Elite XL – London FXL026

£13.82/m2 ( £25.85 Per Pack )

The London FXL026 is a great flooring option for those looking for the traditional wood floor looks, without the associated expenses in their homes.


Width: 195mm
Length: 1202mm
Thickness: 12mm
Tog Value: 1.51
Suitability: Class 23 - Heavy Domestic Class 33 - Heavy Commercial
Material: Pine HDF
Brand: Furlongs
1 pack would cost you a total of £25.85


Busy Households
Busy Households
Underfloor Heating
Underfloor Heating
Moth Proof
Moth Proof
Commercially rated
Commercially rated


The London FXL026 is a laminate flooring product making It highly durable, considerably tougher and more scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, and long-lasting because it is protected by a robust exterior layer and resin coating. This greyish-brown floor is a great addition to any property with its elegant and classic look

Features of London FXL026

Traditional look just for you

If you love the traditional wood plank look, then the London FXL026 is perfect for you. It combines the faded greyish-brown colour of a pine species, the plank design and the benefits of the Elite XL laminate to transform your home into a classic building. Make your home standout today with the London FXL026.

Suitable for use with underfloor heating

Save energy cost with the London FXL026. This flooring solution is not only elegant and beautiful, it is also cost-efficient. You can install underfloor heating without stress or complication when using the London FXL026. The Uniclic® click system – the market leading click system for quicker and simpler installation of the London fxl02 floors makes it easy to install your underfloor heating, keeping your home warm and saving you from buying a supplementary heating system.

Busy households? No problem

Do you have a large family and are worried about the wear and tear to the floor due to heavy foot traffic of people and domestic animals in your home? You need not to worry as the London FXL026 is built with the heavy foot consideration in mind.

With a 12mm thickness, the London FXL026 is guaranteed to withstand any form of residential foot traffic. That is why it comes with a class 23 heavy domestic rating. Making sure that your family no matter how large can enjoy the beautiful elegance of the London FXL026.

Great for your sitting room

If you are looking to make a statement with your sitting room, then the London fxl02 is what you definitely need. Grey and brown combination colour provides that unique and soothing background colour that provides a perfect base for any interior design that you wish to implement in your sitting room.

And because the London FXL026 is a sturdy product. You will not be afraid of moving your furniture on them to create that unique look that you have always desired. Make your living room the focal point of your home, sure to capture the attention of your visitors.

And your commercial property too?

The London FXL026 is also perfect for use in your commercial property. Its unique colour and design will give your commercial property an aesthetically pleasing look. Take advantage of the beauty that is London FXL026 and increase the value of your commercial property.

Whether its medium commercial traffic of offices or stores or the high commercial functionality of warehouses and assembly plants, the London FXL026 is definitely up to the task. This is supported by the suitability rating of class 33 (for heavy commercial property).

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