Pictora II

Pictora II vinyl flooring is an affordable solution for homeowners looking to create a warm and inviting space. Pictora II vinyl flooring combines the beauty and durability of an actual hardwood or laminate floor. 

Pictura II vinyl flooring is a premium high-performance residential flooring. It uses high-definition photographic images in its construction for a stunning visual effect and a warm, brilliant finish.

It is a seamless flooring product that can be installed over any surface including concrete/cementitious, brick, old tile, sanded plywood and even over existing ceramic tile with no additional underlayment required. This product showcases exquisite embossed designs, with a collection of beautiful colours and pattern variations including mixed tones, ceramic herringbones and a classic monochrome checkerboard décor. Below are popular features and benefits of this vinyl flooring.

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Benefits of Pictora II Flooring

Wide Array of Tile Designs

Pictora II features an innovative array of designs, including a tight herringbone mosaic and a classic chequerboard. Regardless of the design, each tile is 10.8cm x 10.8cm, making them practical for both large and small spaces. 

Available in painted and glazed versions, Pictora II also features 20 over-coloured designs – creating either subtle or dramatic effects – to play with light and shade that you simply cannot get with standard vinyl flooring.

Practical For Everyday Use

Pictora II vinyl flooring is practical for everyday use, while also being beautiful and colourful. The raised pattern design on the surface adds texture beneath your feet and makes it slip resistant. It can be used in any room of your home that needs a non-slip flooring solution. 

Another top benefit offered by this product is that it is easy to clean—you can make use of soap and water for regular cleaning, or you can take advantage of steam mopping, which is the most effective method for deep cleaning this type of flooring.

Perfect For Achieving Home Decor Trends

Our Pictora II Vinyl Flooring is the perfect choice for achieving today’s decor trends. It delivers a rustic yet refined look, adding warmth and beauty to any room. When installed, it perfectly complements both high-traffic areas and lower-traffic rooms, including entryways and bedrooms.

Underfloor Heating

Pictora II will provide you with a gorgeous, sturdy and economical floor covering for warm or cool underfloor heating. 

With its warm-to-the-touch surface and anti-slip, antibacterial qualities, Pictora II vinyl flooring is a hardworking addition to any room. Underfloor heating and a high-quality underlay are included as standard, so you can make the most of this feature through the year in every room. 

Easy To Maintain

Pictora II vinyl flooring is easy to maintain and care for. It resists liquids and stains, so it stands up to life’s messes. If spills do occur, you can just wipe them up with a damp mop or paper towel. 

That’s clean-up that’s so easy even your kids can help out. Also this floor has an antimicrobial treatment that helps prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria and mold!


Pictora II vinyl flooring is water-resistant, making it ideal for busy kitchens or bathrooms. The clarity of its PVC backing and cushion core construction provides a unique high gloss shine that will withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

It’s Budget-Friendly

It is a high-end vinyl flooring for the price of a basic one. It looks like real hardwood but has the durability of a commercial carpet. It is laminated to the floor so it doesn’t slip or bubble like other cheap options do, and it even means that you can install it yourself.

Like what you see and want to get a real feel for the range?

Accent your home flooring projects with the legendary beauty of Pictora II. It is available in a variety of textures and sizes here at Wood Floors Direct.. Pictora II is ideal for any room in your home. It has a performance of floating vinyl flooring, with the simplicity of click together assembly. Each plank clicks together and locks with just one tap, locking into place for a seamless, perfect finish. 

This smooth textured floor is perfect for even the busiest areas of your home, in both wet and dry rooms. 

With a wide range of colour tones to pick from, why not take your ideas further with matching skirting boards and dado rails? 

Maybe you want to add warmth with a rustic look, or make a statement with bold, black and white designs, we have it all here at Wood Floors Direct. 

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