood floors over plywood or concrete, and you’ll save time and money while completing your flooring project with style. The benefits are obvious: they’re built to last and more efficient, and they look better and perform better than the alternatives.

Engineered Wood Surfaces

Engineered wood flooring surfaces are used when there is a need for a custom look such as when you’re remodelling your kitchen and need a custom stain or finish. It can be painted to match almost anything, including wood panelling.

The deep sanding and hand sanding process used to create these designs ensures they will last a lifetime and provide durability that even hard use won’t break down. Due to the fact that engineered wood floors are custom-made for each room in your home, there will be no wasted material when choosing the type of surface you need.

Types of Engineered Wood Surfaces

  • Smooth
  • Brushed
  • Hand Scraped
  • Distressed

Smooth: Smooth Engineered Wood Flooring tops the charts in style, durability, and eco-friendliness. Its Natural oils and graining patterns provide a distinctive look that is smooth to the touch and crafted for scratch resistance. The wood’s high-density core makes it 36% more dent resistant than Oak flooring and up to 68% less likely to warp or twist, making it ideal for high traffic areas like halls, kitchens, or living rooms.

Brushed: Brushed engineered wood flooring surface provides a smooth, modern, and durable look for your home. It’s a great choice for kitchens, dining rooms, and bedrooms, as well as other areas of the house.

Hand Scraped: Hand scraped engineered wood flooring has become very popular in the last few years. While many customers are looking for the beauty and natural feel of solid hardwood, they do not want to deal with the hassle and high cost of a solid hardwood floor.

With a hand-scraped engineered floor, you get the look you want plus a low maintenance surface that is great for homes with active families and pets.

Distressed: Distressed engineered hardwood flooring delivers the warm look of real wood without the cost or upkeep. Features wear-resistant premium wood veneers that boast solid coverage, are finely sanded and coated with a high gloss finish. The surface contains a multi-coat, high-gloss finish with UV additives. Engineered for predictable performance at any traffic level.

Engineered Wood Finishes

Engineered Wood is a popular flooring choice because of its unique combination of beauty, strength, stability, durability, and value. Engineered wood is made from solid wood planks with a wear layer attached to the bottom of each plank that looks and feels like solid hardwood but provides a more stable product.

The wear layer is protected by a special topcoat (finish) making it easy to clean and withstands sanding very well making it excellent for a stain or sealer. The types of finish associated with these engineered woods are;

  • Lacquered
  • Oiled
  • Invisible Oiled
  • Smoked
  • Unfinished

Lacquered: These new lacquer-finished floors have a satin finish that can be refinished over and over again. The finish is engineered to go on smoothly and splinter-free and dried extra hard to stand up under whatever your family can throw at it.

Whether placed on its own or paired with other finishes for a unique look, the Lacquered Engineered Wood Flooring adds an understated elegance to any remodel.

Lacquered engineered wood flooring gives a high-end texture to your floor. Featuring a rich, lustrous dark brown finish, the planks are all solid hardwood – giving more durability for a longer lifespan than MDF and other engineered materials.

Oiled: Oiled Engineered Wood Flooring finishes brings to life the characteristics of wood with a distinctive tone and texture and natural resistance to everyday spills, scratches, and dents. Performs well in high traffic areas, making it the ideal material for busy homes.

Invisible Oiled: Formed with resin-infused particles and an innovative oiling process that imparts rich grain patterns and colour highlights, our Invisible Oiled engineered hardwood flooring finish seamlessly blends a virtual 3D depth and organic texture into a classic wood floor. Oiled engineered hardwood flooring provides a level of durability and water-resistant that brings true value to any decor

Smoked: Smoked engineered wood flooring offers the rich look of natural hardwood with the easy-maintenance convenience of laminate. This premium, unique finish has been carefully designed to look and feel like traditional solid hardwood with a subtle wood grain to suit any décor. It features full 3 -layer construction for enhanced warp resistance and durability.

Unfinished: Engineered hardwood flooring delivers the beauty of wood, with structural benefits that make it less likely to expand and contract than solid hardwoods. That’s why this wood has been used by builders for years to save labour and installation time.

Engineered floors come pre-finished or unfinished. Unfinished products require sanding, staining, and sealing with a polyurethane topcoat, which creates an ultra-durable finish for your new floor that will resist scratches, scuffs, and fading.

Engineered Wood Species

Engineered wood flooring can be an attractive option when looking for a new install. Once you know the right engineered wood flooring species to choose for your home, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of this option and feel confident working on your floors.

Aside from the fact that this choice will improve your home’s aesthetics, installing engineered wood flooring also carries some weighty responsibilities. The species associated with engineered wood are Oak and Walnut. These species provide natural-looking floors that are resistant to mould and moisture damage.

Types of Species

  • Oak
  • Walnut

Oak: Oak Engineered Wood Flooring is a floor that combines the best of both worlds. It is constructed with an oak core that’s laminated onto an engineered wood face, making it thinner than other solid or engineered wood floors but delivering the warm and elegant look you love about oak flooring.

The “Engineered” in the name refers to what goes into producing a quality product: machinery that precisely glues tiny pieces of wood together at just the right angle for optimum strength and stability. The Oak Engineered option has more versatility than traditional solid hardwood, providing a similar look with greater durability and lower maintenance required over time.

Walnut: Walnut Engineered Wood Flooring is crafted from the highest quality timber and protected with a hard-wearing coating to provide a beautiful, stylish floor. It feels natural underfoot in both high-traffic and quiet areas of the home and is suitable for installation throughout your home.

Engineered Wood Colours

Engineered wood flooring is ideal for both residential and commercial settings where durability, stain resistance, and ease of maintenance are critical. Engineered floors provide the same natural beauty you expect from wood, but are significantly harder and can resist rough treatment for a long time. With a variety of colours, textures, and finishes to choose from, you’re sure to find the one that fits your decor.

Types of colours

  • Beige
  • Black
  • Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Golden
  • Grey
  • Natural
  • White

Beige: Our Beige Engineered Hardwood Flooring is an easy way to give floors a luxurious look without waiting for natural colour variations of solid hardwood to develop over time.

Black: Black Engineered Wood Flooring adds a distinctive look and feels to any room. Its planks come in various lengths and ranges in thickness, so you can obtain a variety of looks. Black is one of the most common engineered wood flooring colours, since it is rich and elegant, lending a formal feel to any room while having a more neutral appeal.

Brown: Brown engineered wood flooring adds a rich and classic touch to the home but is also versatile enough to blend with several decorating styles. Engineered wood flooring is made from a solid wood core that can be sanded and refinished, and features contemporary, durable colour for today’s modern homes.

Designed for durability, this indoor flooring offers the same construction standards as hardwood floors but does not have the typical maintenance issues of real wood floors.

Golden: Golden engineered wood flooring is a beautiful and natural-looking wood that will bring the warmth of a real wood floor to any room. Each plank has been meticulously crafted to provide its own unique look, from subtle variations in colour, texture, and grain pattern, they together create a truly stunning appearance.

Golden engineered wood flooring features solid, grooved, or interlocked technology that gives it the look and feel of traditional hardwood with the durability of a laminate.

Grey: Add warmth and style to your home with the contemporary beauty of engineered wood floors. It is easy to care for, retains its rustic character over time, and is naturally resistant to scratches and water. Engineered Wood Flooring in a refined grey – a new colour option for soft, beautiful living wood floors.

White: Get the attention of everyone in the room with our exclusive White Engineered Flooring. This quality floor offers the natural beauty of wood with superior durability and lasting beauty.

Engineered for an excellent fit, with fewer joints and gaps for greater overall strength, our engineered flooring features a wood veneer top layer with a sound-insulating foam core and vinyl backing that resists denting, moisture damage, cracks, and peeling.

Engineered Wood Areas of Application

Engineered Wood Flooring is the ideal choice for areas where flexibility and ease of installation are crucial. Engineered wood flooring can be installed over radiant heat, under raised access floors, and in wet areas. This makes them a superb choice for both commercial and residential areas.


Engineered wood flooring is ideal for commercial use in places like restaurants, hotels, banks, churches, mosques, and offices because it has a natural resistance to moisture and can be installed on concrete slabs.

Restaurants: Engineered Hardwood Flooring is a popular choice for high-traffic restaurant spaces as the wear layer can take far more abuse without showing it. With a decorative appearance that mimics traditional hardwood flooring, eco-friendly construction from sustainable sources, and an affordable price point, our Engineered Hardwood Flooring is a great choice for your restaurant project.

Hotels: Engineered Wood Flooring is the most popular choice in hotels. Its fine and uniform surface texture provides a unique look and superior performance. Engineered wood flooring is easy to clean and can handle high-traffic areas better than solid wood floors. Install the MDF underlayment to provide enough cushion for hotel guests and create a beautiful floor that will look great for many years to come.

Offices: Engineered Wood Flooring is more durable, more versatile, and less expensive than natural wood. Engineered wood flooring allows you to create the right look for your office and make it easier and faster to install. Engineered wood floors are also healthier for the environment and cleaner for your office environment.

Banks: Engineered Wood Flooring is a smart choice for financial institutions that need to hold up against high traffic volume. Engineered wood floors are a natural fit for bank floors, with the added benefits of being quiet, Waterproof, and scratch-resistant. From our experience, this is one of the most durable types of flooring available and it is backed by a 15-years warranty.


Engineered floors will last a very long time in most residential applications. It is also naturally moisture and heat resistant, making it less likely to warp or expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity. They are suitable in places like the kitchen, bedroom, laundry, bathroom, and living room.

Kitchen: For many homeowners, the hardwood patterns and durability of engineered wood have been attractive choices for their kitchen floor. The best thing about solid wood flooring, however, is that it will retain the character of the natural wood once installed. If you are looking for an easy way to give your kitchen a new look, installing this engineered style of hardwood flooring may be your best option.

Bathroom: Engineered wood flooring is an ideal choice for moisture-sensitive areas such as bathrooms, and provides a warm, modern touch of style. Whether you prefer the rustic look of oak laminate flooring or the smooth appearance of bamboo plank flooring, engineered wood floors look great and will stay beautiful for years to come.

Bedroom: Engineered wood flooring is a great option for any bedroom. It is a combination of solid wood with a plywood core, so it looks like high-end hardwood but costs much less than solid hardwood flooring. The engineered wood flooring planks are 1/16″ thick and have grooves between each plank.

The grooves help reduce squeaking when walking on the floor and it also provides air circulation to the boards to make them last longer. Engineered wood floors are better than laminate and vinyl for moisture because they allow for some expansion and contraction during weather changes.

Laundry rooms: Engineered wood flooring is ideal for use in Laundry areas due to its strong moisture-resistant surface and ability to withstand the high traffic associated with a Laundry Room. This Flooring also tends to be less expensive than most popular hardwood species like oak and maple.

Engineered Wood Flooring Plank Effects

Engineered wood flooring plank effect is a wood solution used for creating a durable, weather-resistant piece of flooring. It stands out from other wood products by its unique construction and smooth surface finish.

These unique properties make it ideal for creating custom projects such as wall panels or light fixtures. For instance, an engineered wood panel used as part of an interior design aesthetic can be used in place of an inferior piece of wood panelling in order to provide a cohesive look throughout your room. The plank effect available are;

  • Herringbone / Parquet
  • Chevron
  • Versailles Parquet

Herringbone: Herringbone Engineered Wood flooring is a go-to option for all occasions when you need a customized look and feel. From the office to the bedroom, you’ll find this popular plank effect in plank lengths, widths, and thicknesses to suit your space.

Chevron: Chevron Engineered Wood Flooring plank effect is a beautiful design in wood panelling. These wood plank effects are created by using longboards glued together at a specific length and secured with screws or nails.

The longboards result in a beautiful smooth finish that blends into almost any decor piece you choose. The effect can be added to almost any room in your home or office and gives your room a breath of fresh air.

Versailles Parquet: Versailles Parquet Engineered Wood is a hardwood product that has been custom engineered to give your floors a beautiful look and improved durability.

You will receive beautifully evolved wood planks that are veneered, sanded, and stained to give the desired wood grain. The beautiful look allows you to set your own style in your home.

Engineered Wood Floors Advantages & Disadvantages


  • They can be sanded
  • Comes in wide planks
  • High resale value
  • It’s perfect for humid environments


  • Expensive
  • Not waterproof
  • Can be scratched and dented

Engineered wood floors are known for their durability, beauty, and exquisite craftsmanship. Available in a variety of rich species such as Walnut and Oak, these beautiful solid wood floors are ideal for homes, commercial spaces, schools, apartments, warehouses, and more.

For a long time, Wood Floors Direct has been a leader in sales and distribution of wood floors all over the UK. We sell and deliver a full range of engineered wood flooring from pre-finished lumber to custom-engineered plywood and other types of wood flooring.

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