There are so many reasons vinyl flooring has become one of the most popular choices for covering floors in homes. 

Our Vinyl versatitly flooring comes in a variety of colours that could match even the most wildly painted walls, or stand brightly on its own. Each plank is embossed to create an elegant, traditionally laid look with the durability of vinyl. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and maintain, and provides cushioned comfort underfoot.

Whether you’re a first-time home improvement project or a contractor, the main difference in the variety of flooring materials lies in the advantages they offer. Vinyl provides a number of benefits over its competitors. It’s affordable, environmentally friendly, and has a realistic look for any setting; all qualities that catch the attention of homeowners across the world. It’s durable and simple to install as well; making it an ideal option for DIY enthusiasts.

Vinyl versatility is affordable, durable and designed to withstand the daily wear and tear of home life. But it doesn’t stop there. It can be installed on a basement floor, for heavy-duty commercial use, in a bathroom or kitchen – even outdoors! The possibilities are endless.

Below are some outstanding benefits and features of this vinyl flooring.

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A Great Mix of Traditional and Modern Designs

A combination of traditional and modern designs is the perfect way to add style to your home, while saving money and energy! With vinyl versatility flooring you can do both. 

This flooring includes both traditional wood looks, like hickory and oak styles, as well as stylish contemporary tile looks and shades. You can also add the durability of a hard-surface floor without the high cost of ceramic or stone. When looking for a great product that offers a variety of different looks, you will love the versatility of vinyl.

It’s Tough, Practical, Hygienic and Waterproof

Allow your imagination to reach beyond the ordinary with vinyl versatility flooring. Vinyl versatility flooring is practical and versatile. Light weight, waterproof, scratch-, impact- and chemical-resistant. 

Vinyl flooring will deliver a hygienic floor in any environment. It’s tough enough to handle wear and tear around the home and reliable enough to last in commercial applications.

It’s Easy to Clean

A clean floor is a healthy floor: so easy to maintain, the Vinyl versatility floor also looks fantastic. Found in schools, offices, hospitals and banks all around the world, this floor brings high wear resistance and durability to any space. The smooth surface of vinyl provides an ideal finish for any room in your home. 

You can choose from our large selection of styles and colours to find the perfect flooring for any room in your home. And since vinyl is nonporous, it’s stain resistant and easy-to-clean so spills can be easily wiped away with a cloth.

Easy to Fit

Installation is fast, clean and simple, with no special tools required. And because vinyl flooring is flexible and doesn’t require a solid subfloor, it can be installed over a crawl space, on top of concrete or directly onto a plywood floor.

Bleach Cleanable

One of the biggest concerns with PVC flooring is how to clean it! Many consumers think this can’t be done with bleach. 

Fortunately, this flooring is bleach cleanable and perfect for any high traffic areas in your home. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) flooring is one of the most popular floor coverings because it’s so versatile. This means that it can be installed in almost any room – even those with high levels of activity, from kids rooms to family areas, kitchens to bathrooms. 

Suitable For All Areas Around the Home, Excluding Stairs

Update your home with flooring that works in any space and doesn’t compromise on quality or performance. Our versatile vinyl floors look great in high-traffic areas around the home and are suitable for all areas except stairs. They also come with a  wear warranty, so you can trust they’ll stand up to the rigours of life.

Ready to Buy This Vinyl Flooring?

Our variety of colours and styles allow you to redecorate or renovate any room. Vinyl flooring is perfect for any room in your house. Whether it’s bathroom or kitchen floors, main living areas, bedrooms, exercise rooms, basements, or den areas – Wood Floors Direct has the newest flooring designs, styles and colour combinations to fit every area in your home.

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