Cumulus flooring combines many of our favourite elements. It’s light, easy to install, modular, and certainly on trend.

Cumulus can transform spaces with a simple idea. In small rooms, offices, stairways and kitchens, the light material allows the products to float above the wall, creating more usable space.

In homes with radiant heating, these alternative floors can be used instead of modern wood floors, tiles, or carpeting, as well as in conjunction with radiant heat in new construction and remodeling.

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Use of Cumulus Vinyl Flooring

There are many ways you can use cumulus vinyl flooring. This tongue & groove profile makes it easy to install over almost any type of surface.

Flooring made of Cumulus is an economical choice for basements, new construction, and additions.

Kitchens and bathrooms are the most common places where Cumulus is used, but it can also be installed in garages, gazebos, decks, cafes, schools, offices, galleries, warehouses, children’s rooms, and playrooms.

It can also be used inside boathouses and patio homes, as well as on pool houses and cabanas.

Cumulus Vinyl Flooring Design Styles


Woodland is designed to give the most realistic appearance of real wood without all the work, expense and wear and tear.

A luxury vinyl flooring option, it is a durable, affordable option that matches any decor. Cumulus woodland vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof.


The Eynsford Cumulus vinyl flooring offers all the designer touches without the fuss. It is extremely easy to maintain and clean. With a beautiful wood grain appearance that complements all surrounding areas, it looks easy on the eyes.

Eynsford cumulus vinyl flooring features durability and economy at a minimal cost.


Maritime is pliable, soft and has a longer lifespan than blue asphalt. There will be no fading or cracking with time.

Exclusive maritime cumulus vinyl flooring element is heat- and sound-resistant and is made of a unique material that provides great insulation against heat and noise, while also maximizing range of motion.


Starboard is a unique marine-grade vinyl floor that is ideal for below-deck installations. From the hot tropics to the cold sub-arctic, it has excellent stability across a broad range of weather conditions.

It features a subtly textured surface, with a waxed coating for durability and easy cleaning.


The Jubilee Cumulus Vinyl Flooring adds the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom and under your kitchen cabinets.

Those who prefer a matte finish and a smooth surface will appreciate this flooring.

A tongue-and-groove design complements existing home colors and styles and makes vinyl flooring easy to clean.

With a smooth, rich finish, the jubilee series offers the allure and elegance of solid rubberwood. If you are looking for a floating floor that is affordable and offers beauty and durability, look no further. The floor is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and even entryways.


Vinyl flooring such as Beaton Cumulus is an excellent alternative to ceramic, stone, concrete and terrazzo tile.

The interlocking sheet design makes it easy to install over existing or old surfaces like wood sub-flooring or ceramic tiles without tearing them up.


Portland Cumulus is made of a breathable, flexible substrate, adding comfort and durability to any room.

When you need durable, easy-to-install flooring that will last, Portland Cumulus is a great option.


It has the look and feel of hardwood, but is as dependable and easy to maintain as vinyl.

With the Admiral Cumulus Collection, you can modernize your home at an affordable price! This collection features a large, modern plank size great for covering concrete or basement floors.


It has a non-slip texture and provides additional traction for rooms or basement floors, which improves the slip resistance.

Thanks to its plank design and warm tone, this Taunton vinyl plank has an organic contemporary appearance. This is an easy way to transform your home, and is a good alternative to hardwood flooring.


Orchard Cumulus vinyl mocha flooring is affordable, durable, and made with high quality materials. Its rich mocha color adds flair to any room it’s installed in.

Color and style of this flooring work perfectly for both modern and traditional decor. Not only does this floor look wonderful, it is also a comfort you can feel and see.

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