Chateau – Merbau 3148

£27.32/m2 ( £27.87 Per Pack )

Chateau Merbau is a high-quality laminate flooring that comes in a herringbone pattern. Chateau is also compatible with underfloor heating, which means you can keep your family and your home warm in the cold months. 


Width: 84mm
Length: 504mm
Thickness: 8mm
Tog Value: 0.6
Suitability: Class 23 - Heavy Domestic Class 32 - Moderate Commercial
Material: HDF
Brand: Furlongs
1 pack would cost you a total of £27.87


Busy Households
Busy Households
Underfloor Heating
Underfloor Heating
Moth Proof
Moth Proof
R10 Slip Resistance
R10 Slip Resistance
Commercially rated
Commercially rated


Chateau also has an anti-slip rating, which means it is safer and more stable than other flooring options. It is easy to install and clean, making it perfect for any floor space. Chateau-Merbau 3148 is the choice of professionals and homeowners alike, and the Merbau is a stylish and high-quality floor product to suit busy families and commercial premises.

Why Choose Laminate Flooring?

Laminate offers the look of hardwood without the hassles. One of the biggest disadvantages of hardwood flooring is the need for a lot of labour to finish and refinish the floor. Laminate flooring does require too much effort for installation. The floors can be finished and made to look like hardwood floors quickly and easily.

In addition, most laminate floors look almost exactly like the hardwood floors, making it harder for someone to tell the difference.

Because of its light weight, easy installation, and affordability, laminate flooring is an ideal choice for smaller spaces like kitchens and other rooms such as the hallways of larger homes.

Many styles and variations of laminate flooring make it possible to create the look and feel of different types of hardwoods and create a cohesive, whole-home look that complements both your needs and your home.

Reasons to Buy Chateau-Merbau 3148 Laminate Flooring

Chateau-Merbau 3148 flooring is easy to install and maintenance-free.

Chateau-Merbau 3148 flooring can be installed in many different rooms in your house. Chateau-Merbau 3148 floors are great for rooms such as living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, offices, and bathrooms. They are especially popular for installation in commercial spaces such as restaurants, bars, and schools.

Many homeowners install laminate flooring in their homes as a way to upgrade the appearance of their rooms. Chateau-Merbau 3148 flooring delivers high-quality, value for money, busy households, slip resistance, hard-wearing, stain resistance, easy to maintain, versatile, click-fitting, and a 5-year commercial warranty.

Why buy from Wood Floors Direct?

At Wood Floors Direct, we will ensure that you receive the best quality product and service for your laminate flooring project.

We have an experienced sales staff with an excellent track record in the laminate flooring industry.

We offer free quotes and competitive prices. We also offer free delivery for qualifying purchases. You can be assured that your laminate flooring project will be completed in the most efficient and timely manner.

Enhance The Appearance of Your Flooring

Laminate floors are some of the most common flooring choices because they are both durable and can be easily refinished.

Chateau flooring looks very natural and comes in beautiful, bright, neutral colours that won’t wash out. Because they are hard wearing, they are durable, so they are not going to require constant refinishing.

The Chateau Merbau 3148 has laminate flooring with a smooth, textured, and hard surface that will make cleaning your floors easy. The Chateau Merbau 3148 has a stain-resistant surface that will prevent the laminate flooring from staining. It has a beautiful, natural appearance that will enhance the appearance of your floors.

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