Chateau – Texas Grey 113

£27.32/m2 ( £27.87 Per Pack )

Chateau Charme Texas Grey is one of the most popular laminate floors that you can find. It is a hard-wearing laminate flooring with a natural sheen and comes in Texas Grey with an herringbone pattern. 


Width: 84mm
Length: 504mm
Thickness: 8mm
Tog Value: 0.6
Suitability: Class 23 - Heavy Domestic Class 32 - Moderate Commercial
Material: HDF
Brand: Furlongs
1 pack would cost you a total of £27.87


Busy Households
Busy Households
Underfloor Heating
Underfloor Heating
Moth Proof
Moth Proof
R10 Slip Resistance
R10 Slip Resistance
Commercially rated
Commercially rated


The Chateau Charme Laminate Flooring Texas Grey can be easily installed and maintained. It has high-quality locking joints and is, therefore, a great choice for commercial applications and also for homes with children and pets. If you need a new floor, Chateau Charme Texas Grey 113 Laminate Flooring will not only give a beautiful look but also give you peace of mind because it is a type of floor that can last a lifetime. It is also recyclable. This product will provide comfort and beauty for many years to come.

Why is the floor a good choice?

Chateau Charme Flooring offers a timeless look of classic style combined with comfort, practicality, and performance. The superior performance of this flooring is ensured by the quality of the laminate flooring manufacturing process and the quality of the wood fibres used to manufacture this laminate floor. This laminate floor is highly moisture resistant and can be cleaned in standard ways and also with standard household cleaners.

Chateau Charme Texas Grey Flooring is an exclusive high-performance laminate floor with a range of benefits, some of which include;

  • Extremely durable: Chateau Charme Texas Grey 113 Laminate Flooring is more durable than that of traditional solid hardwoods, as it’s designed to be a laminate product, meaning it has some core of wood throughout to make up for the weaknesses of the veneers. You should expect these materials to be stable when put under the stress of daily use in normal circumstances, with or without proper maintenance. You can expect them to have a longer useful life and therefore, better value.
  • Adds value to your property: A properly installed and maintained laminate board surface can really boost the overall value of your home by making it look cleaner and more modern. Plus, it makes it more resistant to scratches and wear, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing the value is higher.
  • Economical: A laminate board can be found at a bargain price. It is also more economical to buy laminate floors than solid hardwood floors, because laminate floors are popular and reasonably priced.

Where it fits

Chateau Charme Texas Grey 113 Laminate Flooring boasts a herringbone pattern, giving an elegant finish to your home. This low VOC laminate flooring is moisture resistant and offers a non-slip and slip-resistant surface, making this an ideal choice for kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms.

Chateau Charme Texas Grey 113 Flooring is the perfect flooring for those who desire a beautiful and elegant look. This also makes it a great choice for commercial and retail spaces.

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